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  1. I give it a 10 haha I like it alot Definitly going on my Playlist
  2. Its like being in a dream state. From the first note that I heard it was just breath taking. A great arrangement. Its almost like listening to a acutally movie soundtrack. Nice use of brass, woodwind, and percussion. Very intense, with great sounds. Nice transitions through out. Great use of Strings. It's fucking great. Great Job. Can wait to hear part 2. I'm Out!! X
  3. The Melody from the Ice Cap Zone caught my attention when I downloaded McVaffe's "Ice Capped" mix. This Piece has alot of great sounds that come out of it and there have already been several mixes of the Ice Cap Zone already. Darkesword does a great job by giving us a different sound. Nice bass line, great flute solo, and a great beat to move to. It's always hard to try and do a new mix of a song thats already been mixed 4 times making this a 5th mix. All in all it turned out great. Mad Props to Darkesword. Great job this is going on my playlist. I'm Out X
  4. Well what can I say about "Ice Capped" There are so many things. You know when I first heard this song I was captured by it's sheer beauty. I am a huge fan a music, me studing to be a music teacher, music is of course a big part of my life. The start with what sounds like to me is a harp, gets me picturing natures beauty, forests, mountains, oceans. With the addition of the flute and some more percussion added, it makes for one hell of a groove. The Piano just completes the perfect sound for the melody. With the drum break this song just keeps getting better and better. Sitting here grooving, feeling every beat, taking in every beautiful sound that I hear, keeping that one moment, I can truly open my eyes and say this is why I live for music......I'm out X
  5. Well I have had this Mix Downloaded for quite some time, but haven't posted my thoughts. It's so funny cause it reminds me of my best friends and I driving Downtown to a party (by the way we all love this song) anyways, as were driving it was beautiful night few clouds, the moon shining bright, and all of us TRIPPING OUT HARDCORE . HAHAHA this is such a great mix, it made all of use feel like we were out in space driving. When a song can make me imagine a visualize something and actually see it happening it gets my approval 100%. and by the way it was a long drive that we had. I'm out!!!!! X
  6. Genius Sheer Genius. I can't even express what this Mix makes me feel. From the first second it played it took me to a place like no other. This is why I love music and why it's a major part of my life. JM great job. I'm Out!!!! X
  7. YES YES YES YES YES. Jivemaster really knows how to bring back some good memories. This has got to be one of the Best mixes I have heard in a long time. I was on the edge of my set, no doubt this is now a favorite of mine. Mad Props Jivemaster. I'm Out!!!!! X
  8. Good Mix, beat is good, bass line, its all good. Nice use of piano thoughout. great for when you just want to relax. Two Thumbs up!!
  9. Great Mix. The Bass line kept me moving the whole time. It's a good tune to Chill to and relax after a LONG HARD DAY at work. This is Definitely going on my play list. X
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