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  1. Seriously people, add yourselves to this.
  2. ah ahhhh lame. I want this. Versus play? aaaahhhhh... It's the only thing on the PSP I care about. Why? Come on Square... you have games on DS... aaaahhhh...
  3. ...and any other offshoot games I may not have heard of. Gimme a game summary here.
  4. Ok so I don't really care about KH, and I have only played them minimally, but this is the first I've heard of games outside of KH1 and KH2... what are these FM spinoffs, when did they come out, and for what system?
  5. http://wiki.unmod.org/index.php?title=Nintendo_friend_codes
  6. Bought it. DS version. At first the PC/DS graphical difference threw me off, but I'm over that now. Solid game.
  7. Man, those crazy Christians can't wait to have a "meaningful" relationship... even if they don't have any meaning in their current one.
  8. I managed to defeat Koi 3-0, then I fought Solo. Good games, both. Koi came very close to getting me a number of times. And I'm a bit disappointed with my solo play, but he had a solid game and I cannot argue with results!
  9. I'll be present for most of the entire musical, but you are hardly able to see me at all due to how I am standing behind scenery.
  10. Kamoh and I had a very very close match. He took me 3-2 in the last possible round.
  11. I'm going to do some reading on this game tonight then I'm open for business.
  12. Another request for this song from me. I'm a bit overdue. So let's see it. Seriously. I'm waiting. I know one of you has talent enough for this. And I don't mean the Gothic Neclord song from S2. I mean the organ music from S1. I'll be here.
  13. I'm in. BUT I AINT NO APRIL FOOL YO ... Yeah so I'll start practising.
  14. The demo version has a suggestion feature where, if you take too long to choose a move, it points to a possible one. But the friggin AI keeps setting me up! Whenever I take the suggested move, the enemy ends up gaining a 4-set or damage. Lame computers.
  15. Complacency breeds mediocrity
  16. That raises a good point. They need to release that.
  17. Well that raises a good point. We need another Tetris Attack.
  18. UE is raving about this game. I grabbed the online demo, and it's quite catchy.
  19. And I cannot lie. Those Mario brothers can't deny. That when a Koopa comes in and starts laying waste With a fireball to your face You're well-done. Wanna go down, though Cuz you notice that Peach was stole' Deep in the castle she's waitin' I'm hooked and Bowser's baitin' Oh, Bowsie I wanna get past ya, And take you out to pasture. My homeboys tried to tell me not But that lava you got Make me so hot! Ooh, spikey turtle shell You say you wanna send me to hell? Well abuse me, abuse me, cuz you aint that average Koopy BOWSER CAME BACK
  20. I can attest. It's pretty good.
  21. Screw Gothic Neclord, I've been hounding the remixing boards forever begging for a Passacaria (Bride in Black) remix. ISRAFELLLLLLL!
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