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  1. This is pretty neat, but I kind of miss the original voice actors + the 80s theme song playing during fight sequences. That would've really rounded this out nicely.
  2. Ya, stalker is a good one from the first map of Duke3d. Also, water world is one of my favorite game tracks of all time.
  3. Lou -is- Mario. Time to bust out my dvds
  4. Can this pull instruments out of mixed tracks as well or does the mashing of frequencies make that difficult/impossible?
  5. FM Synth is the only way to listen to music. You've gotta probably hate all music from the 80s and early 90s too. Also, I'm not sure why Sonic needs to have capes and other shit to make him a decent platformer. While Mario just ran left and right and needed powerups to get up into the air, Sonic allowed you to do so much more by utilizing the levels themselves. Also, I'm not sure how anyone else feels about this, but I always felt like it was really the physics of the genesis Sonic games that made them as fun as they are.
  6. Gold Diggin'. Not related to that album, but since I'm probably never going to finish mine I might as well post the last track I did.
  7. You can most certainly troll somebody and try to advance your career. He runs his mouth towards the lot of internet "hardcore gamers" and, in turn, causes a huge mass of nerds to flip out, trash talk him, and seek to "get back at him" by playing some video games with him. Look at the response just in this very thread. He gets under the skin of the vocal internet population by egging them on and then has to do minimal work as people, like those in this thread, help create further buzz about him. If you don't think he's trying to piss people off on purpose, you might be watching the wrong vid
  8. Welcome to the corner of the internet comprised of those who are above trash talking. After reading this thread, I have carefully formulated a scenario I believe could play out in real life: Smug and Tyrone are both in an arcade together. Tyrone is playing Street Fighter 4, the game which Smug came to admire for its beauty. Smug also wants to play this game so he eventually sits down and inserts his quarters. Tyrone plays a fierce but close game against Smug, finishing Smug off with a super attack in front of many. He stands up and vocally proclaims "SHIT SON, YOU AIN'T GET SHIT DONE". Tyron
  9. You must have not understood dodge ball as a kid or something. Anyway, if you can't see the fact that soulja boy is pretty much mocking everybody (and getting under hardcore "internet gamer" nerd skin) quite effectively, then maybe you need more than just a sarcasm detector. If you look up troll in the dictionary, you'll see Soulja Boy. He pretty much makes kotaku readers crawl in their skin and, clearly, he's working his magic on quite a few people here. On a related point, Soulja Boy is more entertaining and comical than mostly everybody on Screwattack including AVGN.
  10. I hope it's a blowout and Soulja Boy supermans on these bitches. Send them back to their stupid website whimpering dawg
  11. Hi everybody. I've spent most of my time on the internet over in the classic doom community and for years, the most popular DM wad has been dwango5, a compilation of really old custom maps. The problem is that almost nothing is credited so a lot of information regarding the source of data in the wad is unknown including map authors and, in this case, the source of this song. The song in question can be found by clicking here. Many of us have been trying to find the source of this tune for at least a decade at this point and while we've questioned others in the Doom community with no luck,
  12. Not sure if I understand this comment. Hasn't Sonic and similar games like Mario/Crash Bandicoot/etc ALWAYS been marketed to young children?
  13. Am I the only one that thinks that the whole hilarity of the Rick Roll was lost once transitioning into main stream? I don't mean to be a scrooge so to speak, but I feel like the humor was lost a long time ago. Other than that, Happy Thanksgiving!
  14. All this game really made me want to do was brutalize farm animals in the kitchen. Thanks for the ideas PETA!
  15. Something to consider: Some people here have already mentioned that the real life and internet lives of a person should be kept separate. I agree with this to an extent. The unfortunate truth is that for some people on the internet, most especially those considering themselves gamers, their internet life is pretty much their only real life. Pathetic and sad, but true. ALSO Some people are just nuts.
  16. 448 was as far as I could get after like 10 minutes
  17. Looks like this week's witch hunting might go without a burning, eh?
  18. The melody that comes in at :27 is out of sync with the rest of the track. The first note shouldn't start until the upbeat of beat 3. Hope this helps, you should hear a difference
  19. I don't post too often around here but I browse these forums almost every day to get an idea of what the current climate of each thread. When this little film was announced I thought it would be a fun watch and actually anticipated its release but the entire attitude thrown around by the person repping the movie here pretty much soured the entire thing (on top of the fact that it was never even posted in the first place). The internet is a place where tons and tons of words are thrown around by a bunch of people who want to be something great so they talk a big game to flex their egos. Either
  20. Doom. Mostly deathmatch. A lot. If anyone else wants to try and get in on some DM sometime grab Odamex. Odamex is an engine modification that allows online Doom coop and DM as well as new modes such as Team DM and Capture the Flag. Plus, it runs on pretty much every platform known to man including Macs (Hell yea, a game that runs on a Mac).
  21. Because I'm pretty much one of the best doom players to ever live.
  22. No. I've never heard any of my friends who pretty much bought their 360s for sports games say this. I think the people that play football games, for the most part, don't even care about RPGs. It's just internet elitists on gaming forums who do all the trash talking about how stupid football games and the people that play them are. Contrary to popular gaming forum beliefs, it is possible to enjoy football games (if you enjoy football) and "hardcore" games as well.
  23. Anyone else hearing Guile's theme at 2:44-3:00? Pretty rocking though, definitely going on my next mix cd
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