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  1. I'm posting in this thread because MN is whipping me.
  2. note, I posted this quite some time ago when I was a n00b to the forums =P in april 2002. it's almost 2004
  3. Although the guitars aren't the most realistic, I was highly disappointed... This song didn't meet my expectations... winamp says 6:37, and I only got to hear 4:54... I mean come on, if you're expecting protricity quality music for 6:37, you best get it >< yeah this was an excellent mix done by protricity, very creative very interesting, and it's incredible how he can take any voice/patch/soundfont and make it sound incredible. I love the guitars, I love the synths, the orchestra, the drums, his arranging and notation is awesome. I'd give this song a 9/10 by my standards. if not a 9.5 Download or die.
  4. this is definately much better than the last mp3, I'll review when I get back (edit this post that is)
  5. It sounds decent enough to be accepted, however there are some things I definately have a problem with. 1) The kick needs to be lowered quite a bit, there is a point where it's simply style, and it's simply too much. We all like kick, but if we like it this much, we could buy a drum machine... 2) Too much empty space, yes there are times where empty space is great, but in this case, the song just felt empty and unfulfilling. The voice is kind of cool, but I think throughout the piece it is a bit overdone. 3) I like the synths that come in at :43, but they are overwhelmed by the incredible bass drum, that does eventually fade... a little bit 4) The choice of synths at 1:10 is the same old synth from earlier in the song, it lacks depth, motion and all together sounds like a crappy preset from reason. The least you could do is add a changing mod in the synth so it sounds deep or something, I dunno, bad choice of synth. 5) Yeah, when it goes up an octave, great technique, bad synth, just makes it more obvious that the song sounds like it has no backing pads or backing moving middle chords. 6) The backing middle chords or arpeggs you have running at... 1:40 (same throughout most of the piece), sounds great, but doesn't have the depth to support such a huge bass kick, and a lousy lead synth. Match your synths better ><. 7) Your transitions are decent, although semi abrupt sometimes, I think you could certainly make the song feel to move through the different ideas a lil better. I did like the way the synth comes in at 3:02, it's nice to listen to, and the voice in the background sounds pretty good, nice build up at that point, but the rest of the song is lacking. The bass, not the bass drum, the bass... for the kick, it is too soft, lower the kick, raise the bass. The bass you could almost get rid of in the piece, and it would seem the same. 9) Ok, we've heard the same melody millions of times now, go repetitivity, yes it's trance, but for the sake of what is good in trance, try changing the synth voice PLEASE, or maybe add different pads, or something. 10) The ending, ?? what happened, did you die, and the remix stopped? FFmusic DJ You are like one of my heros of techno remixes. When I hear you did something, it makes me uber-happy. I expect quality like "bof-sad melody" or "ff7-string machine". I really feal betrayed by this piece, when I hear it I don't think it came from you, it sounds like someone trying to pose as you who has no grasp on techno techniques or musical theory. The ffmusic dj I know has a lot better grasp on techno, and especially on the way to mix the right synths, I mean, your sound quality usually is way beyond my grasp. This song, aside from the vocal, I could easily make in a few days if not hours. If you like megaman X4 download the song, if not, don't. I give this song a 4/10 ~djc
  6. Heh, I said I wasn't gonna post much for a while, where here is an exception. Great mix! DJ Crono has stunned me again with the awesome use of vocals, the beautiful use of the ever changing but steady rhythm, and even though he uses some basic synths and pads, he knows where to place his samples beautifully. I never get sick of DJ Crono's music, because I always pick something new out that I hadn't noticed before everytime I hear his pieces, and this song is no exception! This song was a perfect song for DJ Crono to do, he probably saw the opportunity in this song, smiled, and jumped on it right away. Great job DJ Crono! ~the other djc
  7. if you go to http://www.mortisland.com/main.html and you go to movies, the newest "zombie" uses first this song, a song by mindless indulgence and then a song by Ryan8bit
  8. btw, this song is being used in a flash animation called "zombie" by ... um... shoot I forget the guy... um mortis... mortis head? sounds right..
