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  1. He's just a little...excited. *Reading Rainbow jingle*
  2. Fuck Exitebike, where's Excitetruck?
  3. I like it, but I got to the scavanger hunt part and just decided it's not worth doing to finish the game.
  4. I'm not disagreeing with this (I've bitched at healing classes who try to DPS in WoW enough to know), but in TFC you could heal, flag run AND fight effectively, but not to the point where it became overpowered. It just sucks they had to change one of the most fun classes in the game when it was balanced so well. I guess bitching about it isn't going to help since it's already done though now is it...*cries*
  5. Well, grenade spam sucked, but grenade jumps made the game so much fun, especially as a medic. I don't see why they couldn't limit the amount of grenades you can throw in a certain period of time instead of removing them for most classes completely.
  6. Huh...wasn't this the Metroid preview channel/Wii Shop upgrade? Those came in early August, the interview took palce in July iirc...it's troubling that some people were excited (or even expecting) that something was coming.
  7. Well at least this means they won't be removing any characters just to cater to western audiences. There's still hope for Fire Emblem characters from older games, and with Japanese voices (as opposed to that god awful shit in the US versions...goddamnit Nintendo spend some money and hire decent VAs).
  8. http://www.jeux-france.com/news22039_advance-wars-2-au-mgs.html New AWDS2 images. Looks good...can't say it's preferable to the regular art style atm though.
  9. The new medic look is terrible, and I want my grenades back goddamnit. Why fuck with a perfect formula.
  10. IS could replace the character art with stick figures and mouse turds and it would still be a great game if the gameplay and music was intact. Don't worry about it.
  11. Retro says the "Dread" reference in Prime 3 is just a coincidence. Obviously bullshit, but they can try.
  12. Jack is what James Norton would call a "good egg".
  13. I played through it back in June. You really won't care about the simplicity of it while you're playing. The new controls make it so much fun and the boss battles are really creative.
  14. The battle theme music in GS1.
  15. ZOMG /refrainsfromsayingsonicsucksagain...oopsthisisvisible
  16. MGS is a ridiculously good series. It's not like Halo, where you could play nearly any alien FPS in history and have pretty much experienced the same damn thing. For christ sake, a PS2 costs $99 or something now and MGS 1-3 can't be that expensive either.
  17. Who else is completely bored at Final Smash reveals at this point? Everyone? Thought so. Guess we can't expect much after last week.
  18. If Samurai Goroh, Beastman or Pico aren't playable, Dr. Stewart sure as shit shouldn't be.
  19. KakTheInfected

    Halo 3

    Wow, not bad at all. Gametrailers and IGN are just about the only reviews I trust these days. Regardless, someone wake me up when they add keyboard and mouse support for 360 games please.
  20. I'd love to see it updated with online play (yes I'm aware you can do that on PC) but this is Nintendo so that isn't going to happen. The sound effects in the US version were so much better on the N64. They're just too soft in Melee.
  21. Imagine the shit the internet would have taken if we hadn't known about Snake in advance.
  22. MySims DS is such a shameless Animal Crossing ripoff. Your first job in town even resembles your first job for Tom Nook in WW. If I wasn't worried about the state of my town after 10 months of not playing I'd put this down and play that instead.
  23. Love the new trailer but quite unimpressed with the gameplay footage. It looks a bit clunky...then again MGS always was.
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