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  1. yea, the compression on this song is absolutely terrible. This kinda compression should be used maybe at one point for effect, but definately not throughout the whole song. That singlehandedly ruined the song. I'm hearing a great deal of key issues. Constantly the bass drops out completely, like at 1:40 and up. Stuff like 3:05 is just totally off. All over. Lots of ... simply terrible sections like 2:20. Not even sure what you were trying for here save general chaos and lack of structure. Eh, just NO
  2. I got sick of the 'ending messages' idea found in certain ocremixes long ago. Even though this ending message is really just a clip, its pretty lame and unnecessary. Song sounds pretty good although the drums hardly change up. Its two loop sequences that play throughout the whole song. I'm also not very fond of how the song basically just loops after a certain point. Alright, just on the fence about this song. Its not all too different from the original. Better, but really not much of a rearrangement at all. Theres some cool differences, but you'll have to really make it into a rearrangement to get on ocr. NO
  3. Heh, the only good parts in this song are the bits of the movie theme put in there. I dont have much issue with the string section, but that Clarinet or bassoon or whatever it is really sounds fake. You'd have to work on how you use reverb there as well as how the length of each note affects how realistic it sounds etc. Sounds way too sf. Don't much like the notation that goes on around 2:37. Could be done better. Jesse is right about the string attacks being way too late. Song could also use a more substantial ending. This one leaves much to be desired considering the shortness of the song. Suddenly its over. NO
  4. Me too, and this is yet another example of lack of effort causing a generally uninteresting, minimal, and not very well rearranged remix. Cool sound effects, yes, but this is nothing more than cool effects upon the original with some drums and what not. The percussive element isnt much different, noting the metal clanks (which is pretty much verbatim) and so forth. Sure the original didn't have much going on, but I don't see why such ambient minimalism can justify not having to be a rearrangement/remix. Good for a filler track on remix album. Nice sound quality. Definately not a remix. NO
  5. New Version of this song Theres definately less blatting on the low brass. Continue voting.
  6. The xylos (WHATEVER DAN, WHATEVER) are very well used, although they're used more like a piano than a xylowhatever. This song is mellow, and the lead works well, but the accompany is very very bad. Use live instruments, quantization, or something to make it sound better. Really, I love the leads, but everything else is crappy sounding. The rhodewhatever background accompany should have a little more release. Just about every instrument could really be helped with some reverb. Update samples, do a better mastering job. I really like this, but the sound quality is just bad. NO
  7. Larry got it. Short, overcompressed, lacking in pretty much all areas. NO
  8. So, verbatim with the original. Please no more note for note submissions (Track 4). NO
  9. Wait, this is just like the one that used to be on ocr. OCR00794 Chrono_Trigger_Daughter_of_Evil_OC_ReMix Both are verbatim with the original + stuff that doesn't make it better. Furthermore, its hardly even a rearrangement. Better than the first version, but not much better. NO
  10. Man, that guitar strum synth is so annoying. Its just piercing. So yea, this arrangement is dull. The lead is always that choir/ rhode combo. Way too repetitive, and that annoying strum never goes away. Excellent submission email, NO material submission.
  11. GOD DAMNIT YOU USED THAT GETARIDE REASON DRUMLOOP I HATE SO MUCH I really like this song, but god damnit make your own drums. NO I don't respect a song that doesn't have its own drums even if the end result is good. You still cheated to get there on a website that requests rearrangement. Rearrangement on all fronts, including percussion. Btw, big fan.
  12. Whoa, sped up spc rip a mundo. Please no more verbatim rips. NO
  13. Oh fuck yea. Listen to that lead. Thats what I'm talkin about. Finally someone who knows how to lead. ROCK IT Unfortunately the sound quality really brings this song down. Those leads get pretty annoying after a while. The rythm guitar isn't nearly meaty enough. The Sweet lead sequencing at the beginning does not really reappear later on at all. Man, that beginning was so cool. Then the drums get very simple and the lead gets repetitive. Thats such a downer. I must say although I love how this song was done, rework that eq and reconsider your drumprogression later on. Song rocked at the beginning and then just got really weak later on. Man I'm really torn on this song. NO Please rework the eq and resubmit. Look into reverb, eq, and tone to get those guitars sounding good.
