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  1. This is one of my favorite remixes. None of the download links work. Somebody please remedy this.
  2. This is one of my very favorites from the site. I guarantee it.
  3. This song would be amazing if the production didn't hurt my ears so much. It may just be my speakers though.
  4. Calm Time is one of my favorite VG tracks, and this is an interesting take (to say the least) on it. The lyrics are ok, and it makes for a fun listen, especially if you're familiar with the original music.
  5. Amazing song, one of my very favorite ocremixes. http://rapidshare.de/files/21211980/cctns_ocr_-wip_11-23-2003_.pdf.html Here is the sheet music.
  6. I made a thread over at the Zdaemon forums about this, and it's gotten nothing but positive feedback so far.
  7. This is great. A remix project that actually feels like a complete PROJECT, rather than a collection of completely different tracks just thrown onto a playlist. The music sounds great, too. Leaning Tower of Babel is my favorite so far. And I've always wondered.. How do you get the tracklist page in the back of one of those slim jewel cases? Edit: Nevermind.
  8. Next few hours? *sigh* Guess I'll have to wait til tomorrow, then.
  9. Could you please put all the relevant info, like the release date, on the front page so I don't have to dig through every page to find it?
  10. I'm currently on track seven, and so far, it's been pretty interesting. This is probably the first project I've actually given a try, probably because of it's length. All the other ones seem to fall victim to having too many songs, providing for a sloppy overall presentation, and some songs getting left out. Also, the styles between tracks don't differ so much that when you go from one track to the next, nothing seems too out of place, one reason why I hated the Sonic 2 project. I'm also very, very happy that every track is not just a dull trance beat with the original tune playing over it. I
  11. Though I said a lot of bad things about his 'A World in Piano' mix, all of that still stands, but I'd like to say some different things about this mix. This is probably my favorite of kLuTz's work, and there's something about the 600 A.D. theme that just clicks with his style. Though it includes a lot of what I didn't like in 'A World in Piano', like I said, his methods just seemed to go better with this track. Where the generic styles of his other songs seem to lead them to failure in my eyes, there's something about this that just.. works. It's probably the first of his mixes that I feel go
  12. Wow.. this mix is just pure awesomeness. It carries a melancholy vibe, much stronger than the vibe that the original piece had, making this mix a very big improvement. Not only is it strong, but there's just so much done right that gives a nice added effect that takes it further beyond the source material that not many other mixes tend to go. It starts out with a very nice echoing acoustic, and then comes in a distant piano sound that emulates the original piece, creating a perfect atmosphere. As the percussion comes in, this is where the mix starts to progress. The piano is now closer and giv
  13. Calming.. I listen to this mostly when I'm heavily stressed about something, and it always hits the spot. A perfect combination of a soothing solo electric guitar backed by an acoustic guitar, creating a perfect background. The length is perfect, and the vibe just lets you drift off to another place for a little while.. Sometimes I just close my eyes while listening to this, and it's enough to get me out of a bad mood after having a less-than-decent day. The speeding up at the ending is a great way to end the mix, and sort of gives you a chance to snap back into reality before the song ends.
  14. How more generic could a song get? This is a very stale mix. There doesn't seem to be any emotion, and it doesn't go anywhere we haven't gone before through kLuTz's other mixes. I would go more in-depth, but why should I when Disco Dan already said it best himself nearly two and a half years ago when he was judging the mix?
  15. Holy crap, this is really good. The production reminds me a little bit of the same style used in The Blueprint by Jay-Z, so the hip-hop flavor was incorporated very well. The vocals themselves are also very good, this is better than anything you could hear on MTV. Plus, it's a Sonic mix! Such a strange combination, but it's amazing how it works so well! A very remarkable mix, download it now.
  16. This remix goes perfectly with hyrulecastledarkworld. They seem to have a similar sound, and both are very good. Both are some of the very first I listened to, and they're still a couple of the best in my opinion. Download these now, and you won't regret it.
  17. Is it just me, or does everyone always seem to remember exactly where they were when they first heard a very memorable song? I can remember where I was; I'd set my Dell Digital Jukebox on shuffle to play all the OCRs while my Dad drove us up to a mountain to go white water rafting last summer. This song came on, and by the time it was thirty seconds in, I knew this was one song I should look into. We were nearing our destination at this point. The night before I had a pretty bad experience being in a fight with somebody I was close to, so I wasn't feeling too good then. The song continued, and
  18. Wow.. Amazing piano piece. One of the first I heard, and definitely one of my favorites. But I just gotta know.. Who the heck is gutzalpus? No email address, no handle in the forums or on AIM, no website... I've searched Google and vgmix, but I can't find any other trace of music from him anywhere. The only other thing I was able to find was on Chrono Compendium, where there was a piano rendition of Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World, another amazing piece. Though I could swear that I remember seeing "gutzalpus" on a vgmix page, I looked and looked and couldn't find anything. If anyone
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