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  1. Wow is this lame. Original song but with techno patches and a techno beat. Instrumentation is almost completely unchanged except for the weak bass line. Is this really all it takes to get on the site? It sounds like something an amateur would post in the WIP forum after spending 30 minutes with the FruityLoops demo.
  2. Looking for a theremin sample. I have a VST so far that does the job, but it doesn't sound authentic enough. I think it's probably the best I'll get, but I'm just wondering if somebody knows where something better might be located.
  3. I heard this song a long time ago when I signed up at some mp3 site to host a song. I thought it was an OCR mix, but I didn't see it here. Here it is now I guess. Pretty good song.
  4. Whatever that instrument in the beginning is is hurting my right ear.
  5. maybe he's talking about how the clarinet is puzzlingly missing the F#. At least that's my main beef with it.
  6. yep, do you have any asio drivers? You can grab ASIO4All and use that if you don't have any. Then, go to the mixer and visit the black drop-down boxes at the bottom of it, and once you've changed your drivers to the asio ones, change the input on any channel to one of the sound source inputs available (should be obvious) and whatever's plugged into that source will be routed into that channel. All i can think of is that it's automation changing it back. Check there isn't any in the sidebar (current project>automation). If that doesn't fix it, it could be *gasp* a pirate copy. that solves it. thanks
  7. I've got a problem with FL Studio 4. Every time I save a MIDI, the instrument patches revert back to ---. So I have a midi that's entirely piano (except for the percussion track.) Is there a simple solution to my problem, or do I need to download some other program and try it? I've tried some other MIDI programs, but they usually end up messing something up with my song.
  8. I play bassoon. (and other things that are already covered by people in this thread.) Alas, this is my microphone: soon I'll be recording something for a chance at honors band, I'll put it up here.
  9. Great work. Great song to make a piano mix of and a great job of doing it. I especially love the little parts at like :22 and :37, nice touches. It is kind of short, but I see that as no reason to fault it. It's great all the way through. I'd love to see other Kirby songs recieve similar treatment, imo they are unlike any other game music.
  10. When I first heard this, I was kind of unimpressed and I and I almost deleted it, but I am not sure why I didn't. But I am sure glad I didn't. This, like many of my favorite tracks, took more than a first impression for me to fall in love with it. Once I listened to it more, it grew on me, and I realized that the different, more minimalist tone was not a fault. I like to listen to this mostly when I am drifting off to sleep, and it's very moving. Especially at 1:13 all the way to 2:00, and then at 2:59 to 3:13 it just gives me a very serene feeling and I envision the most beautiful things. It gives me a feeling not unlike the kind you have when you are looking at someone you have a crush on. A feeling of longing and admiration, of utmost beauty. It's very smooth, mellow, peaceful and dreamy, and that doesn't make it bad. I love that it's more minimalistic, I love the chords that drift in and out like gentle waves. Remarkable work. Great job. I recommend you listen to it a bit more and try to be detached from other things when you do if you did not like it at first.
  11. dude, when I listen to this it really reminds me of Kashmir by Led Zepplin for some reason. anyone think so?
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