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  1. The sax in this peice just carries me away to somewhere really nice.
  2. Got this from Bound' awhile back, and I can honestly say that it's my favorite track from the project.
  3. Hearing this mix and seeing that the man, is infact back, is like Spring after a long Winter.
  4. Is there anyone else that thought Mega man X'esq, when they heard this for the first time.
  5. Simply beautiful. For some reason it reminds me a little of Bill Evans a little.
  6. I've been working Microsoft XP phone tech support for the las year and a half now. And because of this little release on tuesday, I'm working from 4;30am to 12:30pm for quite possibly 90 days.
  7. This is made of Love, Win and relevant to my interests. ^__^ Almighty though, I would be more then happy to listen to a 6 or 7 min version of this.
  8. I find that it for some reason, sound smoother then some of House's other stuff, very much so acctually. I did find though that it was a little on the short end, at the pace it was going at, i would have been happy to listen for 5 plus mins. Over all, certainly a keeper.
  9. http://forum.starmen.net/?t=msg&th=27007 I think this tops just about anything I've seen in a while. beautiful song
  10. I'm one of the co-staffers for the Mother 2/Earthbound section over at starmen.net. And never in all my years have I ever heard a more beautifuly fitting Twoson Remix. *tear*
  11. I must say that I did enjoy it quite a bit, just what I needed for a sleepy little Saturday morning.
  12. I agree in saying that it really should have been longer, I really wouldn't mind listening to it for 6-7 mins or so Awsome job.
  13. In simple words. This mix gives me the exact feeling I had when I was about 8 and I played Zelda: A Link to the Past, for the first time, and heard the music in Kakariko Village, and the overall feeling that town. I'm no critic on mixes, but i really liked this one, and is really good on repeat.
  14. Too long? Can the Grass be too green? Can the Sky be too blue? personaly, I would have loved to see it longer, but I'm afraid that if it was, some harm might come to those magical fingers.
  15. It was quite nice, but overall, I prefere the version from New Dracula Clasic CD , it seem to have depth.
  16. I must agree with you on the Lunar 2 part, I spent, no lie, atleast 45mins to an hour wailing on him, and he didn't budge
  17. I liked it but I didn't like it as much as the FF4 peice he did (of whome I have forgotten the name of ) But yeah, I did enjoy it all in all.
  18. The sheer skill is what is most amazeing about it, from 6:08 to about 6:30 is a prime example of that, it's beautiful, totaly beautiful most likely my afvorite mix on the site 10/10
  19. On a side note; Basil Poledouris also composed the soundtrack for Hunt For Red October, which is one of my favorite movie soundtracks out there.
  20. I think it's good, but it's just not for me. sorry
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