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  1. I felt that S3 was a quality title with a few flaws. The flaws were quite obvious, but didn't hold the game back completely. The two big problems were: -partner battle system (who came up with this awkward idea?) -odd war system, but not awful But the story and the characters were pleasantly suprising and thoroughly enjoyable.
  2. Let me also say that this is precisely the opposite of what I want to happen. Especially about the clones.
  3. Is anyone else kinda pissed that Don gets like 4 lines during the entire movie, and Mike is only occasional comic relief? They didn't even really show either of them fighting at the end. Yeah yeah yeah clash between Leo and Raph see also: all other TMNT movies.
  4. However, the friend who lost my game was also the one who gave me Suikoden I back in the day... before II even came out, thus getting me into the series and allowing me to purchase the game in the first place. ...and later, every other Suikoden game.
  5. I owned it twice. Bought it, lent it, lost it, waited, found it in a store again for $21, have it. It's one of my favorite games. Probably in my top 10. Cooking minigames, friend themes, 108 colorful characters.
  6. This game is a parallel to the Cold War, and to the new one China is trying to bring about! Also: April Fools day - Unmod comes back for 24 hours.
  7. Now give us full bracket standings! demands demands demands
  8. Ohcrap, how didn't I notice this when I was signing up on the SFA tourney???
  9. Oddllama w/Chun 2-0 Keegan w/Akuma Good fights. That one round where I didn't have any energy left was pretty grand.
  10. Arg, I always come so close! Arek, we shall have an off-the books rematch and I shall take one game from you! Also - Axel, we're pretty well matched. Very nice. Glad to see someone use a newer character, too.
  11. Like GenDisc? You know... for general discussions?
  12. I'm open for fights. Also a couple people don't have their AIM's listed in their profile... so lemme know.
  13. EasyP took me 2-0 today. Though I frustrated him to a large extent. Serves him right for getting popups and phone calls during my winning fight! Heheh. -------------------------------------------------------------------- man, ET beat me 2-0. Unexpected! We were pretty even, or I had a slight advantage, last we played! I am saddended but I WILL GET BETTER.
  14. I took Atmah 2-0. Strong showing, though. Some close matches. FIRST MATCH WITH MY NEW CONTROLLER. Also - Epic, we need to have a Sim rematch.
  15. Me and ET are having good ol practice rounds... WE WILL IMPROVE THROUGH TRAINING
  16. I look forward to our match. It will be dead even!
  17. Hey guys, your punching bag arrived. I guess I'll play.
  18. There's nothing worthwhile to add in terms of touch-screen functionality or dual-screen features... It's a SNES game. GBA format is fine, no need to bother with DS.
  19. May have been covered already - I can't figure out how to adjust brightness settings (that I heard existed) in the DS Lite. ?
  20. Oddllama

    ATHF Movie

    I see only a win-win situation here. Aqua Teen gets to make a movie to encourage laughter in the world. And I get to get rid of this cursed $7 bill I've been holding onto.
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