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  1. not according to the expansion site they call it a hero class. http://worldofwarcraft.com/wrath/
  2. http://www.animeremix.org/competitions/Simpsons_Tribute/download.php?song=xaleph_simpsons.mp3 I was thinking of remixing it to sound something like this. I'm hoping to actually see this movie this Saturday. Not sure if I'll bring my son though. I love that Green Day mix btw - thought it was pulled off pretty well (though I wish they made something a little more creative).
  3. Anime Remix is actually having a tribute contest to the Simpsons. I'm thinking of doing a trip hop theme (maybe even adding some vocals).
  4. Yeah my stuff tends to be pretty dark, but the overall mix will jump around between various genres. You could write it in just about any genre you want.
  5. The Simpsons Competition Have you ever loved those pinks donuts so much? Simpsons has always been one of the top shows in America, I salute the Simpsons for it's unrivaled humor and creative plotlines. This show has been around for around 18 years (had a short in 1987 and developed into a real show 3 seasons later). Personally, I would have to say my favorite character is probably the same as everyone else's - Homer. With his lack of intellect, and inability to lead a family or even hold onto a job - he makes every man not only able to point and laugh, but makes us feel that there is a lower man out there . Anyways - this competition is as follows - All submissions are to be in this coming Sunday (August 5th). You can remix any song from this series (there are 53, I have the entire archive, not hard to find imo) and of course I recommend the theme song. All submissions will be sent to me and I'll assign a few people to listen and judge (we'll combine the scores at the end). Let me know if you plan on either participating with a remix or if you are interested in judging. More Information
  6. dating/engaged for 6 years married for 2.5 (late February) (and we have an almost 2 year old - yes we had the baby after 10 months of our wedding if you wanted to know)
  7. Basically, we're trying to put together a single 30-60 minute mix of several remixes of the Grave of the Fireflies original soundtrack. We have several artists interested and several mixes already in progress (some complete). Here is a part of the mix I've been working on to give you a sample of the supermix ( xaleph2.mp3 ). Definitely check the project out if you're interested in helping out or just interested in some of the updates. The concept is pretty interesting - as you can submit a wip if you don't have much time and I'll re-remix what you've given into the mix OR you can submit a full song and work with the transitions of the artists who you're merging your song with. ( Grave of the Fireflies Supermix )
  8. As an fyi - I'd get married again to eko if I could afford it. Marriage is so awesome (and so are kids!)
  9. Great seeing you guys all there - we're trying to head back today with Chaz again, but I can't seem to reach him. We were exhausted when we came back, leaving at 4:45 am to head out to the convention was just insane but fun ' I guess I'm saying I'd understand why he may not join us today (Saturday) - but Eko and I will be there! Thanks guys for the panel, definitely a lot of great work put into it and the results were indeed awesome! -xal PS - it's also amazing that the guy played so many games, but didn't know what the konami code was. I thought the ppt game was pretty clever ^_~
  10. Paid the $$ I'll be there bright and early Friday morning with my family.
  11. I may try to see if I can go - have to discuss it with the wife before I can say for certain.
  12. I'm sure several of you have, but I also got into the beta. The only thing I hated about the 3.0 beta is that you couldn't render songs - and you had to uninstall the previous version of reason. This made you 100% unable to write music, unless you had a second computer. I have 4 computers between my work and home, so I'm tempted to put it on a computer I haven't really worked on music with and check it out there instead of my main musical production computer. I'm pretty hyped though
  13. I doubt proph will - but I'm going to try and do a little something. I've also lost my touch, I've recently swung back into remixing. I wouldn't expect a whole lot.
  14. It's been a while since I've done a song for prc - but this is a really evil style song. If you know me, I'm all about teh evilz. Depending on how much time I've got, I may submit a real quickie. - Xaleph (dj carbunk1e) edit: I should challenge prophecy or somethin when I see him on later =P.
  15. Very clever song AeroZ - I love the synth work at 1:12. Very catchy transition. I hope you make more songs like this.
  16. really good stuff nuts. I should get around to putting up some of the synths I've used. Maybe people can clean them up and use them in their own stuff.
  17. That looks amazing - now if I can only justify to my wife that it should be on my budget =D
  18. First of all 1) get your drums in the same key as your music. Each percussive hit actually reflects an actual note value. Change the pitch until it matches the base key of the song. 2) Change your base drum to it's own channel, run it through some kind of compression. 3) Equalizing - Please equalize each sample (including each one of your drum samples). Make sure the entire frequency range is being used. 4) Gut your song - Take out some instruments and get it to sound good with the minimal use of instruments. 5) Listen to other songs and get some ideas in terms of transitions, equalization, and harmonic devices. Sounds like you have some interesting ideas, and it's great to have a new remixer on board. Consider posting what tools you used to make your remix and find someone who uses the same tools to get better at it.
  19. let me know if you want to submit this to ar - I'd be glad to host it.
  20. Well it's nice that there are some shortcuts, but I'm not seeing any wysiwyg editor - only thing that shows up are a bunch of smily faces at the bottom of the post. Maybe there is something in the settings that I can enable this wysiwyg editor?
  21. for a second there I thought the title was p$3 - thought it was rather punny.
  22. I could be wrong - but it seems in this game, each chest has a % chance to drop certain things - even the ones that are pretty darn important (like the z spear). So if you open it once, and don't get what you want - reset your game and try it over again (yeah it sucks, but I don't want to have some fricking holy mote).
  23. I changed my dj name to Xaleph a while back - on ocremix it's still 'dj carbunk1e' I signed up on the forums as Xaleph.
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