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  1. Some parts in this bring me an unbelievable amount of joy. I have to know, what is the theme that enters at 2:00? That's my favorite part when almost everything drops out right there.
  2. The beat to this reminds me of an old song by a group called "Ace of Base." Hahaha. But this is sick nasty stuff, ladies and gentlemen. It has an energy to it that most synthesized music lacks. Way to go SS!
  3. Wow, this is an amazing remix! One of my favorites at OCR, instantly. I love that spot at 2:05... it's like someone just zipped up a bag of whoop-ass! Haha rock on McV.
  4. I associate this song with falling in love w/ my gf. When I would talk to her online I would always play this, because it seemed so fitting. It gives me the feeling that I'm in a free-fall, tumbling forever but without a care, suspended in perfect contentment and beauty. Thanks, Destiny. Your music does more for people than you can realize.
  5. WOW. This has taken Zelda trackage and added something to it. At 1:02, was I the only one who felt a serious Final Fantasy VII echo? Then back to Zelda hehe. I enjoy all of this remix, but those moments when the strings come out really, really make it for me, and make me think of FFVII. Haha, sorry lol I can't help it.
  6. This is unbelievably professional! Loop, loop, loop....
  7. I'm not a huge fan of this one. All I kept thinking was, "Christ, is this song in minor or major key?" I mean, COME ON. If it's minor, which it certainly sounds like 90% of the time, then stop throwing in the goddamn major third. Jesus! Just stop lol! Other than that this is ok, but I honestly can't get past those major thirds. Better they had just taken the entire melody and put it in minor. I'm also not a big fan of the modulation into a new key that happens around halfway in. edit: I'm listening to this again, and damnit, if you just changed that one note! Right now it's like this: You my nig - ga Csharp D E A It could easily have been this: You my nig - ga Cnatural D E A Just my opinion though.
  8. This is simply unbelievable. It's so professional in its production and grooves so hard! I'd love to see this in an actual game!
  9. This has just become my all-time favorite remix. It just represents everything I'm trying to do with my own music. Damn. po!, you rock.
  10. 0:35 is badly dissonant, and I'm sure it's not intentional. Other than that, I love this mix. The low techno-ey kick makes it not really salsa. Also the bassline lacked some nuances that I would have included. (But hey, I'm a jazz upright bassist) Overall this is a great remix. Highly recommended.
  11. Trenthian definitely knows what he's doing with the arranging part of this. Production is nice too. It's almost epic, in an understated way. Percussion is done very well. Wait... here come the synths and the groove. Nice! Wait... back to orchestral/ambient. Wait... back to groove. Damn, this is nice! Wait... lots more groove. XD I won't write any more, just prepare for a nice little ride with this remix.
  12. I love the bass, po! always does that very well. Wow, this remix is fabulous. Highly recommended.
  13. Wow, this is impressive. Of course I'm a sucker for Megaman remixes in general, and Magnet Man was one of my favorite themes. This does justice to it, and the fact that not every single instrument is a synth makes it easy for non-technoers like me to listen and enjoy. It's smooth and edgy all at the same time. Definitely recommended.
  14. McV does absolutely the best percussion. Absolutely. Everything about this mix just fits perfectly. Highly recommended.
  15. This is absolutely my favorite remix on the site. It gives me chills, makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.... That's rare for ANY music, this is beautiful.
  16. This raised the hairs on the back of my neck. Great job, I needed a mix of these songs and Darkesword delivered. =Þ
  17. I absolutely love this. It's one of my favorite remixes on the site and a great rag (even with the addition of some non-traditional elements).
  18. I told you that I like it, but I still don't think that it's jazz. I'm a jazz bassist, I play paying gigs in a number of combos, I'm a member of a high school band that wins jazz festivals all over the country. I really don't want to start some sort of fight, I'm not mouthing off about anything. Your ReMix is professional and well-produced. I enjoyed listening to it, not as a jazz piece, but as a laid back and ambient theme.
  19. This isn't really jazz as far as I can tell. The beat does not come from any distinct style of jazz that I've ever heard. It's not Latin, it doesn't swing, and it certainly isn't funk. It's that odd semi-genre that is found mainly in Japanese productions of any sort. Anyway, this was nicely done. It doesn't really grab my attention during any section, but it makes nice background music. I'd just appreciate it if you guys would be more careful about labeling a piece as jazz. It's not just a genre for any contemporary song that has a neat bassline or drumbeat. Still, nice job on this.
  20. This is a nice little groovy tune. My main complaint is that the eighth notes are very tight, almost breaking the jazz feel of the piece. Oh well. I enjoyed this.
  21. DJP clearly says "lick my mountain dew" at 1:23. I laughed my ass off all the way through this mix, even more so when the voice came in. This is definitely a favorite of mine.
  22. This was very well done IMO. The improv was nice and the drumming is fabulous. I'll agree that it isn't the most exciting jazz song that I've heard, but it certainly keeps the groove going, and it's easy to listen to. To make jazz sound smooth and calm can be quite difficult... this arrangement and group succeeds.
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