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  1. Actually, grey and brown seem to be big problems. Very yellow/green. So that hints at maybe some missing blue?? But I see blue fine. Such as the subsilver borders to this forum. They look perfectly natural. Sigh.
  2. Just seemed to happen spontaneously a couple days ago. When I turned the comp on, my formerly tan background was conspicuously green. I have an LCD monitor (Rosewill) which has displayed no problems until this point. It did, however, have a single "dead" pixel (and by dead, I mean bright green)... and now that I mention this, I cannot find it anymore. Not even all the red is gone... many very-red items still seem red, though sometimes more orange. I still see a bit of every color, it seems, but something is thrown off. Certain spots just seem absent of a color that would make it seem "right". Brown seems problematic. Grey sometimes seems a bit yellow/green, too. Adjusting my monitor's color balance does not solve the problem. Perhaps a small hue of red/violet is gone? Anyway, I am just wondering what may have happened, and if there's a simple way to figure this out and remedy the problem. Is it the monitor? The vid card? Some software error?
  3. I'd like to request a sig from anybody who has not yet made me one. I'd like to see some creativity... in whatever direction you'd like to take it.
  4. Someone do Bombing Mission. It's the best song in the game and could be interesting to remix.
  5. For some reason, hopefully not something blatantly stupid on my part, I can't log in... Incorrect password/login? No record of this username?
  6. Fixed! Your nation's crop output has recently surged. Option 1: Destroy the crops in order to keep from flooding the market. Population happiness -2, Citizen income +$10.00 Option 2: Allow the crops to be harvested and sent to the market. Population happiness +2, Citizen income -$10.00 Would this raise the overall income output by 10, or would it be 10/person?
  7. First, register at our off-site forum. I don't have any aid slots available, but I'm sure one of the higher-ups (bones_221, Airwalker, Olrad, etc.) would be glad to give you some aid. Make sure you put "OCA" as an alliance affiliation, so that you appear on this list. There is a lot of strategy involved in the early days of a nation. If there is anything in red in the "Private Nation Messages" area at the top of your nation profile, fix that first. After that, you need to just buy infrastructure like you life depends on it. Also, search for trade partners and fill your trades up. Read this area of the CyberNations forums, there is a lot of information there. I posted here. Is that the off-site forum?
  8. Nation - Bobolonia Ruler - Oddllama Team - Orange (The color of my original Llama Lovers' Society shirts) Resources - Uranium & Water (I'd say that's a nice combo...) So what's next?
  9. Oh, wow. This looks really interesting. Too bad I don't really look into GenDisc much, or I woudl have been playing this for quite some time. I'm totally in. Time to read up.
  10. I am posting here, for I have time to burn before I go out to do a project on city parks again. Hello all. Here's a pig dancing for your entertainment:
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