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  1. @Jorito Just submitted my track. By the way, I was wondering, if we want to submit our track as an actual OverClocked Remix track, how do we do that when it's already attached to an album project like this? I know that in the past, when a new album is released, some (but not all) of the tracks are also released as individual OverClocked Remix tracks. Is there a way to submit it in tandem with the album so that they would be released together if accepted by the judges?
  2. Just to make sure, are we supposed to submit a track that is MIXED but not MASTERED, with at least 6 db of headroom (as per this ancient conversation)?
  3. I'm a little confused by this. Will the tracks for the album have to pass a juding panel to be accepted onto the album? Or is this just for more extensive feedback in order to maximize quality potential?
  4. Thanks for the explanation Odai. Very sorry to hear about all the challenges you and your family have faced in the last two years. I've had to deal with deaths in recent years as well, and know what it's like. I've not had the other issues on top of it, so it's totally understandable that a volunteer music project would take back seat. Life is more important! We're glad that you're on board with Trism taking up the mantle and finishing things off. We hope to do you two proud. Please hang around when you can. Take care! Jean Of mArc
  5. This is the best news I've heard yet this year! Can't wait to put it all together. :D
  6. Thanks for the update, @Odai! I'm glad that things are clearing up with your work and hope the family can be resolved as well. Be well!
  7. Happy New Year to you as well! From what I've heard it sounds like the project is in really good shape at this point!
  8. At the risk of tooting my own horn, I compose music for a card game called Sentinels of the Multiverse, and I'm also a member here at OC Remix. I'm working on on another OCR album right now, but I think it'd be really cool to hear some Sentinels music remixed by OCR members, if anyone is interested! You can listen to all the soundtracks on the Handelabra Bandcamp page (among other places): https://handelabra.bandcamp.com/ If you need anything to help you out, let me know!
  9. Sweet! I'm so glad that all the tracks have been claimed! I sent out a tweet about it about a week ago that got retweeted many times, so maybe that had some effect. Anyway, I'll keep plugging away on my track!
  10. I'd assume they would sign up if they wanted to become a part of it. Not sure if anyone took my tweet's offer up or not.
  11. I tweeted out that last post to see if there's anyone interested.
  12. Alright thanks for the clarification. I don't see a short source as a limitation, I just wanted to know the extent to which I can be creative with it.
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