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  1. I have a trombone I can play and I will in fact be at Magfest!
  2. how about 1) STOP 2) HAMMERTIME!
  3. Why is it assumed that the Ice Climbers level will scroll? As you can see, they've made all new levels for all characters so I don't personally see them remaking Icicle Mountain, at least not in a scrolling form. I expect a new map based around the levels they had in their NES game, with a dinosaur flying around the top and sliding all over floors.
  4. Since when has Smash Brothers ever been logical?!
  5. Well he's a pretty decent boss for the first one you face. I'd rather they wait to bust the big dogs out
  6. Am I the only one tired of seeing people saying, here and elsewhere, that the music is too happy? Have you even played any of the other Smash games? Have you ever played a Yoshi level or Kirby level? Oh and of course, the Mario 64 Rainbow Cruise music is really battle oriented! I just wonder if these people have ever played a Smash game before when they run their mouths in such a manner.
  7. Are you talking about the Corneria stage? If you are you really need to go relook things over. I just listened through the soundtracks to confirm. Corneria clearly has SNES star fox music INCLUDING the Main Menu theme from the original.
  8. No, sorry dude. You're wrong about that. This is a rearrangement of the music from Corneria in melee which was a medley of music from the original Star Fox.
  9. This is a quote from a page way back but I'm just really catching up on everything. Anyway, Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong come immediately to mind.
  10. So how long until we get to see Little Mac now?
  11. No because Capcom hasn't had the Marvel rights for years.
  12. Ralphis

    Sony PS3

    I spent a pretty good 33 hours on Zelda?
  13. Maybe it's just me but I've seen numerous responses that "OoT was a lot harder" and laugh at them. When did you first play OoT? Were you as good of a game player as you are now? I can go back and probably beat OoT with 3 hearts. Maybe we've all just become better players making each Zelda feel easier and easier?
  14. Romero believes strongly in supporting and encouraging fans of his older games to continue developing for them including Doom and Doom2. Also I've had the pleasure of speaking and playing a few games with him. Seems really nice to me
  15. Ok, so I've been around here for a few years. I haven't really done much other than post some old WIPs and read the forums though. However, I think I'd like to try collabing with somebody and providing some male vocals. I recorded something within 5 minutes to sort of allow you to gauge my vocal abilities. Most problems with this (and there are some) could be refined if I had worked on it more than a few minutes. http://ralphis.unidoom.org/Ralphis%20-%20The%20Whole%20Doom%20World.mp3 So if you're interested please reply or contact me on AIM at Ralphis SFR6
  16. One of the top 5 remixes on OCRemix hands down
  17. If you read you would see his friend is writing a drumline score
  18. I love this for the most part. The only thing that bothers me is your flow on specific lines such as in the last verse when you say "You must be ashamed, cus I stole your name." I feel as though you took too long to rap the second part of that line and it sort of ruins the whole ryhme flow that you were previously on. Also, I think the mix could've done with a little more bass. This is simply a minor personal gripe though. However, entertaining rap tune. We can never have too many of those. Props
  19. I seem to remember a few battles in Shining Force being incredibly hard when I was in 5th grade. The circus and mountain laser beam battle are the two I recall taking a long long while. I think the circus ended up being easier though
  20. If I could get my hands on a source file for this song I might try and get my highschool band to play this for next year. We're pretty decent for a highschool so we might not butcher it too much Actually it's the forest from SMW
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