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  1. Cute little poot huh...creep.
  2. No, they said their may be MULTIPLAYER but if there is, it won't be the same as Echoes. I don't ever remember reading anything mentioning online specifically. Which is a shame, because I loved Hunters and would love a console online Metroid FPS. Edit: Wait, did I just post about Metroid? zz
  3. Mario Strikers has a great online mode. PBR's shitty online mode is shitty because the shitty game is shitty. It's best you even forget it exists.
  4. Weren't they part of some group when a few of them premiered on WWF a few years back? Memory is shitty...
  5. It was good, but compared to X, it was fucking garbage.
  6. The same could be said for any song in Melee. How does Zelda 2's temple theme or Star Fox 64's theme fit?
  7. As good as the song is...I was hoping for more Majora's Mask stages. Guess this kinda takes that out (unless we get a shitload more stages in Brawl than Melee).
  8. Haven't watched wrestling for ages but this sucks. Pretty curious as to what happened though...
  9. I have noticed some very rare slowdown that wasn't in the game before, usually when a lot of cars are on screen having their energy refilled. Hopefully they fix that in the future. And for christ sake, I can't stand the classic controller's joystick postion. Wavebird ftw.
  10. Mmm F-Zero X music...I hope the next F-Zero doesn't use that techno crap they had in GX.
  11. I liked Zelda's old look better.
  12. After playing through 4 dungeons I can safely say there is no reason why you would want to play with traditional controls in this game. Everything is so fast and accurate with the touch screen.
  13. Arek: Calm down lil fella. If Brawl has more stages than Melee (pretty likely), we haven't seen much of anything so far.
  14. Woah, Lylat Cruise looks amazing.
  15. I'd actually prefer it come to PC with better visuals to be quite honest.
  16. Anyone else playing Japanaese Phantom Hourglass? It looks AMAZING.
  17. I'm waiting to hear more music...hopefully something from F-Zero or Fire Emblem.
  18. Yes, that makes me very sad. I was really looking forward to some F-Zero today and am too lazy to deal with hooking up the N64.
  19. I wonder what kind of Metroid stages we'll get. How fucking awesome would Sanctuary Fortress be...or green Brinstar from Super Metroid.
  20. Scarface has EXCELLENT controls. That is surprising as hell.
  21. Actually, I'm guessing the last picture is just the blinking that charge shot does when it's fully charged.
  22. Wow, I am really liking that model.
  23. I don't think it's terrible, but it's so plain that it's almost as if it weren't even there. Think Yoshi's Island DS music. The only really memorable tracks are stuff that was taken from older games.
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