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  1. Agree on Goldenboy. Watch it. Love it.
  2. Is it really worth all the effort to become internet terrorists over some dude's youtube video? I understand plagiarism is crap but when I see threads like this I can't help but think that the people planning attacks against some nobody on youtube are a little off their own rockers. I understand the outrage towards somebody like Timbaland who is making profits off of somebody else's work but this sort of particular scenario happens constantly on the internet. I'm not condoning his actions but, again, who cares? If anything you're just giving him tons of attention which he is most likely going
  3. I love it. This is where it's at man. I'm gonna have to check you out next time you lay it down in the Philly area
  4. I've never seen this one mentioned before. Megaman 1 Stage Select and Bon Jovi's Runaway. I heard Runaway on the radio one day and I said "Wow, Megaman". Inspired just like I think Journey's Faithfully inspired Elecman's stage. http://youtube.com/watch?v=22yHMCjNtk8
  5. Though it looks really nice for Wii, I really would debate the assertion that it looks as good as Bioshock and maybe put it somewhere around a sub-Doom 3 (except unlike both of those games it looks like there will actually be lights! Ha ha!). It still looks like a really nice engine though. As for Earthworm Jim, I am so pumped right now
  6. 1. Super Mario RPG (SNES) 2. Kirby Superstar (SNES) 3. General Chaos (Genesis) 4. Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Genesis) 5. Super Mario All-Stars (SNES)
  7. Isn't the voice of Pit the voice of the Professor's clone/kid in Futurama? Sounds really similar
  8. I imagine the EA sports games kill 2K sports games in sales
  9. Add an original section. As it stands it's just the original put to a rock instrumentation. At least, that's what they always say people are missing when they submit sometimes so, it seems like it's usually better to have one than to not. EDIT: I actually hadn't heard the second version. Sounds much better with the bassline and some drum breaks.
  10. As far as I know, you can load them on the SD card and play them on another Wii but you cannot permanently transfer them to a Wii that isn't yours
  11. Well, this was my first rewire attempt and two days later I already think it sounds like trash. I'll wait until I fully flesh a song out further before I post another WIP
  12. Alright, so I'm finally starting to try and make mixes that might be passable beyond Overlooked Remix. Here's something I started working on a little over an hour ago. Hip-hop style but haven't gone past two verses and the hooks. http://ralphis.unidoom.org/stuff/music/mp3/misc/rapsylvania.mp3 Right now the layout is looking this way: Intro Hook - Bloody Tears Verse - Vampire Killer Hook Verse Hook Haven't started a bridge yet and haven't even begun EQing or anything of the sort. Just laying out the groundwork. Vocals and some soloing will probably be recorded if I go forward with it.
  13. You know I'm gettin silly up in Philly baby EDIT: So I guess Pennsylvania
  14. Actually Kid Icarus isn't 3rd party but other than that I like your theory and I hope so bad that you're right
  15. I'm not sure if this has been talked about in the thread so far but it's the weekend so let's take it in another direction for a moment. Thus far, everyone (including me), has pretty much said characters like Megaman and a Belmont should or probably will make it in. However, I remember a while ago Sakurai said that he intended to have more American representation in Brawl. So who do you think could be a third party rep for the Americans? One character which immediately comes to mind, which in a way represented Sony back during the PSX/N64 era, is Crash Bandicoot. Nowadays he's made it to t
  16. That interview was done in the beginning of November but that's besides the point. There could be a gag order on Capcom employees about it and he could have been in for a long time. Who's to say? Who really knows. None of us is the answer! I guess we'll find out soon enough though
  17. What consoles were they on? hmm...well I guess you do have 4 X games and 1 exclusive Megaman Legends game (2) on the playstation... and Megaman Zero on GBA, and Megaman ZX and some new stuff on DS! So I guess you're right, that's around 5 PSX megaman games and around 1590592 Nintendo Megaman games. Why wouldn't Nintendo like the idea of Megaman in the game when it has so much more to do with the legacy and rise of Nintendo consoles? There has been a Megaman game released on EVERY Nintendo console ever, the same is not true with Sonic or Snake.
  18. Ice Climbers Game and Watch Marth Pit I was wondering if you could tell me what their relevance is today? And even what someone like Solid Snake's relevance is EVER. Just because you don't LIKE Megaman doesn't mean that he isn't worthy of making the roster. I'm not saying you have to like him, but what I am saying is that you're wrong. For a game all about fan service and reaching back into the NES/SNES eras, I think your "10 years ago" comment only helps solidify my point. Thank you!
  19. I'm pretty certain that it was on or right around the 20th anniversary. If you listen to the podcast, the way that the translator speaks the comment makes me still believe that Megaman may be there. It sounded almost like a "I can't say anything, but I'll laugh about it!" Also, for those who are saying Megaman doesn't belong in here and that he doesn't accurately represent Nintendo, he was in a SHOW ABOUT NINTENDO! He was a main character in Captain N if I remember. I'm pretty sure Megaman is one of THE Nintendo staples. If you ask some person who isn't a geek like us about video games, they
  20. The above post is probably the only thing worth reading in this thread so far
  21. Hey I thought his name was Pokey, not porky
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