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  1. Absolutely love the mix you got here. It kinda reminds me of being at the circus...or maybe at a carnival. In any case, it makes me feel happy inside Excellent work!
  2. Megaman 6 doesn't stick out in my head for it's soundtrack, but Vurez has the ability to transform a mundane piece of music into an unforgettable masterpiece! What he has created here is dramatic, exciting, and just plain KICKASS! Wow! His other remix of MM6 - Flurry of Frozen Fury - is top-notch as well. Both are at the top of my favorites list! For this remix, it is most definately a 10/10 for me. keep up the good work man.
  3. Yeah, this totally sounds like something from The Police. Hungry Eyes, maybe? Was that Sting, or The Police? Anyway...very cool remix here. I love the guitar at 2:22. That is pure sweetness. The ending is equally as sweet. Excellent work, 10/10 from me!
  4. My first impression of this mix was "UGH!"...the opening annoyed the hell out of me. It sat in my OCR folder for quite a while before I dug it out and listened to it again, and somehow it has grown on me. The opening still bothers me, but once it gets past the first 13 seconds or so, I find it to be an enjoyable, upbeat remix. Overall, I give it a 7/10. Not bad, Wintermute...I prefer your DKC3 remix over this one, though. (Why the hell has no one made more DKC3 remixes???)
  5. What an amazing song! The hypnotic vocals and the smooth, relaxing beat blend perfectly together. You guys really did a stellar job on this one. 10/10 in my book!
  6. Well, I didn't quite hear the "fury" in this mix, but its great nonetheless! 8/10
  7. Yeah, this does need more love! The original song from DKC was great, but I gotta say that the remix is even better.
  8. For the first thirty seconds of this song, I thought it was going to turn out to be a very crappy techno remix that had no direction on purpose - just a bunch of different synth sounds labeled as a remix. Damn, was I wrong! This remix has quickly become a favorite of mine...its epic, but its also groovy. Its one of those tunes that I can listen to over and over and never get tired of. Nice work Fray, you gets a 9/10 in my book for this one.
  9. Amazing piece of work here...it gives me chills every time I listen, especially at 3:15. I love how the soft piano melds together with the powerful tribal-sounding beat. Simply incredibly...10/10 in my book. Nice job!
  10. First time I listened to this, my reaction was "What the hell is this!?". But, oncei t ended, I felt compelled to listen to it again...and again...and again. This mix is strangely hypnotic and eerily wonderful. Can't get enough of it. Great job Mythril. I give it an 8/10!
  11. Wow, I'm so glad that this mix got accepted! I kept a close watch on it through the WIP phase, and its great to see that it has found its rightful place on OCR. Yeah, I know its been on the site for some time now, I just haven't had the chance to check OCR in a good while. This is definately one of my DKC2 favorites - it rivals the work of the great Protricity. This mix flows together seamlessly...kinda reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean. Stellar job, Bliz! 10/10!
  12. I love this mix! The fade in opening makes me feel like I just rounded a corner to find someone fighting a killer clown...whimsical, yet serious. 9/10 in my book! Nice work.
  13. Its great to see that this mix got added to the site! I've had it in my playlist since I found it in the WIP section, and I haven't gotten tired of it yet Excellent work, Sephire. 8/10 for this mix. [if this posts twice, its because the server was acting screwy with me]
  14. Damn, there's only one page of reviews for this mix. I hope thats not a reflection of how many people are downloading it. Anyway, a very groovy sound here. Protricity captured all the great qualities of the original, and did a superb job of making this mix his own. The guitar work is very nicely done, it blends in perfectly, but definately stands out. Like orky said, there is NO reason NOT to have this on your hard drive. Schweet. 10/10
  15. Wonderfully done! This is a truly beautiful remix, although I have trouble listening to it all the way through. It just makes me sad...especially around 3:50 8/10 in my book.
  16. Beautiful! As someone already mentioned, this piece brings out the emotions you experience in the game. Kinda makes me sad to listen to it. And I gotta say, I almost let a tear drop at 4:41.
  17. I downloaded this like 8 months ago and forgot about it until a few days ago. I wish I would have listened to it back then - its pretty sweet! I normally hate vocals in a remix, but this is an exception. The vocals fit in with the mood of the song, and flow with the beat, which has a very groovy industrial feel. Man, this rocks! Excellent job, Wintermute! 8/10
  18. Umm..where's Part Two already? Very nice, though i'm not a big fan of the slow section, the last section, though...hell yeah. Excellent remix. 8/10
  19. Its like its repetitive without repeating itself...I never get bored listening to this song. Time seems to melt away, or something poetic like that. Kinda has the same feel as the Crystalline Cavern's remix from Yoshi's Island. Definately a favorite. 10/10
  20. To think I overlooked this remix because of its name...I feel like a moron. Its by Protricity, of course its gold Those birds are really cool, and the beat is kinda relaxing...I like this remix better every time I listen to it. 8/10
  21. More of the same awesome, amazing, brilliant, creative, damn good tunes from Protricity. Holy Crap, this is good stuff!
  22. Excellent remix! I love the extremely dirty sound you created, but it also seems like there's a bit of a whimsical factor thrown in there too (like at 0:50-1:00). It comes together masterfully 8/10
  23. bLiNd, you rock This quickly became one of my favorite remixes. I had downloaded Ambient Gemini ( i think that's the name) at first, and was really disappointed at how bland the song was, but then I found Blue Vision. I love the synth effects at 3:07, especially how it rises to dominate the song then fade out again. 10/10! Keep up the great work
  24. Took the words right outta my mouth. I couldn't agree more. I give it a .5/10!
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