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  1. Reminds me in a way of the Dr. Wily's Wedding track. Which is a good thing. Very lively and organic, not so mechanical and such. Even though I love electronic music, I have to toss out some mad props to the musicians who play live instruments this well. Well done. Definitely a keeper.
  2. Hmm... some of those effects are a lot more tasteful than DJPretzel's abuse of them. A very good mix, of a track that's not yet covered (though I intend to do the Forest theme, the flying level where you fight the dragon). Very cool stuff from Shnabubula. Hopefully more to come.
  3. I hate to say this, but the intro is infinitely more interesting than the melody of the song, the first 30 seconds of the song or so. When I first heard the intro, I was expecting something huge and epic, but unfortunately it didn't end up that way. Of course when it reverts to the beginning at 52 seconds or so, that's not bad, but the melody is kind of tedious. However I must give you props for remixing immensely obscure games. I still listen to the Boy and His Blob remix all the time. I agree with Prot, the arrangement is good, but the melody is kind of bland. Still, I always expect high quality stuff from Mazedude, and it IS high quality and it's still very enjoyable. 8/10.
  4. The percussion wasn't bad, but I didn't like the effect. The percussion had a strange way of being stereo, it didn't sound very fitting. It might just be me, but it sounds like certain things are panned hard to the right or left, versus being even throughout. Overall not a bad remix, but then again, it IS another Final Fantasy 7 remix. I really wish people would stay away from game hot spots (FF6/7, Sonic 3 Ice Cap, Streets of Rage 2, etc...) and remix more obscure games.
  5. A lot of you guys have become way too jaded, valuing production quality over substance. "Oh this isn't equalized properly, this is too loud, my finger hurts." All I hear is whining. Sure, the production value of this particular song is high, but that's not why I like it. It takes a cool original and modifies it slightly so that it has a really awesome feel to it, very professional, but incredibly catchy. I love Blind's style, though I wasn't too fond of his Starfox mixes (That's just me). I think this whole site has lost touch with its whole "quality control" madness. I doubt stuff like DJ Siamey's remix of Xexyz or Awesome A's Katakis 2k4 will ever make it on this site, but I listen to it a lot more than TurksInPursuit or even Mazedude's TurtleWave, and I normally LOVE Mazedude's style. The last few months have been full of underwhelming songs with excellent quality sound. I still listen to Vicks Cornatto's What Hath Thou Done With This more than a bunch of other remixes on this site. Sorry for getting off topic. Anyway, keep up the great work Blind. You manage to get a high production value WHILE STILL KEEPING THINGS INTERESTING. I listen to Fear Factory a whole lot, even though Wintermute nearly ruined my opinion of it (as well as Bramble Blast, UGH!).
  6. Awesome take on the original. I always loved Rob Hubbard's stuff, and as much as I love Dodo's rendition of Sanxion, I wish someone would make a cover of Sanxion of this caliber. I personally love the lead, the lead and bassline are very reminiscent of the old C64 SID chip with the very whiny (or the bassline's warbly) sound, while still sounding modern through updated sound. I would have to say this is probably one of my top 10 favorite OC remixes. A song like this inspired me to seek out Rob Hubbard's other music, it was that good. I thought the backbeat was interesting but a bit repetetive, but the backbeat only. I really can't see how people claim this song is repetitive, it plays through the entire song exactly ONCE (the original song) which ends at 2:19. The original section at 2:45 is probably one of the best solos I've ever heard in a remix. When I first heard it in this remix, I was like "Man this second part is awesome!" and when I came back to the original, my secondary reaction was "Dear god! A minute and a half of straight original material! This is even MORE awesome!" Surely the bassline and backbeat get a bit repetetive if you focus on them, but I've always been a melody man myself... and you cover a song from the C64 (by one of the most well known C64 composers of all time) which is already all about the melody, then you've got me. I really hope sometime in the future I hear more from Gustav Taxen, amazing stuff. Sanxion is still dying for a proper remix by the way.
  7. This isn't a request... but I found this really cool VST. It's free too. http://preromanbritain.com/ymvst/ It emulates Atari sounds fairly closely, I found it somehow when looking for C64 stuff and really love this thing.
  8. Yes, but it still has an (fluctuating?) wave. It doesn't keep a steady tone. It has that sound like it's resonating, and that's not quite the C64 sound I'm trying to capture. On another note, some of the other presets in QuadraSID are pretty good, but I think it's kind of odd to be shelling out 60 bucks for a 20 year old hardware emulator.
  9. Yea, I was testing out the QuadraSID demo, but I couldn't figure out how to get the Sanxion lead to sound right, heh. There's the progressive lead (preset), but it has this annoying trill if you aren't playing the notes legato, which gets really annoying.
  10. Nah that's not the issue. I've used VSTs before (though not extensively). It ends up giving me an error message and leaves me with a "fruity wrapper" on the step sequencer window. As long as I'm here, could someone recommend a good C64 sound simulator/emulator? I tried Quantum64, but it doesn't quite sound right.
  11. For some reason, none of the VSTs work for me that were mentioned in this thread. I stuck them in my VST folder of FruityLoops, but they all seemed to fail to load.