  14. Hey, its pro-53 or whatever that vsti is called. That lead is so terribly used. Anyhow, this is verbatim note for note rip. Please go for some rearrangement rather than original + drumloops NO
  15. "No other production of this song has given this song justice" I'd say that recent piano zelda song we had not only did the song great justice, but was an actual rearrangment more or less. This is not. NO
  16. So yea, verbatim intro. Lucky for us stuff changes later on. Alright, so this song shifts from verbatim note for note to completely original material. Sorry, there must be a degree of rearrangement involved. NO
  17. Cool drum beetz, cool samples. Lets see where it goes. That guitar sounds pretty fake. That drum progression is pretty kickin. Alright, everything sounds good. YES
  18. Had real potential at the intro, but then things started falling apart around :30. Piano lead didn't really go anywhere. Very minimal notes. Percussion isn't very good. Lots of loops and ill-concieved bell shakes. When the strings come in, things just keep going down. The whole 2:35 section is just a mess of notes. Seems to me the only thing this song really had going for it was its high quality samples and the effect the cool pads + hq piano created. However, none of it was used too well. Percussion is pretty rough edged shakey. Arrangement is generally messy. String sample sounds pretty bad in contrast to all the hq samples otherwise. Stuff like that. Good idea though. Also.. I don't recognize this song at all. Its almost like an original trying to sound chrono cross-ish. NO
  19. At 0:55 I knew something was already going to be wrong. Drums are ok, but the song lacks around them. Lots of great samples, but general lack in arrangement. The riffs at 1:00 and 2:24 aren't exactly 'off key', but rather 'notation that I don't think was very well used' to put it lightly. I dont much like whats happening then. Percussion is good to pass, but the arrangement must be retooled. Better ending should be tried. Go for some better arrangement in general. NO
  20. Well, I really like what I'm hearing. This song has many good ideas. The downsides are technical. Some instruments too loud at times. Some instruments too fake at times. Gonna have to give this many times around. I can hear lots of skillful orchestration in this song. Alright, I'm definately going with YES This song has a lot of detail in it. No repetition. Lots of skill. Technial issues are minor. I'd like to hear less quantization next time. Very cool!
  21. So, first problem is that this song doesn't vary from the originals much. Second problem, there is no drum progression at all. Just boomtish. Sections like 1:30-2:00 are very poorly done. No definition of key, weak leads, crappy samples. There are a lot of odd phaser effects. Overall, too amateur. NO
  22. Weak notation at the intro there. The song's bass is not well defined. I'm hearing a lot of issues I'd call 'tuning' or 'key'. Nevertheless the song lacks structure and form. Ending is nonexistant. Work on song length (make it longer), making your song more solid, and do something more interesting than the same loop wiht different layers. Work on making a better drum progresion. Check out the tuning issues as well. NO
  23. Very minimal. Issue here is that the song is extremely repetative. 3/4 chimes play the whole way through. Always the same drum drill, same chords, same effects. Just not very good upon being excessively repetitive and uninspired. NO
  24. Alright, I dont think theres many people left in the world who don't understand that ocr is simply not a place for 'songs that pay tribute to the original'. This song is note for note throughout the majority of its duration. Its a perfect example of what isn't allowed. Please attempt some real rearrangement next time around rather than original + boomtish, effects, and seldom changes. NO
  25. VGFrequency background music? I recently recovered some shitty songs I made like over 2 years ago. Covers of SMB3 themes. They're kinda backgroundish. This seems to be the kinda stuff you play in the back during interviews and such, so maybe you can use them. Better than an spc/nsf at least. ftp://aripc.dhcp.asu.edu/Upload/SMB3/ This was like the first shit I did in reason. Mostly nsf rips + drumloops and other such horrible shit. Enjoy
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