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  1. If you don't listen to the sources, you won't know how they were used. I'm not sure how you can judge remixes for source usage without knowing how the sources were used. Yea, almost everyone does that. Personally, I like to change most things in major to minor. The difference is it's usually still pretty easy to pick out the source with the change. You've got better ears for source than I do. I can hear that connection now, but it is really tenuous. Not only are the intervals different, so is the note emphasis. So basically all we have to go off of is rhythm, and it's a very common, nondescript rhythm. Even if we count it, it's an extremely thin use of source by itself. The point of a remix is to pay homage to the source material. If that's all there is from that source, I think the remix misses the mark.
  2. My main issue with it is that I can't hear Sherincal's theme in it at all. The theme is from Icewind Dale 2, one of my favorite games, so the source is something I've heard hundreds of times. Think you could do a source breakdown for it? If he doesn't get a chance to, then gercr, DragonAvenger, or timaeus222, could you point out where you heard Sherincal's theme in his wip? You must've thought you heard it, since you voted for that mix. Thanks in advance.
  3. Mine's in. I don't think I've ever turned in a less-inspired mix to a compo. Sorry guys. I really wanted a ton of vox, but, thanks to some flooding, I'm in a temporary living situation where good recordings are hard to get. All I could muster was two distorted lines and then had to rebuild the track around them. Bleh. Looking forward to seeing what my fellow villains have cooked up though.
  4. Going to have to agree with timaeus222 here. It's unreasonable to expect people to submit material they are personally uncomfortable with. Also, timaeus222, you can use a mic-box. They cost nothing to make or can be bought for $30-$40. I tried to submit something for the first week, but, Safety Dance. I like the song for listening purposes, but for singing purposes, there are few less rigid and annoying sources. I wrote lyrics to try to make it interesting and developed a new voice for it, but that still wasn't enough to motivate me to actually sing it. So, when the night before the deadline came, I chose sleep instead. Maybe this coming new week will be different.
  5. Yay. I haven't heard you sing in ages. I was debating whether or not to join.....Meh, I guess I will. Sign me up for team "Just Having Fun".
  6. Is writer's block really that common? I always thought it was more of a rare event.
  7. Yea, I take forever on lyrics so I understand. You can always outsource that job to someone like Mr. 99, though. If not, ambient vocals still sound good too.
  8. NOOOOOOOOO! My babies are fighting! I'm so torn on this one...I hope you'll both use vocals at least. That would make it better.
  9. Are you sure that's what he's doing? I recommend you not worry about what your opponent is doing and just make the best song you can. =) No kidding. I think I know how I want to vote....just gonna listen a few more times to confirm....
  10. Somehow I managed to almost entirely start over and still complete a vocal mix in a little more than an hour. I didn't sing--I talked into the mic then pitched the vox in processing. It still doesn't sound great, but without that processing I sound like a chain smoker vomiting intermittently into a helium balloon after a failed marathon attempt. You've probably got this one in the bag, Wildfire, still, I'm proud I didn't drop out or fail to do a vocal mix. Can't wait for those entries... Can't wait to see what you Robotnik guys do this week too.
  11. Well, this has been a disaster. Pretty hard to sing when you're losing your voice. I kept working at it and it just kept getting worse. I've only managed to successfully record two lines of one verse. That 2 lines of vocals and no remix. Not gonna cut it. So I'm reaching into my desperate tricks bag to see what I can do in the next hour, 20 mins. (I need an hour to render and upload.) It's SZRC, OHC style.
  12. Can't wait to hear it. I finally have an idea of what I want to do--time to get going on my mix.
  13. I hereby challenge ladyWildfire to a vocal trance/house/electro mix-off. The rules would be: 1. Can use one's own voice or samples but vocals must be a main element. 2. Some sort of electronica has to be the main genre but other elements can be mixed in. 3. All the other compo rules.
  14. Yea, that's a false positive. Google the name of the purported trojan for more info.
  15. I looked at the page sources and didn't see anything of that nature. What anti-virus are you using, and what are the trojans called?
  16. I had no idea vodka could be used to treat burns. I guess you really do learn something new every day. Now to treat that burning sensation in my throat...
  17. 1. Endless Mine Zone (Sonic 3) 2. Panic Puppet Zone (Sonic 3D Blast, Genesis) 3. Marble Zone (Sonic 1) 4. Labyrinth Zone (Sonic 1) 5. Oil Ocean Zone (Sonic 2) Will that do? Ok. Had I known that the reserve-a-spot-in-the-signups signups actually began when the thread was posted, I would've said something then.
  18. 1. Final Zone (Sonic 1) 2. Panic Puppet Zone (Sonic 3D Blast, Genesis) 3. Marble Zone (Sonic 1) 4. Labyrinth Zone (Sonic 1) 5. Oil Ocean Zone (Sonic 2)
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