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  1. who cares this compo is about helping beginners learn they're going to learn how to use FLstudio, and it's okay if they learn about writing music too. if anything it highlights the versatility of both the participants and the program itself, since so many different approaches are proving to produce competitive results. the playing field is level. so... we're supposed to have fun, right? right?
  2. I'll go this round. I'm gonna remix Robot Museum; it's the opening stage to Mega Man & Bass: the game is on both SNES and GBA, and the song is essentially the same
  3. happy birthday to the most rockin' bass guitarist
  4. I chose "Summer Theme" from Harvest Moon 64. yay procrastination, but I'm really happy with the result!
  5. d'aaaaawwwww I know how much you guys had to go through to get here, so it makes it all the more romaaaaantic <3
  6. oh man, I have the excited. listening to the whole thing now :nicework::nicework: halfway through and it's already been amazing! great work organizing such an awesome album, man
  7. congrats on the venue, and good luck! my only advice is practice. a LOT
  8. having only one layer of fabric between my eyeballs and brush's regular balls may have been the most exhilarating experience of my life
  9. this idea seemed like it warranted a new thread, sorry if that's not true I didn't take any pictures myself because I don't really care for them, but I do have a promo video of my performance for anyone who missed out I didn't get to hang out with like, anyone from OCR and I was pretty mad at myself for it, so I'd love to see photos of what all you guys were up to on the 9th floor... gettin crazy I'm sure maybe this will help us deal with our Post-MAG depression
  10. just polishing up my setlist before heading out in a few hours... we'll probably leave by midnight EST SO EXCITED!
  11. yeah, I probably should. I intended to originally, but yknow, release dates
  12. this is seriously great stuff man. good on you
  13. don't forget to check out PROTODOME's new album that also came out today! It's awesome!
  14. Merry Christmas! I got you this: This little ditty is a snazzy collection of game remixes (and one original, perhaps more??) that I wanted to put together before MAGfest. it's a great example of what I've been up to this year, so I hope you enjoy it! artwork by Kevin Villecco: featuring Flying Battery Zone, Sonic Spinball (you see how I killed two birds with one stone, FLStudio competition people?), Dexter (the television show), ummm oh a BigGiantCircles remix and two Mega Man X remixes (from the maverick compo) yadda yadda yadda I did some singing, whatever be sure to download the album, as there are two original mystery gifts included that can only be heard by downloading! Merry Christmas! please let me know what you think, and if you're feeling jolly, spread the word on facebook, or anywhere else for that matter.
  15. can't use it; it's not a free plugin I think it was included at one point during a special or something but now it is ridiculously expensive
  16. I accidentally Sonic Spinball edit: okay, are we ONLY turning in the flp? or do you want an .mp3 or .wav file as well?? I only see flp mentioned in the OP Edit again: I submitted a .zip file with an FLP and MP3. the FLP runs without any other files, so the demo version will play it perfectly
  17. I'm so jealous! and I had no idea what Vig looked like, all these years!
  18. how did I not know about this? that's a fucking HUGE job! congratulations to vig, holy shit