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  1. I must say that I am dissapointed with the finale to the Final Fantasy Phillharmonic Suite. Although the song stays true and the feeling is there, the way he places the music shows no musicianship. The whole piece seems to be a blow section, untill the end at least, and there is hardly any dynamic change throughout any of this piece. As mentioned by some of the earlier posts, the use of Forte Piano's could have greatly helped the impact of this arrangement. One positive about this piece would be how well he balanced the sound among the brass and wood wins. Although I am a lover of Jeremy Robso
  2. Hmm I listened to the part and I feel no delay there whatsoever unless you mean a late drop (which I do not think is late at all) by the trumpet cords there; at 3:09 is where the low brass comes in do you mean that??
  3. This is an awsome song I love the mixes of the MMX songs from the different levels, it reminds me of my old snes playing days Good Times!
  4. I love this, It moves into the song wonderfully and ends well also, this a great song to listen to and relax to.
  5. Very good all though it lacks a bit IMO To tell the truth I cannot hear any recognizable tunes that I remember from Super Metroid but it dose have a sense of a "galaxy at peace".
  6. I love the original song World Revolution I think was the name, this isn't half bad but I would like something faster
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