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  1. Well, if you're paying for a blog, shouldn't you have full control over what you post in it? Having blog moderation after being charged a fee is silly. SILLY I SAY. And the whole thing costs $50, but you'd initially consider charging $15 per person for it? You'd get your money back after 4 people joined. I mean, if there are no maintenance costs, why put it so high? Sure, $15 won't break many people, but it is certainly a deal breaker for most of the people you're asking. If you implement this, you can be sure at LEAST 20 people will do so, regardless of cost... so why not break the price down to a minimum? I don't imagine the site to be in such dire straits as to make these fees necessary. Heck, if it's only $2 or so, people may even get the wacky idea that you're giving them a deal. How can they afford NOT to? But frankly, something like this may as well be free. If someone's willing to make a blog on your site, they seem pretty set on supporting you. A registration alone or something will dissuade random asshats (at least those with little to no comittment). Blogs are a dime a dozen, and should cost as much. There are plenty of other music sites that discuss the industry and techniques, and though this is certainly a unique site for its specificity of genre, people can certainly get their kicks elsewhere. That said, I wouldn't want one, and I wouldn't care to read any.
  2. :gif of deniro and reno double-taking back and forth which I couldn't find:
  3. I believe "they" in that case only refers to a handful of people, and not the entire group. Well we've got .Org and Remod now, so 'tever. Hasn't this thread been locked 3+ times? Why does it not stay locked?
  4. They really know how to make explosive entertainment.
  5. Hey. I enjoy bashing DKC games. This addition merely allows me to injure another trite character from the franchise.
  6. You're asking for 1/5 of the game's production cost?
  7. Innocence came before the series? You sure?
  8. Honestly, I liked the series much more than either movie.
  9. More like another reason to get a 360. Well, I guess my initial instinct that most of the old-future-scenes would be 30% the game, and the rest would be flashback is basically crushed. They'd better actually answer some questions in this game. MGS3 hardly did anything.
  10. Millard Filmore Wisdom of the Week podcast
  11. I submitted my list. Did you? If not, get on it.
  12. You bet I'll still be sending mine. Heh, but always at the last minute. ',:^)
  13. http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21870 Ok, this finally clears up the Grass Knot power question, along with all the others. Thanks for referring me to the site.
  14. It's official. GameFaqs doesn't know. I assume you don't, either?
  15. I've done a search and didn't find anything. Trying again.
  16. Meh, it was an ok game, but it didn't hold my interest. I am sorry for Luigi.
  17. Ok, someone tell me the max/min power of moves such as Grass Knot, natural gift, and Gyro Ball! I know Return/Frustration has a max of 102...
  18. A kidney and a pancreas and we'll talk.
  19. I saved my rocket for him... And he hardly even took that hit. I was sad. Doublt QFT'ing FFX... soooo easy.
  20. I'm still down for this. Heheh, I spent this extra time actually EV training my team... thought I'd have to go in "naked" previously.
  21. I don't see what the big deal is. It's not even really badmouthing anybody. Just wait for the Frair's Club Roast of David Lloyd.
  22. This thread is huge... quick response? How do I get this homebrew program onto my DS? That sketching one seems rad, but it doesn't give me any instructions in the site.
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