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  1. 9.66/10 genre: industrial This is a kick butt song =D, especially if you're in the mood for industrial music. It's a must get for industrial artists, for the good industrial style I'd give it a 10/10 =D. For your choice in instruments, 10/10. For the way the overall piece flows a 9/10 (too short, and something didn't seem to click really well). Over all you get a 9.66/10 ~dj carbunk1e
  2. 8/10 genre: trance/epic trance I think it's a great mix, yes the energy may not be bursting at the seems, but it seems to be more of a reflective theme. Anyways, the voices seem to be appropriate, however, I think that the pianos could be more original, so because of the piano similarity, I gave it a 9, and because I think that it seems not as original as it could be, I have given it an 8. It's hard for me to give it a low grade, because I listen to this song very much, however it doesn't make it a great song nor does it make it a bad song. It is better than so many remixes that I've heard, can't wait to hear more from you in the future!! Recommended if you feel like something by Robert Miles, or if you're a Dragon Warror fan, I'd download it if I were you, if you have a good connection speed =D. ~dj carbunk1e
  3. 10/10 style: trance Although this is not a novel beginning tune, it's one of my favorites again, maybe cause it's final fantasy 7, or just cause it's an awesome catchy trance line. I think it's a must download, again a 10/10. the melody kicks in later btw, incase you can't pin point the actual similarities, it's around 1:28 ~dj carbunk1e
  4. This is definately one of my favorite mixes, it's catchy, good dynamic drums, good choice of synths, good overall feeling, good rhythm choice, everything seems to just make sense in the piece. This one gets a definate 10/10 (I don't give these out very often, a definate download) -> great part change at 1:31 -> nice change of rhythm section at 1:52 ~dj carbunk1e
  5. edit begin The genre is INDUSTRIAL/ELECTRONICA =D and I have another version with better panning for those who don't like the mono version =D upon dc13's request edit end ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my first remix, and I decided it'd be of my favorite song from Final Fantasy 7, "You can hear the cry of the Planet" by Nobou Uematsu. It's in a 6/8 time signature, I composed it so it's in D minor instead of A minor... or was it the other way around =D... it's been a long time since I've looked at the piece. Anyways, about bad transitions, I've heard some people suggest that they liked the piece only because it doesn't just jump into the next part of the song and that they liked the transitions a lot. So when orkybash suggested this, it actually struck a chord about what the other guy said. This entire mix was done on my Roland JX-305, I didn't add anything from anywhere else, this made it difficult to change problems, add different elements, etc, cause it'd mean I'd have to record. Some of the live elements were the pianos (2, the one in the middle, and the one at the end), the electronic melody, the drums (no quantizing, straight drumming), and the choirs (not the strings). The other voices, I recorded by playing into the keyboard, not programming. I didn't realize you could program noises, into the keyboard, and I didn't have any equipment to make the songs through the computer. This piece was very difficult because you could say it was all recorded live, and tracked together. Most remixers who do this type of music use certain programs to have a perfect song, that's easy to change the voices, and don't have very much error in their songs, this song is very unique, and could not be replicated, because it has several parts of human error but human error gives emotion into the piece. anyways I hope you guys liked the piece, just wanted to give a little bit of a background (I hope you guys don't delete the post just cause I responded to my own piece =D) ~dj carbunk1e
  6. how much would a decent electric guitar cost? ~dj carbunk1e
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