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    Souperion got a reaction from timaeus222 in OCR04046 - Mega Man X4 "Mind Flip~"   
    Mind Flip~, mind blown. It's hard to find anything to say about it other than "excellent." Now you just need to make a version that combines parts of this with Flight of the Peacock. Thanks for making this piece.
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    Souperion reacted to TSori in Golden Sun: A World Reignited - History   
    Trailer time!
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    Souperion reacted to TSori in Golden Sun: A World Reignited - History   
    Check the first page for a new (and probably second to last) update.  Its time to build some pre-release hype!
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    Souperion reacted to chriskaudio in Sad Piano Solo - A Dream Unfulfilled   
    For everyone feeling a little sad today:
    Sorry for poor video editing skills
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    Souperion reacted to Geoffrey Taucer in What are you up to these days?   
    So I did my first attempt at a speedrun the other day -- behold the 20th fastest Tetris Attack Stage Clear run: 

    (pretty sure I can get top 15 if I keep working at it)
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    Souperion reacted to BenEmberley in Secret of Mana Fantasia (Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu - Various)   
    Hey everyone!
    Here is a newly uploaded video of another arrangement I've made - A Secret of Mana Fantasia for full Orchestra taken from the Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu Soundtrack by Hiroki Kikuta.  Secret of Mana was originally made for the SNES but has since enjoyed a remake. The music in this Fantasia include "Fear of the Heavens", "Into the thick of things", "a Wish", and "Fly into the Unknown".  The pieces linked very well together in order to contrast the many atmospheres and emotions the game has in the course of the adventures it holds. 
    Disclaimer:  Original music is by Hiroki Kikuta, visuals are screenshots of in-game footage and artwork.
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    Souperion got a reaction from sakurashou hana chan in Storm Eagle Stage [ MX ][ BGM EVO ]   
    Storm Eagle! Huzzah. Really like your variations on this classic gem. The piano and synth bells are a nice choice of instrumentation, a pleasing contrast to the guitar elements. I'd experiment with the EQ and/or compression of this, the sound of the synths do sound a little crowded, if that makes any sense. Still, I like what you've done here, nice work!
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    Souperion got a reaction from Juke in Super Black Bass 3 - Intro Theme [Remix]   
    Excellent as always. I do love how easily you can work that Zelda's Lullaby into... just about everything I've heard you share on this forum. Your stylistic approach to remixing is elegant and enriching, do keep it up!
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    Souperion reacted to Juke in Super Black Bass 3 - Intro Theme [Remix]   
    Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the very first Super Black Bass 3 remix!  Jk, but this seems to be an obscure SNES title.  I couldn't even find the individual track on youtube, let alone other remixes of it.  Didn't see anything on this site either, but I could've missed something.  I've never played this game, but I stumbled upon the track while listening through a relaxing SNES music compilation by SNES Drunk (highly recommended), and I thought I could do something with it.  Classic remake with a few of my own touches and some ambiance.  I really enjoyed this track, and gave the OST a listen and found a few gems.  If you like SNES music, it's definitely worth a try:
    If anyone out there wants to build/collab on this, let me know and I can provide my stems.  Seems like there's a lot of solo/freestyle potential in this track!  I'm also trash with drums (just used basic FL Studio loops), so I'm sure anyone could improve.  
    Hope someone enjoys my rendition or at least finds a cool new (old) OST!
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    Souperion got a reaction from Robert_G in Dreaming the Kingdom - from the soundtrack "Chronicles of The Elven Kingdom"   
    The first 30 seconds hooked me. Aspects of wonder, mystique, and a bit of intrigue nicely woven together with an enthralling and restrained energy. Yup, I can see the beginning credits right now.... ah, that's lovely. Good work!
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    Souperion got a reaction from EkonEzung in The Goonies NES - Stage 1 | Rock Guitar Cover |   
    More Goonies! This is a nice piece of work here, everything blends nicely together. Go get yourself a pizza, you've earned it.
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    Souperion got a reaction from TSori in What are you up to these days?   
    Best wishes for our suffering musicians out there. And maybe the rest of the world while things sort out. Regardless of whether or not things are being done right about this pandemic, I hurt for those really struggling from this abnormal situation.
    A full transition to online college classes was not in my spring plans, but it's a negligible complaint. At least studies keep one busy. When neglecting that, it's back to FL Studio, Starcraft 2, or other computed time vacuums. I find it somewhat amusing to be part of this fascinating demographic that can, in response to "what have you been up to during quarantine," say "oh, produced about X novice remixes." And hey, for what it's worth, if any of you are struggling with musical motivation, drop a piece by at the workshop forum. I'll be lurking around there to try and put in a few good words.
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    Souperion got a reaction from TAIKOI in Super Street Fighter IV - Theme of Juri - Cover   
    Good effect on the piano solo, it really leaves ya itching for the shredding to return. Nice work on the shredding, by the way. It's pretty tight and solid to me, kinda wish there was more. Good job!
