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  1. This is fantastic! The melody sounds really retro, reminds me of some kind of late 80's/early 90's anime space epic...like Captain Tylor or something...I dunno...I have no idea what I'm talking about... The bass keeps everything moving; its a great ReMix to groove to. Rock solid.
  2. Listening right now. Great funky pizzacato groove in the beginning. Very bouncy, yet smooth at the same time with the strings gliding. Chords around 1:20 are nice and full. I like how you switch over to Schala around 1:45, and then use the earlier theme gliding over it. Chrono's theme comes in rather abruptly at 2:30. The tempo switch is a little off, but I still works. 3:05 is fantastic, with the gliding strings and snare. The rest of this is pretty straightforward, not as bombastic or powerful as I would have liked. All said, this ReMix is damn solid. Fantastic job.
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