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  1. Hey - someone told me a while back, but I forgot... Is it better for the long-term capacity of my DS battery if I only charge it when I need to, or if I constantly charge it whenever I can?
  2. I've got Gibles/Spiritombs/Chanceys/any starter/Eevees/Cranidos/Sandshrews/Mareeps/Scythers/Slugmas/Croagunks.
  3. Over at Remod, we had an idea... Would you guys be interested in forming OCR gym leaders? Kinda like a ClanOCR league? Double-style battles may be used by a gym leader, but if you choose to use them, you must always use them. Gym leaders will battle in the level 50-adjustment style, and the Elite Four will battle in the level 100-adjustment style. I don't know if I'd be able to act as an administrator to this, so if anyone would like to volunteer on that, it'd be appreciated. I'm not too familiar with who is a reg within the ClanOCR activities. Of course, all of this is open to edit, so let's hear some feedback. As an example of this, I'd like to try out for the Ground-type gym leader position. I've got a 6-pokemon team lined up and two potential badges:
  4. I would have liked more interplay and background between the former judges (Balthier/Reddas) and the current empire administration (Gabranth/Gheis/Royal family).
  5. I would like a Zapdos if anybody has a spare... Any LG/FR game restarting happening? As low a level as possible, and if you get the opportunity to name it (which is completely unnecessary, but if you're nice enough, that would be wonderful), call it Ohm. If anybody can do this, I would be extremely grateful, and would try to do something in return. I have all the starters from all 4 generations, gibles, ummm I could trade/retrieve a Dialga... really I'm not all that far. 1890 7731 5803 Friend code
  6. You guys should add Bomberman Land Touch to the DS game list, perhaps.
  7. I seriously think that Uncharted Waters: New Horizons (SNES/GEN) should be considered one of the greatest sim-RPG's out there (Bear with me action fans). Also be cautious, there is a poor PC version out there. A port that the charcters wouldn't purport to port in. http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/6893/unchartedjm2.jpg The game revolves around one of six characters that the player gets to choose from at the beginning of play. Each has a unique story and a penchant for a certain style of play. These scenarios give you a nice story-driven way to play through the game, but the beauty of UW: NH is how you can shy away from this and embrace a very open-ended simulation experience if you so choose. You can even defect to any of the other 5 nations once you gain a title (be careful, though... this influences the country's attitude toward you). Here's a look at the personal stats page: http://img124.imageshack.us/img124/516/ucw1az2.jpg http://img124.imageshack.us/img124/7340/ucw2oo4.jpg You maintain your ship (which includes custom-fitting its cargo space, setting ration levels, hiring crew, equipping guns, etc), build a fleet (through fair purchases or hostile takeover), and hire officers from around the world as you sail your way to fame. The main ways of gaining fame and money are three-fold. First, there is trade. Get a crew together and find what goods are best to be purchased and sold at what ports. Each port around the world has different exchange rates on products, and its own set of goods to sell. Markets adjust to inundation, and sometimes you have to sail quite a ways to find just the right deal. Ports can also be converted to your homeland's territory if you put enough money into its economy. However, enemy merchant fleets likewise influence the market (if you choose to care). Guilds in most ports offer jobs to the casual sailor also. Secondly, battle. Join up with your country's navy and patrol the seas for pirates or an opposing country's fleets. Guard your merchant fleets and raid others. Or get a letter of marque from your regent and go pirate on the seas... with free reign to plunder as you please. Assuming of course that you can take out your target. Battles between fleets are turn-based, and make use of every ship's manuverability, firepower, and manpower as you move them along the section of sea that you engaged your enemy in. Furthermore, you can try to duel the opposing commodore. Be sure to equip proper armor and weapons (found in weapon shops (rare ones in exotic places)) before engaging. Your skill is translated into a set of move options (a level of power with a type of attack: 1-9, lash/block-slash/dodge-thrust/parry). http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/3945/unchcardmc7.jpg Third (and my favorite), you can become an explorer. Roam the seas around Africa, Asia, or South America in hopes of finding native villages from which you can discover treasures or great landmarks. As you sail, if you have the cartography skill, you fill out your world map. Report your findings to get rewards from your financiers. Be sure to grab rare goods and ships from foreign lands, but be careful not to linger too long. Your crew may grow restless. http://img501.imageshack.us/img501/6709/uwnh2ex4.jpg http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/946/ucw3ey2.jpg This great game offers so much replay value I have yet to get bored of it, and it is easily one of my 10 favorite games of all-time. Once you play it, you'll realize just how shallow Sid Meyer's Pirates really is. I can't stand to even touch it. Also somebody should have said Suikoden 2 and Shadow of the Colossus by now. Don't make me write on those, too.
  8. I just want to say that Manaphy should be banned from the tournament for simply looking completely retarded.
  9. http://remod.cakearmy.org/viewtopic.php?t=726 We've got a thread going at Remod, too... I was considering creating a smaller tournament, but if we both wanted to throw down in this one, that would be ideal. 1890 7731 5803 is my code, btw.
  10. I'll join the tournament, but I don't think I'll have my ideal team ready by then.
  11. You gotta admit, though... sometimes in MGS you wonder why Snake is considered a "Super soldier". Especially when his opponents are bumbling troops who can hardly follow footsteps. The ninja fight scene (if you excuse the sound effects) was quite nice, and given the superhuman feats you see Ocelot pull off in MGS2, showing that Snake can hold up is, in my opinion, quite reasonable.
  12. How do I go about unlocking other characters? Or are Rat King and Ki whatever the only unlockables? Also - Why are Bebop and Rocksteady not playable? That is inexcusable.
  13. I did notice that occasionally instead of blocking I hard punched... however, this oftentimes happened at opportune moments!
  14. I think you missed my half-serious point. That, in growing up in Palestine, he would be used to gunshots and a police force that doesn't really care about your particular ethnicity.
  15. Frankly, I'm suprised KH was successful at all. The idea of combining Disney animation characters with disparate Final Fantasy denizens sounds like a half-baked idea out of an uber-fanboy's middle-school notebook.
  16. Some jerkoff was filming the area of the shooting with his cell phone camera while shots were going off (as you've probably seen if you were watching the news). He was just standing there. Gunfire going off. (I don't think he even called for any help... just stood there FILMING until police tackled him) But wait, upon interviewing the guy, it turns out he grew up in Palestine. Now it all makes sense.
  17. So all I've heard is that they are indeed spinoffs. Are they released in America? Cuz I've never seen them or heard any press for them.
  18. I'll buy X5 from you at your asking price.
  19. I hope this doesn't effect the lovely compelling intro music that is already there. No offense, of course... I just love that intro tune. Also gg success.
  20. It shouldn't be overly hard to include Balthier as a fun side-character. I mean, he did live a few hundred years before this, right?
  21. I'd like to pick the penguin... he has a buttload of resistances and near no weaknesses... but I'm probably going with the plant-type that looks like a dinosaur.
  22. User # 3843 brag brag Don't say anything, Oink.
  23. I lost to Epic, 3-2. Suprised? I am, but I'll take it.
  24. I'm tired of hunting people down. Come find me.
  25. So when were they released? And on the same platform, right?
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