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  1. Another amazing mix from Goat. If you think you could ever get sick of Goat's guitar-thrashed-tracks, (not to mention castlevania), think again. The OST definately has a happier overtone than other tracks from the game, and makes for a great adaptation into this rockin' remix. The piano was a nice touch, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The water type effect made sense with the 'Pools of Rust' title, but it honestly didn't grab me. After a couple more listens, I got used to it, and it's use as a climax around the 2:00 (like DJp said) doesn't sound half bad anymore.. but overall, me-no-likie. Awesome piece of work. Never stop mixing goat. I suggest everyone to get this, along with all of Goat's other songs.
  2. Didn't know what to expect from this. The beginning had me wondering, but 1 minute into it, everything starts coming together, and you know it's gonna be good. I keep getting all the KiC mixes confused, but I'm gonna do my best to seperate this one out, cause it is quite good! excellent work.
  3. darn you don-don. Hot off the press, we have yet another CT mix. You know it's gotta be good right from there for another CT mix to get past the judges. plus it is a collab of two artists I respect; it should be good. Nice orchestral, everything flows, and the music box style is semi-creepy but mixes well with the orchestra. We are at 2 minutes, and here comes the electronic portion. Amazing. The rest of the piece just folds in and out of itself re-applying past styles than mixing them together into one beautiful mesh. Everytime the electro comes back in, I am amazed at how much I love the hybrid of the piece without it catching my ears as an awkward piece. 6 min - enjoyable all the way through. OC is really pumpin out good stuff lately.
  4. Darn.. 2nd place again for review. The beginning is kinda quiet.. but I guess that's part of it. If it bugs me too much I'll just raise it myself on cool edit. This song is way awesome tho! Piano pieces are amazing, and this upholds everything ever set as a standard on OC. I've followed you in Wip's and PRC's bladiator, and I'm glad to see you've finally made it on. It is short, but sweet. Definately on playlists and stuck in my head.
  5. This song is enjoyable to the max. Bouncy happy tune keeps me going all day long. I am not familiar with this game, but I think I will do some work to get ahold of it and try it out. The music seems to be great at least AHHH. i remember another song I have of Palpables, 'Marble Dancefloor' - a classic tune which was well remixed i might add. >> ANywAyz, off topic, good stuff Palpy! (too short..) but 9.9/10
  6. ooh. I haven't reviewed this! But i agree with most everyone, this is an awesome epic remix. Everything seems just right, with all sorts of the Zelda spectrum covered, it is a Must Have. Kudos 10/10
  7. Hey, cool song here. Love the theme! I like the 8-bit noises in the first thirty seconds. The chopping and panning are very creative and I like them! :59, I like that synth off the bat. But.. I got sick of it FAST. eeh. But the more listens to this song, you do get used to it I suppose.. -- 1:21-23 that note in there fades out too fast.. The layout and arrangement of this song is amazing, yet that lead synth just ruined it for me.. sorry. Good use of Vocal Samples. The F F F Fight started sounding a little bit like 'Heil' after a while.. (This isn't a wolfenstein remix.. haha) But that's just me messin around. Good pumped up techno all the way through. I'll check back this review thread later to see if anyone agreed with me... 8/10
  8. Honestly, I didn't like the first :45 seconds. But as the orchestra picked up and the piano came in, it started flowing. 2:09 is amazing!! Hmm... that wishy washy tidal sound effect really bogged it up for me.. too staticy. Overall though, I agree, this is in the top of all your mixes. The liberties taken in adding some freestyle worked perfectly. Majestic, enlightening, and fit the theme as it should have been done long ago.
  9. The beginning of it had me worried with the sound quality, but i had completely forgotten about it within the first 20 seconds. Amazing guitar work with mellow drums that just fit the feeling. Dj P hit it right on when he mentioned Blue Oyster Cult and Sting. This song is addicting, and I keep playing it over and over. It's mellow, yet has the 80's thriving in it. On my playlist for sure.
  10. I've always liked this theme, and wish it would be remixed a couple more times. Not too many times though.. The vocals in the beginning and end I think are creative and add to the piece. 'You Suck' 'Link Sucks' haha, that made me laugh. JUst like high school. On the second listen, this is way better and I really feel the overall tone better. It made my playlist. The 'Not very Humanized' comment I feel was true. But that can work for the better. A cheezy prom song B+ from me also.
  11. This track is a nice one. Mellow, relaxing, dreamy. Is anyone familiar with 'Postal Service'? Their hit track right now is 'Such Great Heights'. VERY similar singing style, not to mention instumentation either. Great song.
  12. Well I have also been corrected over then orgins of this song! Its quite creative and funny, and is rather catchy! I wish this same group/person would create another cover!
  13. This song is an amazing piano rendition of a tune any avid gamer should know. In fact, I even went and learned two verses from this song on the piano! now all my friends are impressed reminds me of something in the Sims soundtrack. classic.
  14. This mix rockxx!@! AT :46, It feels like the guitar/synth wants to talk, but it cant seem to get it out! Great Rock-Techno feel that will stay on my playlist. Very inspirational to me, as I am currently working my own RCR remix. great work. dude. maze. mazedude.
  15. SGX is amaizing, and so is this song. Classic feel, good techno and/or dance should never be passed up. Not much left to say. 10/10
  16. So smoooth Darke.. but i guess I'll believe you. This was one of the first songs i ever downloaded at this site. very nostalgic. I remember people complaining about the slap bass. But its the key to the song. great flute work. YAY. classic, and lots of fun.
  17. Not much that i can say about it, except it sounds professionally made and I put it on my techno Cds that arent OC mixes. Classic, Favorite, Epic. 10/10
  18. I've been going back to review my favorite songs lately, and this thread came up. yay. A classic in my ears, and a must have for all sonic game and music fans alike. Seemlessly smooth euro mix with a creative use of the Ring SFX in the song. MY only gripe is the ending, but I've listened to it so many times, it is just natural. so i guess no prob than
  19. hm. i should have reviewed this LONg ago.. This song has always been a favorite. The solos and leads are always moving and amazing. The voclas are great, and everything brings back MmX into a vivid image. thanks.
  20. There are a lOT of CT remixes.. its hard to keep em all straight and remember the good ones.. But this one is a must have. That piano, with that bouncing synth makes me so Sad Excellent use of emotion. Lots of memories. Good work.
  21. A song full of emotion and groove. I think people need to 'chillout' and take this song in with a big breath. Those vocals... they creep me out and amaze me at the same time. Sounds like a wolf! ooohw. This mix is good sleepy time music, sad music, relax music, chill music etc. 9.7/10
  22. I do claim requesting this remix!! but alas, someone else has claimed it, and few others believe me it was requested at all. You got my back right Dan? Anywayz, this song is shw33t. groovy, funky, and spunky. As it should be. Didn't like the key change as much, but what can you do. The 3:08 - 3:35 piano was a nice break, and sound cool. 9.9/10.
  23. Wow, i see the thread right as the song comes on. yay. Cheesy or no, its amazing. Plus, look at the song name and the game its from.. i think its alright. It rocks out hard, and has so much going on, it takes 3 listens just to figure it out. Not a mix for the intellectually inapt.
  24. Haha, a comedic classic. My favorite part is the phone conv.. so true.. sniff. Great work dudes, but i do miss the second half of the gato song...
  25. This is a song in my 'need to review' list. One of the first songs I attained here on OC, and amazing as ever. There are certain songs that have sections I call 'pump ups', and this song, along with ICO Icon, Ff Music DJ's music, SGX's, and Cyborg Jeff's has a pumped section i will never forget. 10/10