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  1. hey everyone, I've got a track on here, halc got a track on here, flexstyle, blind, zircon, binster, SGX!!! and the list goes on. you would be a fool to pass up this awesome comp and part two is already waiting to be unleashed!
  2. I can understand the confusion, especially for someone who didn't own the original disc, which usually came packaged alongside a new Super NES and the game itself I'm pretty sure the disc is the full-production music they used for the arcade game, and if anything the SNES versions are "remixes" or "demakes"
  3. "killer cuts" is not a remix album it is simply the title of killer instinct's original soundtrack
  4. is this another appropriate thread in which to reiterate that Yoshi's Story fucking sucks close enough
  5. if you're a fan of virt, joshua morse, shnabubula, or basically any chiptune and/or fusion heavyweight... get this. get this so hard.
  6. I have turned in my song to darkesword, and it is titled "Damn Nature, You Scary!" I've been awake for so long that I can't sleep!!
  7. I've got The Kraken spiced rum and Mountain Dew Livewire this will end well
  8. fuckin got that shit so hard now I have a digital copy of Roots to match my signed physical one :DDD
  9. bumping this once to see if anyone 1. has any favorite electronic/dance/chiptune music blogs that you think would like to feature this sort of thing 2. are the owner of a blog and would like to feature this sort of thing thanks for the support so far everyone! I'm currently working to get these tracks noticed on a higher level in the EDM community, so here goes nothing! (never done this before)
  10. yeah, it's in a different key and altered significantly in quite a few ways in the end, I'm a little disappointed that anamanguchi complained about it. They could've just posted about it without saying "disney totally ripped us off" they're quite a big act now, so I don't understand why they would spend time destroying some youtube advert for a mobile game that "Disney" as the huge corporate entity had essentially nothing to do with. They seem to enjoy having a following that will help them participate in drama and get revenge, and that kinda shit puts a bad taste in my mouth. edit: this totally reminds me of when Metallica was freaking out about Napster ...and then I stopped listening to Metallica forever.
  11. shit's on reddit naow
  12. shit, I forgot to credit you on the album page, proto! sorry bout that, fixing
  13. heyyyy, I was about to make this thread! hope everyone enjoys it!!
  14. Oh, ok. Well, "The most important thing to consider when voting is how well the remix incorporates and arranges both Maverick themes." Quite frankly, I would not assume that either of us has a clear advantage in this category. in my opinion we BOTH did a fine job combining large percentages of both themes, and creatively.
  15. yeah, I definitely know the subtle distortion you're talking about. it's even more noticeable when using 320k mp3s. I actually really love using the crossfader because 1. it keeps me engaged with the arrangment while I'm performing and 2. I can use it to easily "remix" or make room for my sampler channels to come through with a sound effect or whatever I'm curious, why do you dislike using the crossfader with harmonic mixing? I use a curve that keeps both songs at a high volume for as long as possible while fading
  16. this man is a good man are you using ableton for this mr. trance?
  17. Source breakdown: 0:00 - 0:30 : Boomer Kuwanger (BK) intro 0:30 - 0:45: Magna Centipede (MC) + beepy arpeggio from BK (arpeggio continues for most of the song) 0:45 - 1:00 : MC continues, melody from BK joins as backup 1:00 - 1:15 : MC pt. 2, original counter-melody on strings/piano 1:15 - 1:30 : BK intro, fitted with the chords from MC (<3) 1:30 - 2:00 : MC pt. 1 again, on chiptune... BK intro continues in background 2:00 - 2:38 : BK parts 2 & 3 feature, because they are my FAVORITEEEE 2:38 - 2:42 : Original megamanX-style scale run transition YEEEAHHH BOY 2:42 - 3:10 : return to BK intro, added bass for build 3:10 - 3:25 : MC part 1 again + continued BK beeper 3:25 - 3:40 : MC part 2 again 3:40 - END : Outro, BK with original chords and fadeout (just in case you guys have a hard time hearing the source... shouldn't be TOO hard)