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  1. Of course it's not guranteed to stay successful, but it's selling because of casuals and since no other console caters to them... Unfortunately this means it may take awhile before we start seeing some quality 3rd party projects on the system...but hey, the DS got them eventually.
  2. Sounds like the Impact theme from Goemon. DASH DASH DASH!
  3. The 1UP preview is terrible. Shane brings up Bioshock and explains that Metroid doesn't look nearly as good. Well no fucking shit jackass. Wii owners know not to expect Bioshock level graphics on the system. Making that comparison was just creating an opportunity to throw in a complain. If Shane is on the Prime 3 review, expect a 7.5 or 8.0. IGN will probably overrate it (unless it is fucking mindblowing), and Gamespot will probably be right on the money.
  4. Oh my bad, I thought you were referring to something in the video, not the video itself.
  5. I saw that earlier. Haven't video games had things like this since before the NES days? I don't see why it's really a big deal.
  6. They need to bring Mother 1 over as well since they already translated it back in the day. It'd be hard to blame the distribution costs as a reason not to with the VC.
  7. The lag on Madden is so bad, I gave up playing it online because I was getting sacked nearly every passing play because I couldn't get the damn ball out of my hands. Apparently EA is fixing it...but I've gone back to playing Strikers instead. It's just more fun. And I can't wait to play through Super Metroid with a classic controller. 1 day to go...
  8. The narrator says the Aurora was announced 20-30 years ago or some shit at the time of Prime 3, which would take place well before the first Metroid game. The blueprints are probably from that time.
  9. But that particular chamber is on Zebes. Unless all Auroras are kept in similar rooms that means... oshit.
  10. So...does the new video mean Mother Brain is in Prime 3, or another "Aurora" is in it?
  11. Meh. I hope this character gets removed.
  12. I just got home and downloaded so excuse the "HOLY SHIT...NINTENDO DID THIS?" but wow. That's really unexpected of them. The trailer looks amazing. It's good to see the game getting some marketing.
  13. Apparently you can now update your firmware to 3.0 and apparently it makes channel loading much faster. The Wii Shop Channel apparently got a big overhaul too. I say apparently because I've been downloading for 10 minutes and am at about 15% finished.
  14. Mario/Luigi + Hammer Bros + Koopa Troopa + Dry Bones.
  15. I'd get Waverace if they added rumble to it.
  16. So, because I'm lazy I'm not going to bother reading the past few pages of this thread but anyone here have Strikers and want to play today?
  17. Ew, is there really some douche on the Smash Bros. page editing Peach confirmations out?
  18. I would be excited if the game wasn't 4 months away.
  19. HAL is gay if they replace Marth with Ike.
  20. I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but how cool would it be if the Animal Crossing stage in the game used a section of your AC Wii town as the setting? ...yeah, not THAT cool, but I'd like to see it.
  21. I know I'm late to the party but SNES Star Fox music ftw.
  22. Only downside of a DS game would be how horrible it would look (and difficult to see) on large stages when the camera zooms out. ...yes I know, just use small stages, but where's the fun in that?
  23. Wiimote+Nunchuk looking good so far.
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