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  1. You sound like you care about the BC, and you can always upgrade the hard drive yourself later on, so go with the 60. Christ, as long as you pick either up before Sony axes BC completely (see 40GB). I think you should just wait until next year though. There really isn't much out for the PS3 yet, and another price drop is inevitable sometime between now and spring.
  2. Nintendo is only 10+ years late on this puppy. Good news regardless. This really makes me look forward to the next Zelda and Fire Emblem (after Goddess of Dawn).
  3. O NOES CAPCOM DEFENSE FORCE! It sucks that Clover was split up. There is no spin you can put on it that changes that. If Nintendo shut down IS, and kept only a few of the key members, do you think the next Advance Wars or Fire Emblem would be worth a shit?
  4. Clover is gone and yet Capcom will make a shitload of cash from this. Sucks.
  5. http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=85578 Well, Eurogamer says Okami coming to Wii is fact, so I guess it's not a rumor after all. Maybe the game will actually sell now.
  6. I wish they'd hurry up and announce Daisy as playable already...in her Strikers uniform.
  7. I partially agree, but the dialogue in every previous AW game has been downright retarded. I'm waiting to see some Fire Emblem caliber story and character depth. The new battle scenes look much better too. It just sucks that the characters from previous games likely won't be in it. Then again, a few Black Hole COs from AW2 who weren't in the campaign of AWDS were unlockable so hope remains.
  8. Absolutely. The only reason Nintendo hinted at it being "intended" is because they have no way of patching MKDS.
  9. Delay sucks but over 2 months more of polish on this game? I'm not complaining.
  10. I thought the ending was cool but the whole game feels like playing one really long Zelda dungeon with no variety. I want a sequel but maybe just a lil different.
  11. I played a few rooms, and while I can definetly enjoy something like this, it's gets boring pretty quickly.
  12. Precisely. Besides, someone would have to die if Tails US VA was in Brawl.
  13. I would kill for Megaman X3 music in Brawl.
  14. I would tolerate Sonic and Shadow, but Tails or that fucking pink thing? Come on. On the other hand, I *do* love the cheesy music from the Adventure games. It's good to see Live and Learn is (likely) in.
  15. Noticed that too. Oh well, it's not like there is going to be a lack of stuff to play across all platforms this holiday season. I find it odd that not only is Sonic going to be in Brawl, but he can fight against Snake as well. That's pretty neat if you think about it...at least I think so.
  16. He wiggled his finger in the trailer. I hate that shit. Sakurai is taunting me Edit: Stupid Caps prevetion.
  17. It's for DS. Download DS demos to your Wii then transfer to DS. The Wii still has far too little storage for Wii demos.
  18. Monster Hunter 3 for Wii? Holy christ, Nintendo really doesn't feel like giving up their grip on Japan do they?
  19. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo...where is my Darth Vader gif?! Oh well, as long as it makes everyone else happy...
  20. I'm not sure how to respond to this. Really, all I can say is you're wrong because...well, you are. Having preferences is one thing but saying a controller (Prime 3's setup included) is superior to a mouse/keyboard in FPS is pure lunacy. A keyboard and mouse setup is not only ridiculously more accurate and fast, but you have a shitload more buttons to work with...and exactly what is limiting about it? It may be less comfortable than using a controller sitting on your couch (or even less fun; I find shooting with the Wiimote MUCH more enjoyable than using a mouse), but when I'm playing a competitive online FPS, I want absolute control over the game. Not analog sticks and aim assist. And yes I'll stop derailing this thread now.
  21. Yeah dual analog is great, as is hooking up your 360 to a 1080p set with an RF switch then taking an icepick to your ballsack. Some people might not care about the controls on console FPS but when it's vastly inferior to an input device that has been used in the genre since the early to mid-90s, it IS archaic. Anyway, I suppose you're right about Bungie not wanting to do another FPS but they've already confirmed that if Halo 4 is made, they'll be a part of it. Go figure.
  22. They're still making games for them though, and apparently, Microsoft gets to pick and choose what Bungie can put on other platforms. This likely just means Bungie will make some PC and DS games. I'd like to see Bungie make an original FPS title for the PC and not a game built around archaic dual analog controls.
  23. Unfortunately it only seems to be the Nintendo titles that look good on the system. Some Japanese developers are starting to push the system at least...
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