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  1. okay I seriously clicked on this thread thinking "WHAT THE FUCK 2099 HASN'T HAPPENED YET" gotta lay off the sauce
  2. hay I did it! These two Maverick's themes happened to fit together perfectly! allowed me to be creative in a lot of places without much friction can't wait to hear stuff! good luck everyone
  3. well that seems dumb. what harm is a tiny image doing? /peanut gallery
  4. I can't believe you fuckin got spark mandrill I mean, come on it sounds like YOU WROTE IT ...alright, fine. I probably wouldn't be able to do it justice anyway. stupid willrock ruins everything. ;D get ready to rumble folks!!
  5. mailing list from bandcamp. I recommended my page to everyone and anyone who doesn't have facebook was invited to it I guess :P

  6. I am so entering this. I will edit this post with my selections but I AM SO IN. 1. spark mandrill (X) 2. sting chameleon (X) 3. magna centipede (X2) 4. flame mammoth (X) 5. wheel gator (X2) sorry for dat lack of game variety. is it just me, or does the music kinda get worse from X3 on? I really had a hard time finding a song I liked from any of the later games...
  7. I like that you have a realistic view of your own music this song is pretty fuckin' awesome, but it is not "ocr passable" in its current state. in my opinion.
  8. ERMERGAHD HAERPY BEHRTHDERR also... ...did ya get that thing I sent ya?
  9. dude I played skrillex with your player and it blew my speakers you owe me a lot of money dude I can't believe you just ruined my speakers how am I supposed to produce music now??? these are expensive monitors!!
  10. um, yeah... welcome to OCR! seriously, all of those things are unfortunately inherent to the system here. when you're dealing with thousands and thousands of submissions all the damn time, things get clogged up. believe me, every single posted remixer has felt the agonizing wait of the judge's panel. look at it this way: once you DO get posted, it will make it all the sweeter for the wait again, welcome to OCR and good on you for joining the community.
  11. you can go ahead and make Benjamin Briggs a "definite" attendee I'm also working my ass off to get booked as a performer, but no guarantees as I am sure there are tons of applicants. Here's hoping my showing at Nerdapalooza made enough of an impact to sway my fortune. either way, I'd love to set up my laptop in the jamspace, maybe play some sets for guitarists etc to rock out with so so so excited to see everyone again!
  12. music itself? I wrote my first song on piano when I was 9 years old, so that's 15 years. I started using computers for music at age 14, so that's 10 years as a "remixer" damn I'm kinda old or something
  13. there's a video of my Monday night performance up on my youtube channel! http://http://www.youtube.com/bbriggsmusic featuring PrototypeRaptor's famous ocremix "Chemixtrixx", as well as my own Sonic remix "Trash FM" hopefully I'll be rocking all of your faces at MAGFest!!!! nerdapalooza was a fucking BLAST
  14. MST3k and Riff Trax are about the only thing my girlfriend and I watch anymore so... my recommendation is WATCH ALL OF THE THINGS
  15. this album is an enigma also awesome; go get it! great "tobacco smoking" music
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