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  1. I have been going back and giving credit to my favorite mixes lately, to make up what should have been done long ago. This mix is amazing. raw power and emotion with perfect effects and sounds. The brass reminds me of 'Americas Armys', and the piano at 2:10 is so uplifting and breath taking. Good job on a 10/10 remix.
  2. Going through my playlists, I have been stumbling across old old songs... I began thinking that I wanted to go back give reviews of all my old favorite songs. This song definately portrays emotion and it gives me the creeps in a way, and makes me a little bit sad too.. Vocoded to perfection and so smooth and groovy. I think its just right.
  3. Never played or even seen Kingdom Hearts... But from this remix, I can assume the soundtrack isn't half bad. Or maybe it is, and the remix just kicks ace... Either way I'm happy i guess All the little drum-FX rythms and rolls with the pumping bass add up into an amazing drum track throughout. The piano was especially nice, and mixed flawlessy with the orcestra. Sound Quality superb. Nice and flowing feel good music. EDIT: Crap Xyco! I wanted to be first. jerk.
  4. And with all of these bosses, there are always those who have beaten them. I beat ridley and Bongo first tries ^^^^ now, bosses im sure others beat, yet i had trouble with, was the Arachnid Type boss in Metroid Fusion - Sigma in Mega Man X BUT - I went through the game and got NO HEALTH pick ups. Pretty tough, but do Able
  5. Hey, i was not familiar with the tune.. but that's not important as the Remix Kicks Ace. The spacey Zombie phases with the Guitars along with that bouncy honkey tonk created such a good sound. + + + + + A Remix.
  6. ah. theres nothing new i can say about this amAzing mix.. so... post count +1
  7. I had followed this ones WIP, and I'm happy to see this one make it on. The harp and flute run seemlessly together, and that low strings section seems to keep things together. The water running is peaceful. You strayed enough from the theme to keep it interesting yet close enough to recognize it. It is the Lake Hylia/Water Temple Theme. (one of the better songs in the game in my opinion. ) Good work.
  8. haha, good call on that tears for fears. its true. yeah, dj p called it when he said this song has been covered many times. i was used to the other remixes, and this one caught me by surprise, but it was a good thing. very relaxing and was nice to chill too.
  9. I remember in the WIP forum i listened to the first version. It didnt follow the notes of zelda and was very hard rock. I was wondering if any of you know where to find it again or if Shael happens to read this maybe he could post where to find it. Thx.
  10. In metroid prime, the crazy bass in the sunchamber. i came to realize the boss was easy but if you had the little cordination i did you would see why it was the hardest boss i ever faced. it gets embarrassing when you talk about how many hours you tried beating it too haha.