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  1. Because when they release their worldwide 4G network Pokemon MMRLRPG where you walk around with your 3DS and capture pokemon using Augmented Reality, complete with region specific pokemon and Gym locations... You won't want to play anything else.
  2. www.mwomercs.com www.mwtactics.com Not one, but 2 new entries into the BattleTech scene. Any interest in Mechwarrior these days?
  3. But we're talking about anime not manga... The Naruto anime has way too much filler. It literally detracts from the story imo. I realize their reasoning behind its necessity, but that doesn't make it acceptable.
  4. Naruto would be awesome if it weren't 75% filler...
  5. GW had an awesome soundtrack.
  6. Yes I know what an anagram is... Here's the obscure reference for the record.
  7. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/38925/Nintendos_Xenoblade_Chronicles_Finally_Comes_To_America.php Good news.
  8. Admiral_C

    EvE Online

    I kinda of want to set up a customs office in the low sec area I've been living in for the past few months... its mostly quiet, but it'll hurt if someone does decide to tear down my office :/
  9. I felt the exact same way. But after the testing weekend was over, I found myself itching to start it up again because I wanted to finish the story :/ Maybe that's just the completionist in me, but I think I'll actully pick this one up after all.
  10. Infinite Space. A bit cliche at certain points, but pulls you in rather well anyway.
  11. Admiral_C

    Dota 2

    Yes... yes I know.... :/
  12. I've never played GW before, but I do hear good things about it. What's the draw?
  13. Admiral_C

    EvE Online

    BCs with BS guns. That's definitely something exciting.
  14. It is a bad thing if you don't enjoy that something...
  15. Wow. Just like that huh? That's a shame...
  16. I think that hits the nail on the head. All they really show you in the preview and trailers are things we've already seen. To experience the story and the "good" parts of the game, I have to buy it first. I don't like to start things and not finish them. If it turns out to be "WoW in space", I will quit, and I'll be unhappy at myself for investing whatever amount of time I did, because I know I'm not going to "finish" it. Its a gamble, and I prefer not to gamble. If one of my friends gets in and raves about it, I'm sure I'll hop on board eventually. I just can't see myself taking the plunge right now from what I've seen.
  17. I do hope the game is good. But every time I see videos of it, I can't help but think its just WoW in Space. I think I'll have to see someone play it in person before I jump in.
  18. Admiral_C

    EvE Online

    The corp gives you the "purpose" in some instances. Joining an ambitious corp can be your own storyline. Early on in my career, I joined a pirate corp that hung around low sec and PVP'd other corps (piracy!). Eventually, they decided it would be fun to move into null sec, and from there we got caught up in alliance politics and joined a war for the region. It was a blast. I logged in nearly every day to see what fleet ops were going on or to enjoy the rich bounties null sec provided. There was no specific goal for me or the corp other than to PVP and have fun. Find something you want to do in EVE, (make money, produce things, explore wormhole space, blow stuff up) and a corp that supports that goal, and you will have loads of fun...typically. I say that because EVE is not for everyone. Some people just refuse to have fun with the game. But there is a lot to offer, YOU have to find it though. YOU (and others around you) make the experience.
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