  9. You can see the progress he's made since this song was submitted, and I hope to see more from you in the future. I'd have to agree with ghetto lee lewis, I mean, I like the piece, but there isn't anything out of the ordinary about it, it sounds like a mediocre ambient song. Pxfury, ur a great guy, but I think you could expound a bit more on this song. in my book, appropriate soundfonts gets an 8 appropriate rhythm gets a 7 overall effect gets an 8 so that'd be 7.66/10 download if you like the game or if you just like pxfury's style, like me =D
  10. I had a broken soundcard when I was mixing the two parts together, my skills weren't as good as they are now, and I had no idea what compression meant. I hope to resubmit this song later with a better transition, better keyboard, better drums, and yes, better equalized guitars. I wouldn't call this my best work, but I plan to "re-do" this song in reason or a better program than what I used. what I used?? midisoft!!! OH MAN MIDISOFT IS SEXY, that and my creative sound card sound font fun =D. Then I just recorded it analogly into acid 3.0. Same with ryan, from what I hear, he's gotten much much better since. I hope we can either re-do this song, or coop in another song later on. ~djc edit: note that I submitted this months before I submitted my luigi's mansion mix, if you want to hear the progress
  11. I guess this means I'm stuck on this page, hmm, I guess I could review this song anyways, it's a pretty good song, I like the sfx in the beginning, very soothing. Although he was a wee bit on the "too much" side of reverb, it almost adds a nice effect to the background ambience. The way this song flows is very nice. ~dj carbunk1e
  12. This is one of my favorites lately, it's wierd, spooky, catchy, it has that "cool" aura to it, but all in all I'd probably give it around a 8/10.
  13. This is probably one of my favorite songs I've done out of all the submitted/unsubmitted work that I have. I just really enjoyed making it. I'm glad that it turned out successful! ~dj carbunk1e
  14. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=58184 I just thought that flash image was funny, it made this song a definate download for me not the best song, but incredible lyrics.
  15. I liked it, and I said so earlier, but the musical talent is lacking. If you want a laugh, then download it know, I highly recommend it, just for laugh value!! ~dj carbunk1e
  16. This is so INCREDIBLE you must download this asap!! ASAP 10/10 he is an incredible pianist, dl this now!!! This is what pianists love to hear when they listen to piano, not yanni, but something like this!!! I think that ghetto lee lewis would agree, we've all had 10-14 years of piano lessons, competitions etc etc... THIS IS A DOWNLOAD!!
  17. I certainly like it, I'd give it a 10/10 just cause I like it, but I guess I'm just bias. This is a definate download! ~dj carbunk1e
  18. This is a good remix, it's not one of my favorites, nor is it what I'd consider one of djp's best. Appropraite soundfonts/patches/voices...etc etc... 10/10 appropriate rhythm 10/10 overall affect, I felt it just became tedious/monotonous after a while, it lost my attention after around 2 minutes, it's a good piece, sounds like something we'd play in my jazz band, but it just sounded to... it just didn't seem dynamic in the way it progressed. 8/10 overall would be around a 9.33/10 Good piece, recommended download if you like jazzy/funk pieces, if you like the song from the vg, or if you just like djp (my reason ) ~dj carbunk1e
  19. Great introduction, great build up, and awesome rhythm sequences. 10/10 for this song, I highly suggest this well thought out, creatively initiated, catchy song! YAY for Scott! ~dj carbunk1e
  20. This is definately a sexy sexy piece, from the intro, to the middle section, to the bridge, to the solo, everything is so very clean, well distorted, it's just an excellent excellent piece. 10/10 if not more! This is a definate download! ~dj carbunk1e
  21. Just wanted to say how much that I personally enjoy the mix! I think that the electronica elements, transitions, and sound editing are particularly good in this piece. Everything seems appropriate! I definately give this one a 10/10. He is just able to put everything together smoothly! ~dj carbunk1e
  22. I like the mix, just cause I like the song from the video game, I'd easily give this a 10/10 from my bias, but other than it's catchiness, it's not musically intense, still a good song, probably around a 8/10 - 9/10 ~dj carbunk1e
  23. I want a copy of doom and yes, that disney game is hard, try to get the rom it's hard as F@#$
  24. in beauty & the beast, the beast's story... the entire game is impossible on the actual system... you die WAY to quickly, and the bosses are freakin impossible
  25. well done remixing... however I don't think it was a good idea to post a song on this site that took lyrics/vocals from other songs... ocremix could get really screwed for this.
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