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  1. I just listened to the original. I find it very confusing how this is such a great reimagination of the original and NOT a rip AT ALL, and yet Rimco's other songs made later in time are direct rips. Confusing. Wait, actually Yie Ar Kung Fu was made before this. Whatever. Nevertheless, I now consider this remix justified and awesome. GJGJJGJGJGJGJ
  2. Yea, you definately do not understand what happened. First version had pretty major issues. I was the one who worked with the author for hours getting the song fixed. The author got all the major issues fixed. The judge panel voted YES on the fixed version. I bet you never even heard the first version. The judge panel always recommends fixing problems and resubmitting. This is simply another case of an author fixing issues in a song the panel brought up, resubmitting, and now having a better, cleaner version on ocremix. The facts are all there, non-ambiguous, clear, and out in the open for everyone to see, and as such will remain regardless of how much you want to assume happened 'behind the scenes'. Now, lets have no more of this judge hate garbage on neil's review thread. Its very disrespectful to him.
  3. anallock said he'd vote on this today, but I think we're good as it is. Everything seems pretty unanimous.
  4. This is really one of my absolute favorites on this site. If I had to pick a top 5, this would be on it. Doesnt sound like it was too hard to make, or even that too much effort was put into it. Hell, its probably a direct rip + drumloop. Nevertheless, its simply one of those songs that hits me right on that spot. Excellent. Excellent.
  5. My rule is that I never FT a song which I have a damned good feeling will be rejected. Save the judges the effort in giving out another NO 00:00 into it, and I already think its a verbatim rip. However, I was shocked to discover that I was right in the end. Original section at 1:40. I'll give credit for that. No wait, I wont. When you do reverb, make sure the mix percentage isnt at 90% wet or else your drums will sound like trash. Lots of clipping. Etc Etc.
  6. The idea was to 'sound like something from tetris' but its not from tetris.
  7. Basically all my problems are still there. Sounds cleaner, but man.. Its still just repetitive and messy. NO
  8. Will there be a day when people realize that 'jazz' does not mean 'sounds like kenny g'? The answer is, ofcourse, NO Cover of the original, note for note mostly, but aside from that, the piano delay is just wrong. Not a good idea. Really creates a messy sound. Beyond that, repetitive and a violation.
  9. I'm pretty sure this is NO simply for the repetitivity and excessive minimalism. Will verify its RIPITUDE when I get home. Until then. NO
  10. Nothing but cool going on here. Use of sound effects did not carry the song. They simply added to the cool effect. This is very much like mazedude's nazi requiem. Cant find anything wrong with the song. It builds, changes. Perhapse it could have been much stronger on the 'remix' aspect. Just fine. YES
  11. Hey, one of those sound effect songs I keep hearing about. NO Basically the wip people were right. This needs more progression. Needs to go somewhere and not be so simplistic and minimal. The feel is good, but the repetition is bad.
  12. YES! Gershwin! Orchestra set doesn't sound too good, but the technique is there. HAH. I like the bassy piano. Thats totally gershwinish. Its so damned quiet though. Anyway, I really liked this. Huge fan of gershwin. The influence is totally there. Remix is variant, flowing, changing, always interesting. Brass is well done. Obviously YES
  13. Yep. Pretty amateur work. Keep at it. Repetitive, simple, poor sq. NO
  14. Haha, that synth lead sounds completely out of sync. Its not out of sync, but its attack and release are very poorly chosen. Makes it sound pretty bad. Then you got htat lead at 1:00 to 1:20 which doesnt seem to want to follow any keys or go anywhere. Again, very amateur lead and notation at 2:00. Overall, amateur work. Keep at it. Its all about commitment and practice. NO
  15. Not so much 1:18 that is messed up but rahter 1:20. Really messy. More at 1:43. You simply have to get better at key and notation. Uppity remix. Fix -> Off key, messy notation. Go for -> less repetition and more changeups, variation, remixitude, arrangmentality. NO
  16. meh, its not the sample quality that causes this to suck. The notes end ubruptly. Very unrealistic. Very mechanical. The velocities are all over the place, as if the whole song had its velocities randomly generated. Theres little in the way of compression to help, no real sustain,release pedaling at all, and lots of clipping. So.. fix all of that> YEA!!! NO
  17. I think I heard this on the wip forum. FINALLY! A good dkc2 remix on this site for once. Its about time. YES But yea, nothing too impressive, but at the same time, its a definate rearrangement, well done, well mastered, well played, and creative in several regards, and ofcourse my favorite atribute: good soloing.
  18. Direct rip + drumset and bass accompany loop. NO OVERRIDE
  19. Direct rip with additions that for the most part involve turning the delay feedback way up. NO
  20. Violations: 1. Die Hard Trilogy 'I Love The Airport' Cant find the original song in the ost. Nevertheless, this is one of those gut feeling YESs. I mean, its just really obvious. Also we have testimony from several respected members of the community. A questionable YES it gets. 2. Ys 'Beat of Terror' YES Clearly a rip 3. Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun 'PharoTeknical' YES Far too close to original. Samples original. Big time violation. 4. Streets of Rage 2 'Funkdreamer' YES. Direct rip. Minor improvements. 5. Donkey Kong Country 'Strolling The Mines' YES Very well done, but we must stand by our rules even for impressive songs like this. 6. Usagi Yojimbo 'Homage to Amida Buddha' YES I said this was a rip from the beginning. This is a remix site, not a homage site. I have the original if anyone wants it. Though there is very minor 'enchancements' to this song, it still qualifies only as a minor upgrade. I'm not much abated by the live guitar later on. 7. F-Zero GX 'Dr. Stuard (Jeff & Toad Air Team Challengers)' YES Exactly the same as the original with sfx and slight differences. Dissappointing. 8. Earthbound 'Dreaming on Distant Shores' This is the same problem I had with that recent black omen remix. If anyone votes no on this and yes on that, then they should explain why this should go and not that. This is not enough of a violation to warrant removal. NO May be violations: 9. Final Fantasy 10 'The Final Summoning' NO The chords that support the vocal from the game are present throught the mix. Furthermore, I very much liked how jared kept using the vocal in different ways using different chord progressions, and different instruments. The only issue with this song is that it may be too original, but that is out of the scope of this lockdown. We're looking for violations only. Had this gone through the panel now, it probably would not pass. I wouldn't pass it. But through our relaxed lockdown guidelines, I feel that it should not be swept up.
  21. Sorry, arrangement website. Arrangement. NO
  22. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Good times! This mix rocks. NO really. this rocks!
  23. Too low key and unpleasant. Synths are ugly, awkward. Song repeats a lot. I like how the percussion is handled. Work for a cleaner remix. NO
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