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  1. I know with some software you can lower the sample quality so it sounds crappy, but you don't screw your cpu. dunno if EWQLSO Gold has this feature.
  2. holy tree sux imo... They should really change it so it's either good for pvp or good for pve.... OR BOTH not mediocre at best.
  3. I seriously can't wait to die by dismounting my flying mount. COME ON it'll be fun!
  4. I've been really busy with anime remix 3.0, the final fantasy 7 project, Tetris Attack project, 3 projects at work, and trying to defeat the Twin Emperors with my guild in World of Warcraft =P oh, and I've been sick the last week. I'll get you the song in the next 2 days, it's basically done anyways, just needs a clever ending other than a continuous drum loop (default reason thingy).
  5. I had replied to several posts just a week ago, where the only activity previous to that was like 2 weeks (other than some spam ads)
  6. 1.12 patch notes are out ^^ world pvp expanded
  7. I have a wip for sea panic - I'll pm it to you later. I'm not as serious about this one as the other, so if someone produces a more complete wip than me, let them take it.
  8. I'm very lucky to be one of the top 3-4 tanks in our guild of like 10-12 warriors. Eko is currently trying to get the helm of transcendence. We keep getting unlucky every onyxia run. It's been like 2-3 months before one has dropped for us =/. Huhuran is still a pain to get past, so we're going through a recruitment phase. It's like AQ is just a huge block for average raiders. We've found that we have like 30 main raiders who show up 80% of the time. recruitment is not fun =(
  9. more ctprofile links please http://ctprofiles.net/932912
  10. I have both my wips ready to send, what email should I send them to? I don't want to post them here on the forum as they're 75% complete.
  11. I'm switching computers and data, I plan on re-installing Reason 3.0.4 on this computer tonight. After that I'll render it and send it to ya, pm me if I forget plz >.< I have a lot going on right now.
  12. Grats =) I'm gonna ask you some strategies later.
  13. I'm hoping that my submissions a long time ago coutned for my first wip =D I've worked on them since - but nothing worth posting at this time.
  14. I've been working on the song - I anticipated it to be done tonight. If not - it'll definately be mastered/complete by tomorrow. I'll at the least get an unmastered draft to you by midnight tonight PST.
  15. great, I like pie. Yeah, definately is feasible.
  16. I hope there isn't a song length limit. This song may end up being 8-10 minutes.
  17. Hopefully I can get the song done by then. The baby is cute! However the baby is also time consuming, however because he is cute all is well. I hear that after 2-3 weeks, they sleep slightly longer and heavier. He's already getting more sleep, hopefully I can pull off the song by the 2nd of January. -cheers
  18. I now have a good number of the refills, so I should be pretty good to complete the song well before the completion due date. I've made some changes, right now it sounds worse than the original, but that's because I'm changing parts of the piece to make it sound more consistant (And it's not done yet). I'd gladly give a wip, but I don't think you'll like what you'll hear. I could give a 'presentable' by this weekend. =P Also, the baby is coming this week, so I'll be taking off of work for a week after the baby is delivered. I'll have a lot of down time, hopefully a time where I can get a good chunk of work done. Don't lose hope, we're all behind you. -djc
  19. Wow, I didn't imagine this project would become this big =X.
  20. Please go to the first post of the thread and download the new SPC set with all the correct names, then listen through the musics and tell me which one is yours (Tell me the correct name from the new SPC set) and we will work things out I did, the name of the file is: Seiken Densetsu III-Disc 3-Track 03-Secret of Mana.spc The name of the tag in winamp is: 2-20-Strange Medicine
  21. I remember asking for this a long time ago. it's called 'Strange Medicine' with the id3 tags, but the file is called 'Secret of Mana'. I'm quite confused what is going on... -dj carbunk1e
  22. I've been working on a few synths for my song (strange medicine). Basically, I have started the process, but no wip yet.
  23. I'm going to be in Louisiana for 5-7 days. I don't know how much I'm going to get done on the remix, if I'll have GOBS of time in a hotel or if I'm going to have no time (and if even electricity will be available). My mission down there is pretty simple, to help train and re-design software (to track power generators) while they're using it =X. I'm pretty nervous, please wish me luck (and pray if you believe in a God) Thanks!
  24. candy candy is my wife's favorite anime, or at least one of them ^^
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