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  1. There have been so many cool games remix projects like Metroid's, Sonic 2 and 3's, Street Fightes's, so I think Final Fantasy VI (3 in the USA) deserves one. Watcha think?
  2. Post pics after the meet-up. And I love to go if I didnt live in Argentina....
  3. Bah! I wished they made it for the DS....
  4. No, It's a remake of Final Fantasy 3(JP). It's the one that never came out of Japan. But will they remake FF VI?
  5. Only one question. Is FF III the same from the Supernes? (Final Fantasy 6 in Japan) If it isnt, they should remake that game and release it!!!
  6. is it just me or they never mentioned the game in all that trailer???
  7. does anyone know when the pc version will come out?
  8. SH 4 looks promising,heh. oh,and I was very surprised when at the credits,after beating the game for the first time,"Esperandote" begun to sound,well, I'm an argentinian, what would you expect?
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