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  1. When I saw that McVaffe was back, and that it was with some LTTP stuff(one of my favorate Zelda games easily), that along with all the other new stuff on the site made me want to cream my pants. Even better, it includes the credit roll theme which I've desperately wanted someone to remix forever. This is absolutely beatiful, the drums are really cool, the flute and piano sound awesome, and the arrangement is jaw dropping. This is easily the best new remix I've heard in a while(although KRool Intentions also owns my life).
  2. Great piano work by McVaffe. If you like great piano pieces, McVaffe, or FFIX you should like this(which should be about everyone). While it is changed a bit from the original I think it is balanced well in that it is not too close to the original and not too far from it either.
  3. This is some fucked up shit right here o_O aside from Mustins "The Atomizer" this is probably the most insane arrangement on the site IMO. The atmospheric nature of this is great, this has to be one of the creepiest things I've ever heard. The composition is already very depressing and creepy but the voices make it truly messed up. Very good stuff. btw, now that vgmix is back up are you going to put the other 2 up?
  4. Am I the only one who notices that there is some horrible background noise starting at 1:12 along with the other instruments? I usually like Ailsean's covers, and would've liked this too, but the background noise is annoying and doesn't go away until near the end
  5. Culex was a boss from FF4(j), he made a cameo in SMRPG as the strongest enemy but not the end boss, much like diamond(?maybe it was one of the others) weapon in FF7. They used the FF4 boss music for that reason(as well as the FF victory theme and crystal theme afterward). btw, since you apparently haven't played FF4...go find a rom of it or something you missed out.
  6. I disliked most of this remix. The begining is too slow, didn't change much...just not that great...but I absolutely love about 3:40 on, this may be because I'm an electric guitar whore but I felt it really added to it. All in all this is a good mix but I often find myself skipping to the end as the rest of it is pretty boring.
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