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  1. She looked terrible in Zero Mission too. At least her sprite looked good. Brawl ZSS ftw.
  2. I love the Space Pirate theme. It's one of the few songs in Prime I actually enjoy.
  3. So, does anyone have a list of the bumper stickers you can get? I assume most come from first party Nintendo games since I have a ton of save files on my system but stickers from only 5 or 6 games. And none from Strikers, which is disappointing
  4. The only Metroid game to tell a good story was Super Metroid, and that was because it was a fucking masterpiece. I'm not sure why anyone would be disappointed that Prime doesn't. It's purely about gameplay, simple. Personally, I don't care about story unless it's something after Fusion anyway.
  5. Yeah that really did suck. But seeing as it's the end of the series...no big deal.
  6. Oh wow, I didn't even notice the bumper stickers until now, this is so cool. Paper Mario, Wii Sports, Twilight Princess, Excite Truck and Wario Ware are all on there (MP3 is too of course). Useless yes, but god it's so neat.
  7. We'll see how many songs you can download (or if you can download any at all) before I call it awesome. Nintendo seriously has to get their shit together with storage.
  8. Because the models in NSMB look like crap since they're so small. Hunters looked great in 3D, but that's because everything is nice and blown up. Making a sidescroller in 3D on the DS accomplishes nothing except making certain aspects of it ugly.
  9. Yes, it's teh troof. And the hardest mode is pretty damn difficult...it's more painful than hard mode in Prime 1 and 2.
  10. Oh wow, if you start a new game over a completed one you keep all of your scans. Definetly better than rescanning every little goddamn thing that pops up.
  11. After awhile, I really, really began to prefer the visor switching method in 3 to the d-pad on 1 and 2. It feels clunky at first but really, all you need to do is hold minus for a split second then quickly point up, down-left or down-right. What's best about it is you can dodge while switching.
  12. Have you left it unplugged for awhile? Sometimes it just needs a kick in the ass.
  13. After beating it, I have another complaint. Retro REALLY has got to get better with the cutscenes. The voice acting is decent enough (superb in some places) but the camera, animations and just overall feel of the cutscenes is terrible. They reminded me of the Mario Sunshine FMVs. What bugs me even more is the cutscenes in Prime 1 were handled well and looked pretty good. Someone from Nintendo must have stepped in and fucked the whole thing up for 2 and 3... It's just a shame after seeing the nice FMVs in Hunters that we get almost unprofessional looking cutscenes in a big game like Prime 3.
  14. Save it for a second playthrough later. Worrying about scanning everything is going to kill the fun.
  15. I sent you something but I have no idea what it was. Been too busy playing the game to figure the extras out.
  16. 7 hours in, the only complaint I have is the game forcibly (er sp) gives you hints even if you have the hint system turned off (for example you'll get a radio message that says "Item is here, go there"). I can't understand why it does this with hints off and I'd hate to see how much it holds your hand with them on.
  17. Using the Prime 3 grappling beam may be one of the most fun things I've ever done in a game. It works ridiculously well and is enjoyable as hell to use.
  18. Correction: Backtracking in EVERY Prime game sucked. Everything else about Echoes was bliss, aside from the sickening color scheme in Dark Aether.
  19. If it were like Halo I'd shoot myself. It's simply faster paced...and if you're the least bit a Metroid fan, you're going to find it godly. Now I must rush back to my Wii.
  20. NGS is a remake and VF5 is coming to 360 with online play. I haven't played Motorstorm, but judging from reviews it's not real spectacular. And Resistance may be good (if you can consider FPS with that uses dual analog good), but does that even come close to making the $600 investment worth it? A $600 console should have AAA games coming out of it's ass, not ones that are merely passable, remakes or not even exclusive. So far, most of what we've seen is very good looking games with shallow gameplay. I'm well aware bigger games are coming (guranteed hits like MGS4) but it seems everytime we hear "x is the game that's going to revitalize the PS3", it ends up being a dissapointment to many, like Lair or Motorstorm.
  21. You mean, the 60GB model costs $500. The new model still costs $600 and apparently, Sony is considering doing this again when they're ready to release another hard drive model in the US. But putting that aside, you simply cannot deny the fact that if you buy a PS3, you're spending money on a system with no games that are worth it yet and since it's a game console...that's an extremely important point. And if price doesn't matter when it comes to visuals, then complaining about PC cost goes right out the window. You can talk about big, epic games all you like, but so far, the ones that have been released on PS3 have been crap (check out Lair or Heavenly Sword reviews from EGM and IGN respectively). Both suffer from the same problem: too much focus on story, graphics and sound but broken or repetitive gameplay with no reason to play again after beating it. Games that rank 6.0 or 7.0 out of 10 can be good...but not if I'm paying $600 for a console to play them then $60 on the game itself. That's insane. Nintendo's "gameplay>graphics" thing may be a cheap way to justify not spending a shitload of money on Wii hardware, but so far, the PS3 is proving them right.
  22. I've never had a problem with my Wii (aside from very rare freezes like 10 seconds into a game) but I've never had it in a room that gets relatively warm. The system should have a better fan though. There is barely any airflow.
  23. And what about the price of the PS3 after games and accessories? I'm totally unsure if you are joking with this point because it makes zero sense to point that out in defense of the PS3s price...considering it does just the opposite. No matter how you try to spin it, it's a lot of money for a system that, so far, simply has not shown it's worth it.
  24. This is precisely why big third party titles are going to go multiplatform or 360 exclusive. No one gives a shit how good a game is if you have to spend that much to play it. If you spent money on a Wii, 360 or hell, even upgraded some stuff in your PC, you'd still have money left over to buy games/controllers.
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