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  1. Wouldn't qualify to get on ocr. Nevertheless, this song is better, and this remix kicks ass.
  2. If you wanna criticize the panel on groove bias, the least you could have done back when you were on it was to not write flimsy votes that LOOK like groove bias. Pick your battles when you actually have a case, Ari. Don't be such a hypocrite. Not sure why this is on someone's review thread. Nor am I sure why it is at all relevant. Tefnek's druming was varied and superb, a completely different story. Attacking someone on a review thread is inconsiderate towards the artist. Stay on topic. As for my opinion towards the groove, I think its apparent that somewhere near half the people who have thus spoken are remotely to completely agreeing with me. Stating your opinion is fine. Attacking someone elses is not, especially when they are certianly not the only ones of that mind etc.
  3. I'll agree with vig, as usual. This is one of the most non-intuitive songs I've ever heard. Seems the only reason it passed is due to the usual 'groove' bias. Hard to believe that any simple drum loop could be so groovy that it justifies looping virtually nonstop for 6 minutes on the same key with minimal changes on ye old metroid title theme. One redeeming quality is perhaps the break at 1:00. Its certainly a good direction this song could have taken to be more interesting. unfortunately it dies off quickly. Reappears later (loop) and dies again. A multitude of problems upon that; delayed strings show yet again that good samples still require a discipline of skill or they just sound bad. I will say the loop loop loop nature of this song is fitting as the standards here appear to loop loop loop downward in a spiral to oblivion. There’s no justification here. Marc Star is WAY WAY better than this. A great example would be one of my all time favorite ocremixes 'Wild Arms RosettaRefrain OC ReMix' towards which this doesn't manage even the same realm of quality. Or of course 'Final Fantasy 8 Fantasy Rush OC ReMix'. No dice here.
  4. Alright, so a little update on how things are going. I've been busy and only able to check up on this thread every now and again over the last 2 months, thus I may be completely wrong in my conjecture here, but it appears to me that aside from choosing a title there has not been any actual progress for one month, and no significant 'reasonable' progress for more like 2 months now. Whats most important is that now there does not appear to much in the way of momentum or motivation. The deadline has been extended numerous times, but the last deadline was passed last year and no new ones were made blah blah blah. Anyway so I'd like to know what you guys think before I discuss any potential changes with the other sp mods. If this project really is just about to go over the final hump then thats cool, but this title naming does not really cover for what has been months without any visual evidence of progress. Another thing I'd recommend is (given there is stuff behind the scenes that some of us cannot see) to update the first post with current proceedings. Lots of the other projects are doing this now, makes things very straightforward and easy to follow. The other projects are stumbling a bit as well, but regardless I clearly see progress there etc.
  5. Incultus Deficio: The Kirby's Adventure Rearrangement Project
  6. Hah! Lots of interesting interpretations thus far. Heres what I was imagining. The somewhat celtic intro sets a pace, movement. Basically views of realms in england; castles and whatnot. If you played the game you'd know exactly what I'm looking at. 12th century, villages, castles, serfs, all that. Then a focus on one in perticular, Kenilworth. Following that, alternating themes describing the castle and surroundings. Those defending the castle are proud and do not believe they can be ta'in, yet they are still uneasy. A tense build-up, then slowdown as an approaching army shows up and lays a siege. Things get quiet and eerie as both sides regard eachother and know whats coming. Suddenly, the battle is joined and the castle attacks in the final theme which is indeed the battle music from the game. Again, if you played the game you'd know exactly how intense these battles tended to become. I wanted the last theme to build and build, then come to an abrupt end. A castle in ruins; a defeat. This is one of my favorite games from the PC days of yore. Sure theres exploits and whatnot, but overall it was a large challenge. Very fun, very involved.
  7. Yea, makes me sad when people refuse to destroy kick ass remixes by dumbing them down into fundamental trance. Oh well, ain't up to us.
  8. Agreed. Quite cliche and uninspired. As with most Gray mixes, the sample-quality and sound effects sound great, and the composition is plodding and irksome. Eventually I hope this new-age phase will wear away. There's more to music than style and cymbal crescendos.
  9. So, anyone wanna explain how a square wave can sound 'not fake'? or is this really just baseless banter?
  10. Indeed. Easily my favorite piece by rustle cocks.
  11. And some things like that were said by the judges. What it seemed to come down to was whether or not production was more important than heart. I was never really trying to be a guitar virtuoso or to make it a spotless, flawless playing. Any of the delays in timing are mostly due to human emotion of playing. You don't typically get that with technical sequencing. I was looking for more of the natural live performance feel. But thanks for the comments, everyone. Songs that get on ocr go on here forever.I don't think its justifyable to post a flawed song when it could be retooled and resubmitted. No justification whatsoever. Thats the problem here.
  12. I'd say this is too flawy to be ocr quality and should have been debugged and improved significantly and resubmitted. Way too many simple mistakes and bleh performance. At the same time... man I loved this game. Memories...
  13. Same thing happened to me exactly! cept for that 2nd part.
  14. I did, actually. You didn't recieve my birthday card in the mail?
  15. He knows how I feel. I doubt anyone pushed him to finish this song more times than I did.
  16. I love thrased metal. This song is very thrasing. Good job snapplefag on the thras-aspect of this thrasing song.
  17. I helped reject this song once here http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=45466. This was a resubmission and I see very little in the way of improvement. Hell the only thing significantly different this time around was the people who voted on it (click). As I said before, this song's improv is very weak. Just not very good. Malcos admitted his improve was rather 'don't care' and its pretty obvious. The piano is down right crappy. The lead is... terrible. So many things could have been fixed in this resubmit that simply were not. It was a very obvious NO before, and it still is. I only hope the jp tightens up on quality control from here on out. Beyond that, I know no standards were set for judges posting their own songs directly onto the panel. Not only was that done here, but a resubmission got right back on the panel only weeks later. This site is big enough that such double standards simply shouldn't be allowed anymore. Please tighten up on this stuff.
  18. DKC2 jungle theme has a similarity to the underwater theme in dkc1, but I certainly remixed the DKC2 jungle theme. Certainly did not borrow from DKC1. If anyone borrowed from that game, it was dave wise (who wrote aquatic ambience as well).
  19. He did that on purpose. Initially the distortion lasted like 10 seconds and he had it in the end also. He agreed to let me remove much of it as I saw it as nothing but a bad idea.
  20. I really don't like those synth leads. They just get old fast. Intro had some good ideas, but the sound quality is very gritty. Once things get moving at 1:20, the song improves but it is short lived. After the first chorus, the song simply repeats 3 more times with the same drumloops and very limited changes. Do your own drums, make things more interesting. Work on rearrangement. NO
  21. We get a lot of cool piano tracks on this site. Though sequencing shouldn't be shunned, its definately not as impressive as live. Furthermore, I like to think theres a higher standard for piano pieces. Furtherfurthermore, the sound quality is rather low for this song. Very low-grade sf. The remix itself is pretty good, but I say find a good pianist and record it live, or midi it with better sample quality, and ofcourse, make it longer. NO
  22. So basically the entire intro is terrible. Bad hats, bad synths, bad rythm, bad everything. 1:00 and up has nothing to do with keys. Its just whatever notes wherever. Really have to work on that bass synth defining better keys. As for the rest, repetitive as hell, annoying, peircing synths, simplistic arrangement. Total lack of song stucture. etc NO
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