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  1. Has Sakurai changed the update time or what? Is it gonna be at 1pm Japan instead of 12pm? I hope not :S
  2. I was going to say the exact same thing I think that would make a very interesting and fun match
  3. And now i can finally go to bed in peace kinda, but I was expecting something much better.
  4. ABOUT BLOODY TIME!!!!!! And I wasn't expecting his FS to be bongo like, I just hope that it wont play the DK Rap
  5. Well, since I've never played a single Kirby game, I don't really hate Joe, but every time I hit the reload button and he comes up gives me the willies
  6. Ill wait till 4am, if by then the update is still not up ill go to my bloody bed. ... Stupid Knuckle Joe
  7. Already 3:20am and no update
  8. What do you mean that theres not much material to include from Metroid Series?! What about Pirates, elite pirates, Chozo Ghosts, Dark Samus, Mother Brain, the ING? Pirates would be a really cool addition, specially those gold looking pirates that would jump arround and kick you or something? They would fit pretty well IMO.
  9. I need to buy a new iPod (because mine (nano 2gb) is out of space and I hate to have to delete music to fit in more)), but my problem is: Should I buy the 8gb Nano or the 30gb video, they cost the same, but really... how bulky is the 30gb one? Since I use my iPod at work a lot, the nano I got its perfect cuz I doesn't get in the way, you know? So thats why IDK if I should buy the 30gb or not... Any suggestions?
  10. This update is so freaking cool! It opens up so many possibilities And looks so much fun! But yeah... I wonder if you have done both your jumps and you are falling, but theres someone below you, would you be able to perform the Footstool Jump?
  11. Even though theres only 3 its totally worth listening to: SHOCKWAVE SESSIONS with DJ Martin Roth Great workout podcasts
  12. IMO Any Super Metroid, Metroid Prime1&2, Chrono Trigger some FF and maybe even some Doom2 and Doom: Plutonia experiment tracks. Oh yeah dont forget about LoZ Ocarina of Time, very important!! That game has some magnificent tracks.
  13. Well said, I think the same way /nod
  14. Yeah I made the same mistake I while back by showing the collection total, but my 2gb iPod ( I want a new one ) has 272 songs and its full. Most of the songs are 7+ mins long and 75% of the music is trance, electronic and dance, then 20% is OCREmix and the other 5% is Rock , I just cant remove it the songs are too good
  15. Well, its not exactly like Infinite Glacier, because in this one you can only go up, and from what I can see, I'd say once you reach the top you go up on planes and stop climbing.
  16. Im playing KQ6 right now, it seems pretty cool. And I also noticed that Sierra made the KQ series... so whatever happened to Sierra? Cuz I havent heard from it since I played "Lighthouse: The Dark Being" which was an awesome game btw. Were they eaten by EA or something?
  17. Yeah, thats exactly what i thought of too, but I wasnt sure.
  18. Yeah, I've beaten Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis many times, DotT, and the Original Maniac. For some reason I seem to have deleted IJatFoAtlantis from my computer and No website seems to give anything but the stupid demo So I'll be forced to buy it on ebay for a stupidly expensive price (Ive seen it for 70 bucks!!) EDIT: Is it this one: (Cuz I found many results under that name on google) THIS
  19. Yeah, what hidden text r u talking about?
  20. Would you care explaining your understanding of this new update?
  21. The other day I beat (again) Manic Mansion2(DotT), So I was wondering if someone could recommend me some good DOS adventure games that rocked ur world back in the day. Thx in advance
  22. WTF?! What is the new update supposed to be? ??? Im confused :S EDIT to avoid double post: I think thats how the presentation video is gonna be like or something, kinda like Melee's was. The characters in Melee were trophies and then they turned into the chars. Maybe thats what this is.
  23. Look at this pic: It looks as if you might be able to direct the shot a bit. It looks to me as if she is shooting slightly upwards, dont you guys think? EDIT: To avoid the double post Sound that shes gonna be fast.
  24. That'd be really cool. And I wonder if ZSSamus will have a Final Smash of he own. Maybe she get her suit back on and do a Power Bomb kinda think, who knows?
  25. Wow, I never noticed this Topic before, not until after I asked about Win95, Coop your the man!
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