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  1. While I agree that this piece doesn't break any new ground, its just SO WELL DONE and TIGHTLY ARRANGED that I love it. The comping piano at :50 is the clincher for me; I dig that funky marcato sound. You keep things changing slightly, so that while you're still using the same phrases, it doesn't get boring. Great job. But the ending man...fade-outs?! WEAK. Great stuff.
  2. Has anyone else ever noticed how this is such high praise? "Yo man...dis shit is so tight yo' MAMMA would like it..." Yay moms.
  3. I loved this piece back in IMC2, and I still love it. Such a unique texture going on here! Nice job.
  4. I LOVE Last Blade 2! This mix is tight as all hell...O_O The piano in the beginning just...gushes out...amazing... Whoa...the momentum in this mix is astounding...lots of neat little water effects... Jazziness is very nice. It's so laid back...makes me sway. Utterly beautiful. Samples are amazing. Like I said...this mix simply flows so well; it's like water from a stream, just surging over me. This is brilliant. Great work! ((oh, and DJP, Samurai Showdown 4 kicks Last Blade 2's ass ))
  5. http://www.snesmusic.org The SPC set is available there.
  6. Fun Fact: This outstanding mix was an entry in the IMC Halloween contest!
  7. Very nice work. The chorale at the end is the clincher, no doubt. Awesomeness.
  8. Good job switching up time sigs. Really nice samples too, the oboe in the beginning is quite nice. Great work!!
  9. FIRST IRONMIX EVER POSTED TO OCR!!! GO ANALOQ!!! Yeah well, anyway, you already know how I feel about this song. The Guitar work is top-notch, and the piano ending is sweet. Excellent work dude.
  10. I don't get it. I don't hear what you guys are are hearing...there's nothing wrong with the harmony, IMO. And so what if the chords are different? Maybe that's just what yh brought to the mix. I don't think it's a crime to change a chord progression...it shows that you're willing to take chances. It's very much akin to what DJP did in Pachabel's Ganon; dropping the orignal Zelda's Theme in it's major key over a minor chord progression. Althought I do understand that many people are more familiar with the ins-and-outs of this song than I am (never was much of a SoM player). The piece works really well on it's own. The slap bass is funky as hell, and the chorused piano really gives it an airy feeling. Fantastic work, yh. REALLY top-notch stuff. Stick with music. You're extremely good at it. I wish that I could put out stuff like this.
  11. This is quite simply amazing. I actually got up and started raving in my dorm room. Excellent work.
  12. Listening to this right now, I'd just like to say, FANTASTIC. Thanks McVaffe, for giving us a great eastern european sounding piece; a nice departure from the norm of Tetris mixes. You really brought out the essence of the classic Tetris melodies. Great work! ((HARPSICHORD R0X))
  13. Nice track. Lots of detail; I like that. FANTASTEEK! ^()^
  14. This piece has a great groove to it. Fantastic to dance to. Good stuff!
  15. I know I already wrote a review, but upon listening to this mix again, I noticed something neat that I felt I had to comment on. I really like how you didn't change the notes to Zelda's theme at all, but popped it over a minor chord progression by merely changing the scale degrees. Genius.
  16. What a great song to chill to. And the key change is also very cool; it works well for the genre. I also like the guitar playing the classic warp flute motif. Another damn solid mix by the man himself. Thanks for writing such a great mix, DJP.
  17. Anyway, this little mix is very nice. The guitar works very well, and the pads are a nice bonus. I dunno why, but this song makes me think about sitting at a café or something in Venice, Italy with a lovely girl, just watching the gondolas float by. I'd love hear a longer version of this, perhaps with some mandolins in the background; a little more italian flavor, if you will. But as it is, it's a very pretty mix that stands up on it's own. Good job!
  18. I do, in fact, own a copy of the soundtrack to SA2. The Doki Doki Banana Chips Remix is a very nice work; I recommend it. If you read closely, I was talking about the melody, not the style. I commented that the remix itself is very well done. LeeBro is an extremely talented ReMixer. What I take issue with is that the melody is not correctly transcribed into the mix. Remixing does mean that you can take original parts of the song and change them up, including the melody, but in my opinion, the melody should only be changed if the song is being arranged in a different style. Super Mario Bros. 'Jazz Plumber Trio' by DJ Pretzel is a great example of when to change the melody, because it really captures the flavor of a jazz combo playing a slick little blues tune. Sonic Adventure 2 'Chao Marathon' pretty much keeps the same feel as the original. A 4/4, straight-eighths, bouncy techno song. The changed melody doesn't add anything to the style of the mix; in my opinion, it detracts, because it just doesn't sound right. I don't know if LeeBro did it intentionally or not; my guess is that maybe he was doing it by ear and made a mistake. Regardless, the mix is very well done, except for my own minor gripe about the melody. If you're not too familiar with the song, then download this mix and enjoy it, because its a great piece.
  19. I want to like this song. I really do. It's very well done, but I have a problem. Everytime I listen to it, the melody doesn't sound right to me... In this mix, the melody goes E, C, A, G, A, B, C, but in SA2, the melody goes, E, C, G, E, F, G, C, if I'm not mistaken... Other than that, the mix is very well done, with a nice techno sound to it. Good stuff, but I'm afraid I can't listen to it because the melody just doesn't sound right...
  20. This is fantastic! The melody sounds really retro, reminds me of some kind of late 80's/early 90's anime space epic...like Captain Tylor or something...I dunno...I have no idea what I'm talking about... The bass keeps everything moving; its a great ReMix to groove to. Rock solid.
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