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  1. So is there an easier way to listen to all of the audio commentary rather than playing through the game? I'd rather be able to just listen to them all rather than having to go through each chapter just to find a few commentary nodes.
  2. I too am stuck at the "processing registration" part of the process. I'm guessing it's due to the mass influx. I've resigned to waiting for a later date.
  3. Worst sequel is the sequel to TF2: The game title is the same, but with the introduction of hats, unbalanced items, progressively worse scenarios and maps, microtransactions, and the like, it has become its own worst sequel.
  4. I just want to point out the irony that Spirit Tracks has made it into both of these threads. That is all. I guess I can throw my two cents in... I'd say Super Mario Brothers 3 should get a mention.
  5. To give perspective on just how much damage is done, take a look at these Before and After pictures: http://www.abc.net.au/news/events/japan-quake-2011/beforeafter.htm
  6. Dear Valve, Please stop whoring a good game to sell other ones. Sincerely, A former TF2 enthusiast
  7. Friend code TBA (don't have DS on me right now). I have acquired Black version. Started with Snivy
  8. Maybe they realized that releasing several hundred versions of the same game was a bad thing. Who am I kidding? They won't stop.
  9. Apparently some files were started for no reason whatsoever.
  10. Of the three, Tepig is really the only won't I don't like. I think since Smugleaf was impossible, Snivy's a great alternative. Dunno why they're renaming the region.
  11. I picked the game up myself. Really enjoying it so far. It's unfortunate that the adapter doesn't come out for a month, though. I, too, was looking forward to keying it up. It's unfortunate that you can apparently only play with four people in online play, however. It seems All Instruments Mode (which enables all 5 instruments + harmony) disables online play while active. Additionally, when playing online you're limited to drums, vocals, and two of the three: guitar, bass, keys. From what I understand there's no way around this, at least for now. Other than this limitation, however, the online play is pretty great. Also, I got an Xbox 360 for this game. My experience with Rock Band on the Wii had been lackluster at best. If anyone wants my gamertag for Rock Band fun, just PM me or somesuch.
  12. So... Is the album available yet, or are there still other last minute details to complete before it's released to the masses? (Forgive me if this information is already available in this thread; I couldn't seem to find it.)
  13. I think my parents would freak, since I'll be at home the weekend. I wonder how many people think this would be hard not due to fasting, but due to having to get up early.
  14. Also voting no, mainly for the reasons stated above by Bahamut.
  15. Perhaps I should get in on this action. CS 1.6 was the first online game I played. Never played much Source, but it ought to be good to get back into the game again.
  16. I don't think they're just limiting it to 100. I think the first 100 will get numbered wrenches, then the rest of the community will be able to obtain them after the fact anyway. At least, that's my hope.
  17. It's probably not good for server activity to shut it down while a game is going on with a moderate-yet-growing number of players, especially if they don't come back up immediately. Come on, guys.
  18. Agreed, I'd even be at peace without HLStats. I would like to see SourceTV on it though.
  19. Saw the movie yesterday. Absolutely fantastic. Everything I expected and more.
  20. It be nice that if a map came up in RTV within X maps of its position on the current rotation it wouldn't go to that map. Kind of like how maps that have been recently played can't be nominated. ~ Dr. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  21. Pretty sure it's meant to be that way so a player can't just shoot random friendlies until he here's the telltale dingaling.
  22. Not that I'm aware of. It's just the tedious task of re-leveling all of your clips that will fix that problem.
  23. Trolls starve to death if you ignore them. If you keep replying they keep coming back and doing more damage. - Dr. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  24. Hah, so there was something going on. However, one thing to keep in mind when it comes to micspam is that you gotta leave it to one person at a time. When someone's playing a song or a clip, the other voice clips gotta stop.
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