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  1. New post for a completely different topic. I just ordered a DS, Yoshi's Island 2, Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2, and Bomberman Land Touch yesterday. I anticipate their arrival with great anticipation!
  2. BTW, I really like this move. It was too easy to predict and practically useless to bother with either SP or AT with pokemon. Now, strategy will be more prevalent than just "I'm water time to raise special!"
  3. Aren't they changing Sp. Attack/Attacks in the next game, so that it is not by element-type, but by certain moves?
  4. Vids been pulled, too. I didn't even get to see them.
  5. Ok, now that everything's out... when are we going to start calling 360/ps3/wii "Current Gen"?
  6. ok, this thing is over 200 pages long. When's Pokemon coming out?
  7. + Bravery Also - I think Espers only helped me in two battles. I used one strategically against another, stronger esper which worked out pretty well, actually.
  8. No no no no no NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! Blast it why can't you ford a 2 foot deep river?!?
  9. Blue pigs get the kick! And that was a split-second of a Browns game, wasn't it?
  10. I'm horribly biased against any MegaMan game that isn't a scrolling Robot Master/Maverick-based action title. But I admit to it.
  11. I'm a little disappointed that the characters become rather identical once you get to the end of the game and your LP becomes rather meaningless.
  12. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that FF Mystic Quest was, in fact, crap. I played it and could not bring myself to enjoy it. It was oversimplified, or perhaps horribly rushed and underdeveloped. Things just sorta happened, and neither the graphics or the sound could redeem the poor layout.
  13. No, not beloved but pudgy baseball All-Star Kirby Puckett!
  14. Wooo! PIE! Top 5 fav pies, guys! GO Pumpkin Peach Apple French Silk Mixed Berry
  15. PFS: Ginch Gonch? Fenrir: You look like that stereotypical snooty British guy in any campy college sex-romp movie. The one you love to hate.
  16. I'm considering drawing something, but it won't be very involved, or probably victory-worthy.
  17. My account got deleted! Bler, mine too. I'll probably start it up again once I hit a lull in FF12. Not too long.
  18. It seems as if when I play Medieval Total War 2, the color issues disappear. I'm not entirely sure, but it seems like the case.
  19. Ga'hh... No camera... maybe I'll borrow one to do so. In the meantime, I'll plug/unplug the cables. Also - I don't have spare monitors laying around. My last comp was a laptop.
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