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    Souperion reacted to Robert_G in Dreaming the Kingdom - from the soundtrack "Chronicles of The Elven Kingdom"   
    A first of 6 songs for the soundtrack of "Chronicles of The Elven Kingdom".
    This song is a medley of the other 5 songs(not yet completed)in this soundtrack.
    Kind of dark and haunting, yet dreamy.
    Extensive use Shevannai and Symphobia 3: Lumina.
    This is an original composition.
    Feedback is more than welcome.
    My previous contribution here was some inspired Dragon Quest Music that I posted in the Game Music Section
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    Souperion reacted to jane in Really, really stoked on my latest track.   
    Thank you for checking it out! So rad. Also, love the Mass Effect pickup - am a huge fan of Jack Wall's work on the first and second games. He messaged me back once. I cried. That's it.
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    Souperion got a reaction from jane in Really, really stoked on my latest track.   
    Wow. This piece really demands a listener's attention, or maybe I was just close to a stupor when I clicked on it. It pulses, it blasts at times, this opus is alive. Could fit a lot of sci-fi action scenes. I might have to go play Mass Effect with this playing. Nice work, thanks for sharing this one!
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    Souperion reacted to jane in Really, really stoked on my latest track.   
    Heyas. So I've been putting this one together for a while now, and the whole quarantine sitch pushed me to finally finish it up. I'm so stoked on it! Yea self-isolation! Benign like a bomb.
    Compositionally, this is an interesting one for me. I don't often stretch technically a lot with this kind of stuff, but I don't know, this felt like it called for a little more oomph and chutzpah than usual. The outro, especially, ended up with a real Meshuggah flavour through it (and with some polyrhythms on top, just to be a complete ass). Incidentally I don't ever want to have to perform the drums for that section it drove me absolutely insane how do those guys do that every night w o w .

    Anyways, please do enjoy and commentary is totally welcome x
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    Souperion reacted to BloomingLate in What are you up to these days?   
    Sorry for not replying to everyone individually. I guess I didn't expect so many responses. I easily get overwhelmed.
    For those suffering depressions or other mental problems: I hope you still have access to professional help, even if it has to be via phone or something. This is not a good time to be left to your own devices.
    Also: this may be a good time for people to think about life, death and your relationship with God. We recently celebrated Jesus' resurrection in church ("Easter"). As a believer, I am not surprised or shocked by the whole Corona event (that's not to say I don't think its terrible that so many people got sick and died, not to mention the effects on the economy). Whatever happens, I know God is in control and eventually, all sin, sickness and death will be conquered when Jesus returns from heaven. In the mean time, the crisis is taking away securities that are not really securities. So our trust in God needs to be all the stronger. Seek Him while you still can.
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    Souperion got a reaction from TAIKOI in Strikers 1945 II - Guitar Cover with little synth   
    *Holds up lighter* Glad you got your fire back, because it's catching. You've captured a combative fervor and drive. The piano/synth nicely complement the bombing run of rock elements, resulting in an excellent product. Great work here, you should be proud.
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    Souperion got a reaction from BenEmberley in Aerith's Theme - Piano Arrangement   
    "good effect on the listener," indeed. Might we go a bit further, such as "emotionally harrow the listener?" Or should we try "gently enthrall?" You be the judge. Regardless, well done, Emberly. Thank you for sharing this one.
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    Souperion reacted to BenEmberley in Aerith's Theme - Piano Arrangement   
    Hey everybody!
    To celebrate the new remake of FFVII, I decided to start making Piano Arrangements, and here's the first I've done - Aerith's Theme from FFVII.  A simple one, but hope it has a good effect on the listener
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    Souperion reacted to soundyg in Super Mario Galaxy - Melty Molten Galaxy Snyth/String Remix   
    Here’s a remix I did this month, trying a combination of heavy bass and synth beats supporting high strings, with some brass sitting in the middle. Please enjoy!
    Super Mario Galaxy: Melty Molten Galaxy Remix
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    Souperion reacted to TSori in Golden Sun: A World Reignited - History   
    Slowed by the pandemic, eval is still underway!
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    Souperion got a reaction from Black Ace in OCR04055 - Kyatto Ninden Teyandee "TEYANDEE!"   
    Whoa, I remember seeing this in the workshop a good while back! Just as bombastic and catchy, the perfect tune to get wedged in your mind all day. How could someone listen to this and not smile? Excellent, excellent work.
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    Souperion got a reaction from XTREEMMAK in Sonic 3 (Angel Island Zone Act 2) Angel's Burning Blue Savior   
    To say this is impressive is an understatement. Let's try riveting, or staggering. The whole production is astounding. Love to see people loving what they do. Go get yourself a pizza, you've earned it.
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