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  1. Sorry guys, no Vector Point Hemorrhaging Vampire Cactus this week. I set aside some time to make my remix today, but I'm still recovering from a serious illness and ended up sleeping almost the whole day. With the time I was conscious, I tried to OHC it, but I couldn't focus well enough to really do anything.
  2. I'm not going to be able to turn in anything substantive with the current deadline. Think I could get a couple days extension like the other bracket?
  3. I hereby challenge my opponents, Eino Keskitalo and Jorito, to a vocal mix off. Let's hear demz voxies.
  4. Ok, turned mine in. I tried to make something you guys would like, except with me singing in it.
  5. As usual, I am starting my remix on the day of the deadline. Lulz. I have some other things to do this morning, but I believe I will have enough time to turn something in. Good luck everyone.
  6. You two are arguing about different things. Dusk is arguing about blame in the context of morality, while AngelCityOutlaw is talking about blame deterministically.
  7. If you want to pair me up with a late arrival, that's fine. Otherwise, I'll just stay teh solo.
  8. Ok, starting ye olde mix now. I forgot I had planned to have company over tonight, so I'll be working on it sporadically for a bit, then OHC'ing it for the last few hours before the deadline. My plan is to make a beat, then 'sing' improvisationally over it. Is the deadline still noon EST?
  9. I haven't had a chance to do anything yet. I've been super busy. I don't know if I'll be able to start anything before the deadline early tomorrow, but I will have time tomorrow night to make something. Any chance we could get a 1-day extension?
  10. Listen to the main melody again (the one I'm singing). I grabbed a melody from each source and then combined them. I'm guessing you just heard Sherincal in it and didn't keep listening to hear if Pokey was there too, which is understandable. The bell thingy at :53 in mine is also from Pokey. In GLL's, check out the gated saw at :59. That's Pokey. Wait, so what are we remixing exactly? Are we remixing only our own themes or both themes?
  11. Ok, I've turned mine in. I passed out almost immediately after I made my last post and slept for half of my remaining time...yeah...so my entry's gonna be a little rough this week. Now, to pass out again!
  12. I haven't had a chance to work on my mix the entire week except for a couple recordings that didn't come out right. I'll definitely turn something in today, but it looks like I'll be OHC'ing my mix again. How long do I have 'til? Oh, and I do have some vocals recorded, just not all the parts.
  13. I've made a lot of progress on my track. I've recorded over 15 minutes of raw vocals and I've already built some backup choirs from them. Unfortunately, I woke up with an ear infection today, so I might be a little late turning it in. Hope that's ok. I'll try to get it in by the deadline still, but I can't really guarantee it.
  14. Sorry about that, I'll re-upload the archives when I get the chance.
  15. We have faced each other many times in compos, stretching back over a decade. But, never have we fought 1 on 1. Let this be our final battle--the duel to decide the victor once and for all!
  16. I was actually going to suggest this. I say go for it. Neither of you turned in a remix on time, so I don't think it matters. I hereby challenge Ghetto Lee Lewis to a vocal battle...TO THE DEATH....and by death, I mean to see who gets the most votes.
  17. Na, don't bother extending the deadline for me. I've OHC'd it. It's uploading.
  18. I've been sick all week and my mic isn't working. Dunno if I'll be able to get something in on time. I've got a couple hours left, so, might as well try.
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