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  1. The drought will end on Monday when Megaman is revealed guys. Megaman was released on December 17th in Japan in 1987 and what better day to reveal him than his 20th anniversary! Sakurai told me himself
  2. Because his theme song is pretty much the Forest Maze music. I'm pretty sure that says enough to warrant love for him
  3. But that's why Nintendo is so far ahead in the online curve! You wouldn't know you're playing against a jerk and you wouldn't even know if he quit! Nintendo is brilliant! In other news, the Japanese have no clue what the internet is
  4. Isn't the main melody of this based on the original Super Nintendo Mario Kart? http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/Smktit.mid
  5. Tornadoes were only on Hyrule Castle though wern't they?
  6. For anyone interested, I have a talkbox. Let's not pass it around too much if I bring it, we don't want to all walk out with mono or something
  7. I think it's worth a shot personally. Is there anyway we can see the arrangement? Also I second us having a toe jam. See what I did there? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
  8. Guys, Ness isn't gone. Seriously, get real.
  9. I think it's likely that we're going to possibly see at least one boss character from each series playable so I don't think that characters like Liquid Snake are really THAT farfetched. The heroes of each series have always been represented but more often than not the villains have been excluded from the rosters. Now we've got two of Kirby's opponents.
  10. I posted back at the beginning of page 2 and you didn't throw me on that list. Just reconfirming that I will be there
  11. Actually you said it across two sentences!
  12. It could very well be a final smash instead of a down+b. But regardless, why would Zelda turn into Midna?
  13. Maybe in bizzaro world no one recognizes it?
  14. Oh man, where will they draw the line with these levels!? Eh, eh...?!
  15. If you want to pull in more than typical internet japanese wannabes I would, personally, re-evaluate anime movie night. If you want to pull in revenue you're going to probably need a wider range of customers and most teenagers find anime "gay". This is purely a business opinion of course and you'll see fit to operate your establishment however you'd like. Also, light gun games are always good times.
  16. The time it takes to get from Japan to your place you might as well just wait the extra week
  17. The MTV Multiplayer blog is almost always on the ball with fresh information. Although by now this info is out all over all the big game sites now as well
  18. So it's official, the game is delayed until February 10th in the US. Curse you Nintendo! Source: http://multiplayerblog.mtv.com/2007/10/11/smash-brothers-wii-delayed-until-febrary-in-the-us/#respond
  19. I imagine it was cut up specifically for the trailer
  20. I can see this being for a stage where Ashley is singing in the background of the level, with backup singers popping out to the music and stuff.
  21. Separating it apart, yes. Although since the dawn of man this has been the natural order. The world as we know it is on the brink of destruction because Samus now flaunts her ripe breasts.
  22. I think its pretty much impossible for them to run out of first party. I mean, they'll just bust out another Ice Climbers deal if they really have to
  23. He was clearly agreeing with him through use of sarcasm
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