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  1. Lyrics: [Cutman 1] Hi - Please allow me to introduce myself I'm DRN-003 - Fresh off the shelf My foes just never seem to survive but you can call me Cut Man while you're alive Built to wipe out loads and loads of trees I'm Armed with sheer jumping ability By now, I hope that you've realized That I can cut you hard and down to size Wait I'm not so bad - Don't blame me, blame my degenerate Dads But if we have to fight - I'll slice you hard and make you bleed I'll end your life [stoneman Rap] Back for revenge it's Stone Man - the known man Tellin all of your friends - using up your
  2. So what's the deal here? Not sure what the other guys are waiting for, but I'm feeling like the entire spirit of the competition is defeated when people don't submit on time and things get pushed out further and further while some struggle to meet the deadlines. Not trying to be a dick though, I understand people have a lot more important things to do than remix Megaman music with the limited spare time that most of us are granted.
  3. Count on Stone Man v Cut Man. It's goin' down EDIT: Sent
  4. Ralphis

    NFL Playoffs

    I've always been of the philosophy that you don't want to trade a marquee player within your conference where he can come back to haunt you the next year by beating your team down. The Browns and Raiders won't even meet the Eagles in the regular season for the next 3-4 years sans a potential Superbowl matchup, so that type of event would never come to pass. The only team I'd consider trading within the conference to would be Carolina for Julius Peppers + 2nd round pick. Of course, I'm no GM am I? Whether or not McNabb is traded this year, he's gone after next year when his contract is up. You
  5. Ralphis

    NFL Playoffs

    The Eagles lost the Superbowl against the Patriots because McNabb doesn't have what it takes in the big games. He's a worm killer. He threw up in the huddle. He couldn't mount a drive down the field without throwing a pick to win the game. The mark of a great player is coming through when it counts most, how often has McNabb ever done that in his career? The Carolina and Tampa Bay NFC Championship games as well as the Superbowl were lost almost entirely by Donovan. The Rams and Cardinals were defensive flukes. One or the other has to go and with so much depth at quarterback I'd like to see K
  6. Ralphis

    NFL Playoffs

    If you're a Niners fan, why would you hate the Jets? Anyhow, definitely didn't expect the Jets to make it this far but am totally glad they did. As an Eagles fan, I've come to terms with the fact that the Eagles are the Chargers of the NFC so I've adopted a few other teams that I root for, mostly AFC teams: Niners - Loved this team before I loved the Eagles. Hopefully Alex Smith and Mike Singletary (I love his style) can lead the Niners back to prominence in the coming years. I expect to see them back in the playoffs finally in 2010. Texans - I think this team needs a coaching change. All o
  7. stop talking to yourself

  8. Hopefully this Spiderman is more like the one I grew up with instead of one that spends more time crying (Spiderman 2, Hello) than swinging around and dropping one liners (were there any of these in the movies?)
  9. This answer is probably plain to see somewhere and I'm blind, but when does voting for round 1 conclude?
  10. Ah jeez, didn't realize the deadline was extended. Wish I would have known because my mix is incomplete and isn't so hot. Maybe I can work on it for an hour here and see what I can do EDIT: Sent
  11. Anyway, sent my mix. Unfortunately I kind of procrastinated, didn't really get a whole lot of time to work on it but there's something which is better than nothing!
  12. Ralphis

    NFL Playoffs

    Eagles fan :\ With that said, I hope if any team goes all the way its the Jets
  13. Just started mine today but I think I figured out some type of direction to go. Will definitely have it in by deadline, we'll see how it comes out though
  14. Very awesome, thanks a lot for the sig! Still fiddling with my track, I'll probably just make the deadline. Tomorrow will see the bulk of my efforts
  15. You might want to refresh, I don't even see a bracket in the thread now. Only one that is linked to
  16. I wish this had a source code available so everybody could make their own Megaman games with a nice engine
  17. Going to probably start mine today. Pretty sure I'm the underdog going into this one
  18. I don't even care for Super Metroid, but I love this sort of stuff. I always held a fondness for the Genesis fm synth that I just never felt for the SNES' music. Long live the fm synth!
  19. Right in the first post. http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tnwv--lsi5iVR2BTgl5ITkw&single=true&gid=0&output=html
  20. Comin Home Baby always reminded me of Flash Man
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