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  1. The lag shouldn't be too bad. When I play Strikers vs. people in Europe there is barely any lag at all (unless someone just has a shitty connection). This is godly.
  2. It's just an avatar you can use.
  3. w00t! No online leaderboards suck but still...it's great to have online confirmed!
  4. Omg the Tingle game is great. Lots of rupee grinding but still, goddamn is it fun.
  5. I've heard it's not so hot...definetly gonna rent it though.
  6. Doesn't it come out the day before or after Mario Galaxy though? That's a fucked up release date...
  7. It's just the Aurora trying to contact you. It can't because of your location.
  8. Corruption sells 218k in 4 days according to August NPD. Not too shabby but it's a shame more people just don't care about Metroid games.
  9. If I leave him idle, he looks at me and taps his foot! OMG SO COOL! SO RAD! Stupid useless mascot.
  10. Step 1: Hold right on the d-pad Step 2: Let Sonic run through the entire stage himself with barely any action from you Step 3: Pretend what you just did was fun Christ, the 3D games were better, but not so much...
  11. You could have stopped there.
  12. I'll buy a PS3 when Gran Turismo 5 is out and it doesn't cost $5-600 to play it. Until then, it remains nothing but an overpriced system for graphics whores (Lair lol).
  13. I just don't like how you acquire the suit. A boss fight beforehand would have been nice.
  14. Wow, you're a firecracker aintcha.
  15. Amazing. Hopefully we finally get some Super Metroid music in (well, aside from the Ridley song).
  16. On Hyper difficulty it's like one beam shot.
  17. My warrior can use a gun in WoW. WoW = third person shooter. Gears of War ripped me off, hoo hoo. Seriously, stop saying MP3 is an FPS. It's not.
  18. Because it's easier to get hyped about games with "good" graphics. How hyped were Motorstorm, Lair and Heavenly Sword? A fuckton, but none of those appear to be top quality games (certainly not in Lair's case). But since they're pretty, hey, give them as much attention as you can.
  19. The numbered Prime games involve exploration, item collecting and huge boss battles which is why most would classify it as an adventure. You're shooting, sure, but it's not the main focus. Calling it a shooter is like saying Oblivion is an FPS because you can shoot bows and wands and whatnot. Hunters is more combat oriented and it's main focus is definetly the online multiplayer (which it does fantastically btw). I have no clue why people like to complain about it's single player, it's obviously not meant to be the most enjoyable portion of the game.
  20. I still think Hunters is the best game in the Prime series due to the ridiculousy precise control and multiplayer but Prime 3 is pretty close. Why couldn't it have been online /cry
  21. The only thing I really don't like about Prime 3 is that you're forced to take hints, even with the hint system off. Everything else about it is amazing, aside from some of the cringe worthy cutscenes.
  22. Well, the upcoming one (4) seems to be a bit different. Let's hope it's the case. Regardless, I just finished 3 and am still amazed by the series, especially after the last case in this one.
  23. There's one part in particular where a tunnel you enter in morph ball mode has a little door between rooms, and I kept thinking it was a dead end since it did nothing everytime I ran into it.
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