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  1. yes, I would have no problem writing music as my "full-time job" for me it's about time management and deadlines. I've proven to myself over and over again that I can meet deadlines, so I don't see any reason to fear taking on a lot of them if I don't have to waste 40 hours a week at some crappy day job but these gigs aren't exactly flooding in, so I haven't quit my day job yet.
  2. yeah, like everyone said, it all depends on the project, who's involved in it, who the composer is hired by, and how much money they have to make the game for example, I helped with the soundtrack for an independent film (not a game, but whatever), and I only got 70 bucks for about 4 minutes of music, or 3 tracks however, I just started working with a game company on a non-indie title, and I'm getting paid over 300 per track it varies wildly, and while I still have a dayjob, I've heard that it's not always easy to stay afloat being JUST a composer.
  3. concerning the United States... a cease and desist letter is a far cry from any real legal action. composers and game companies will always set the climate for copyright infringement, and they haven't done a single thing yet, except make people stop once or twice. oh, it's that time of month when I reference Zelda Step again! extremely high profile, extremely profitable, and still extremely available for purchase today. not so much as a hiccup. how about these: http://www.beatport.com/search?query=zelda none of those have been C&D'd, and beatport makes a fortune on them, guaranteed. Some video game remixes are even available on iTunes. Sure, let's assume they have to pay royalties to nintendo or koji kondo. how do you get that permission? Let's check nintendo's website so.. you couldn't even pay them if you wanted to. Dunno, it just seems like they don't care. granted, that's only nintendo, but I haven't seen a single case of an "illegal remixing profiteer" having to pay damages to a major game studio or composer, and if you can find one, I wanna see it. I personally don't want to see a day where nintendo and sega and koji kondo and tommy tallarico start suing people into the dirt because they made a few bucks re-using their intellectual property, and I also don't want to see a day where disgruntled fans are preventing artists from making the sounds they want to make and selling it to people who want to pay them for it... and thankfully, neither of those scenarios is ever going to happen. you can't OWN music. it belongs to everyone. edit: Derrit, yeah I ran out of download credits. everything goes back to free on july 5th!
  4. yeah but you can and literally nothing happens just being realistic
  5. unless they fix flickering pixelated shadows and shit like Batman's cape going through his fucking body I refuse to consider any game "photo-realistic"
  6. ha, you think brandon doesn't know your mom brandon knows every mom
  7. I Think We Should Talk More About How Often Brandon Contacts Peoples' Moms On Facebook working title for a song I swear
  8. he probably just thinks that OCR is full of people who will talk to his mom
  9. guys you're not allowed to talk to peoples' moms
  10. couldn't you have just as easily posted the compliments and left out this part where you invalidate her feelings? people are allowed to feel hurt during competitions; we've all felt that way at some point [oh, and I don't believe you ]
  11. I cried during the pokemon movie also when princess in another castle I cry
  12. when I was a kid any game could make me cry if I managed to turn it off without saving usually during a fit of rage
  13. done and done I figure it's the least I can do considering how much you helped me with this paid gig business jimmy is good person, go like the thingy
  14. nintendo doesn't give a fuck
  15. my main problem with brawl is the abysmal single player mode don't tease me with all those sexy cutscenes if the gameplay required to unlock them is going to be tons of repetitive and confusing garbage
  16. in my mind, making a public announcement of this kind is basically their way of saying "ok, we get it. Brawl wasn't as good as Melee. we'll try harder this time" so I support it
  17. man this music is great huge props to both of you guys, seriously killer stuff here. HEARTILY ENDORSED, MY FRIENDS, HEARTILY ENDORSED INDEED
  18. I am happy and very proud to announce the release of the OFFICIAL original soundtrack to Henri & Edmond: Copyright! if you haven't seen/heard of the film, you can watch it right here: It's a wonderfully entertaining stop-motion LEGO film about a young man who illegally downloads an MP3 and suffers the ridiculous, and often hilarious, consequences of his seemingly innocuous actions. Though the movie is in French with English subtitles, the brilliance and overall delightful quality of the script is NOT lost in translation. This is one of my personal favorite short films I've ever seen, and it was an honor and a pleasure to help out with the music!! I really only touched 3 tracks, but my presence is felt fairly well due to the electronic nature of my contributions ;D more information is available on the bandcamp page: http://benjaminbriggs.bandcamp.com/album/copyright-original-soundtrack Please enjoy this free movie soundtrack. And don't try anything funny. 75% of all donations and payments are being sent to the composer, and I'm keeping the other 25% so if you like what you see, hear, or feel... think about donating a couple bucks to keep these super-talented filmmakers in business!! thanks guys, I love you all
  19. "HOW DID THEY GET THE RIGHTS TO ALL THOSE CHARACTERS???" um... they're disney. they bought them.
  20. I think it's a bad idea to let someone jump into the competition at any point excluding the first round if will is allowed to compete, that's essentially two rounds worth of free wins, since he's immediately placed into the third round without actually having to do anything just doesn't seem fair, yknow?
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