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  1. It's already been talked about but METROID METROID METROID METROID!
  2. I am just going to toot my own horn after reading the latest impressions of Lair from various websites. God I rule. The last good Factor 5 game was the original Rogue Squadron and at this pace, it's going to stay that way...
  3. Awhile ago Hideo Kojima played Brawl and said he would be surprised if it wasn't finished already. I'm positive Brawl is going to come out before Galaxy and Prime 3.
  4. Registering friend codes on the Wii is more annoying than on DS...it doesn't go so fast. At least with the DS, you can also sit in front of a PC and type in tons of friend codes at once.
  5. So Ouendan 2 is out...I'm suddenly very, very bored of Pokemon.
  6. I get some pops and clicks on EA games, but other than that, nope...
  7. I had a soft spot for the Bloody Roar games...
  8. Definetly sounds promising. The Wii is getting some very nice titles announced lately.
  9. It could be good, but this announcement still gets a meh from 99.9% of gamers.
  10. There are some low points in the game where I felt the same way too. Some of the later levels feel kind of half-assed with environments that just repeat way too much.
  11. What rank has everyone gotten in the Battle Tower Wifi Challenge? I have only managed rank 2 so far, pretty damn hard.
  12. You could import Ouendan 2.
  13. I forget how heavy Bronzor is but Grass Knot should do well against it. Also, if anyone here doesn't have a Garchomp yet you really gotta get one...they are so damn cool.
  14. As long as it isn't an actual Mario game, that's fine. Look to Sonic if you want to see what happens when you try to give a mascot too much attitude.
  15. It's definetly fun but extremely shallow...using the pointer to control an aircraft works unexpectedly well though, and and it makes the game fun for awhile.
  16. I'll take that fire stone if it's still available. I just need a Flareon now and can't find one...sold tons of other stones today though. Oh bah I misread and r stupid.
  17. Go to Treasures, then press A on one of them and there should be a "Put In Bag" option.
  18. I was just rewatching the original Brawl trailer and realized that it came out nearly a year ago. As much as I would have loved to play that game at launch, I can't help but wonder how much it has improved since E3 of last year, especially if it looked so damn good already.
  19. Adding all the new people...I'll be on tonight if anyone wants to play.
  20. My turtle stater in Diamond is FRRRRRUNKIS! but other than that, no nicknames. Some names are in Japanese but that's only because I transferred my Japanese save over.
  21. I could just clone them then you wouldn't have to worry about getting decent offers. Can anyone recommend a good skill for Umbreon? I need one more (Last Resort blows) and can't think of anything good.
  22. I really can't wait to play the new stuff like Disaster and Project Hammer. Battalion Wars 2 is going to be awesome as well...I wish we knew exactly when it was coming out.
  23. Pikachu is in the Trophy Garden behind the Pokemon Mansion. Pichu is there too and you can get a ton of Eevees there as well.
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