  12. Weak. Plain weak. Normally, I wouldn't mind such a remix... but this is coming from Disco Dan, the guy who created the awesome BlueLightning and Braving Tal Tal Heights. Sure, it's an old piece... but given how hypercritical Disco Dan is of some of the remixes that are submitted to OCR, this is very disappointing. VicksCornatto's What Hath Thou Done With This > Magnet Man Goes West. And to think if that were submitted now, it wouldn't be accepted because of its samples. While I'm on the subject... shouldn't we be a little bit more critical of a remix's substance rather than sound quality?
  13. So you're saying you prefer when a track (or two in Bottled Metro's case) is copied almost verbatim? Then what's the point of remixing it? If the original is good, I'll listen to it in its unadultered form, no point in wasting my time listening to a remix with merely higher quality instruments. As for this mix by SGX, excellent. I've never played ICO, but I love this track. It's one of those long songs that doesn't feel too long (like Wanderer Flayer by Bart Klepta or BrinstarBenLewis... good songs but a tad too long).
  14. Sure, the piece is really well played, and it's a good jazz piece... but I find it rather dull. Perhaps because this feels like it has so little "energy". The Estradasphere remix of SMB2 is so much more upbeat... while this is a bit too mellow for my tastes.
  15. This is a great remix. Pardon me for saying this, but I'm sick and tired of so many goddamn similar remixes for Super Metroid especially, which just take an already dark score and make it DARKER. CotMM comes to mind. This was very interesting, and I could easily recognize the parts from Metroid. It's kind of depressing in its sound, similar to the other Metroid songs, but that's not a bad thing. Metroid music isn't generally uplifting, which is why I propose someone makes a happy hardcore or sugar pop remix of a metroid song, hehehe. Keep up the good work The Wingless... aside from Teardrinker, I really love your stuff.
  16. Very enjoyable. I really enjoy the interpretation and variation from the original. I've never heard of Jethro Tull, but I like what I hear... your pieces have gotten a LOT better since you stopped abusing the godawful distortion (Hardcore Densehead, dubnofantasyaloneman, and several other tracks). Keep up the good work, I hope you can pump out some more great tunage, and as they might say in Ghosts and Ghouls, the strongth is welling inside of OCR.
  17. A very unique track I must say... and after a while it really started to grow on me. My favorite part has to be the steel drum solo in the middle, but the rest is really well sequenced as well. Great job.
  18. Wow, that's all I can say. This is by far my favorite remix by Jivemaster. It has an excellent feel to it, it just seems to convey so much emotion. Probably even one of my favorite tracks on OCR. I've never heard the original unfortunately, but I love the feeling this song captures, even if it's not the one originally intended for the stage.
  19. Very good remix, and as much as I hate to gripe... something sounds off, perhaps the recording is a bit loud or the sound effects are low quality? Something about the quality of the sound is a bit weird... Otherwise, this is a very solid mix, in fact probably one of my favorite from Jivemaster.
  20. Personally, although I like a lot of Jivemaster's tracks, I find this one to be fairly average. It sounds way too similar to the original, even in the instrument choice. I'm not saying it's a bad remix, I enjoy it quite a bit, but it stays way too close to the original for me to even notice many differences. I'm actually surprised Jivemaster is the only one who touched Chemical Plant Zone, this is a great track from Sonic, yet all the love goes to Ice Cap Zone?
  21. Excellent. This has a very high production quality. This really felt like trance, and it had all of the elements. Not to downplay other people on OCR, but I think this is probably the best example of trance on OCR. Great work Blind, as usual.
  22. I know this is kind of cheating, but I found Starship Hector for the NES to be incredibly hard EXCEPT for the bosses, which were almost pitifully easy. Hardest RPG battle, I'd say goes to Vendetta + Snake woman in Xenogears. The one on Disk 2 after the 2nd or 3rd Anima dungeon. Even harder than Deus, I think. Wait, I take it back. For an RPG, I'd say Egg Dragon in Lufia II, MAN that guy was a bitch. And he was an OPTIONAL boss. Harder than even the last boss. Now that I think about it, that guy in FFIX that was a giant globe was pretty damn tough. Optional boss again... I'm seeing a trend here... Hmm... Seiken Densetsu 3's OPTIONAL BOSS OF THE BLACK RABITE WAS FUCKING TOUGH. What is it with optional bosses in RPGs? Culex in Super Mario RPG... dare I say it? The optional boss. Mizar in Jet Force Gemini was really tough until I learned to dodge his lightning, but I must say, for today's games, he's quite the formiddable foe. Oh, and having 90 rockets helped avoid a shortage(45 Tri rocket/45 Homing missiles). Unfortunately, this guy was not optional.
  23. Just to clear up any uncertainty, my previous post was NOT meant to be disparaging, though it may have sounded that way. Despite my misgivings about the genre of music, the quality is high, and very creative. 5/4 is one of the least commonly used common time signatures used in music (if that makes sense). Way to use 5/4 EFFECTIVELY, and hope maybe some people will take some creative license with upcoming remixes and decide to make something 7/8, or even 12/8. Keep it up Adhesive_Boy.
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