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  1. if you have GH 1, bring that, I already have GH 2, and guitar controllers.
  2. [teary eyes] it hurt so bad on the inside when my frineds forgots me. [/teary eyes]
  3. I dont know the contact info for a lot of those cats, and some that I do like Mazedude will be out of town.
  4. EVITE
  5. More people should RSVP now, its getting very close to go time, and I dont want stragglers to wander in at the last minute, since I'm buying refreshments and stuff. I need to know what I should get.
  6. No guaranty wii will get a chance to jam,it depends on where the day takes us, but i hope we get a chance to at some point.
  7. It would seem that anyone who gets a ride from Arek should talk to him before hand privately, as he is leaving friday, and staying In Socal for the weekend, be advised.
  8. Please RSVP on the EVITE if you plan to make it.
  9. Don't bump this thread anymore, the Los Angeles thread is the one needing the bumping. It is here.
  10. Remember to tell your friends Boyos, Girlos and Whirlos.
  11. under the rsvp area, is says select something to bring (select 1) on it I have requested 2 gamecube controllers, a ps2 system (mine is unreliable.) and wii-mote for wii sports.
  12. from the look o the other thread, things seem poised to be quite rowdy. I have a handdrum, guitar bass and keyboard, and all the recording software we'd ever need to do some fun stuff. If any of you coming have hand drums or know how to play bass, or guitar or something, maybe we can also Jam. Now RSVP.
  13. Alright folks, so after much talk in the interest gathering thread, its time to post blinds. Anyone is welcome, even lurkers. Hope to see you guys there. body of the evite: You are formally invited to attend the OC Remix Summer 2007 Southern California Meetup! Trenthian is hosting a get-together complete with food, games, music, and fun. Come meet and party with your fellow OCR members! Bring your friends too.. if you have any... Bring your swimming gear! There's a pool and jacuzzi. Dinner at BJs if you're brave enough to stay. Going Dutch Resturant menu
  14. yeah lurkers are welcome.
  15. Unfortunately that is at the sole discretion of a project coordinator, and the people behind the project. Because there are more mixers than projects, more projects will form. You shouldnt be negative about getting more music. yeah it takes some projects longer to happen than others, but in the end its usually worth it.
  16. spread the word, start inviting yourselves and friends.
  17. Also a very good point. Its true that freezepop style sounds suitable to a silly song when you look at it as a silly song. I totally see how you could do a powerful and gripping synthpop track (see shael riley.) But I feel that you may be a little too close minded about the situation. If you dont look at Lost woods as simply a silly song, you could take it very seriously in plenty of other fashions. Below is an example of the type of song I'd imagine Lost woods to be if it were a lady's tale about the one who got away. ( Link totally gets with ruto in that game, we all know it.) (apologies, it is an improvisation full of sloppy unrehearsed playing.) this isnt to say I want to take on lost woods cause I dont. I'm just saying we should be just as open to the slightly sweet version of Saria's tale, as we are to the saccharine pop fest version. We all know how powerfully Jill can emote with her voice, so whatever you guys come up with, I'm looking forward to it. Just be open minded and let creativity guide you in the right direction.
  18. Vocals should be done by MC Router. Hell the whole track should be her.
  19. dibs on the main theme. Working on it NOW.
  20. Saturday July 21st. That is the most convenient date, the oinly other one that would work is the following saturday.
  21. FL-7 crushes your face. Seriously though... I'd imagine FL bot would summon drumkit from hell then its incompatibility would be its undoing. Oh shit, but reason doesnt run vsti's at all afaik. So cubase could just sling a whole line of incompatible VSTI's at both of them, like GVI, Trilogy Bass, Drumkitfromhell, EWQL orchestra trying to use more than 2 GB without DFD, or Synful orchestra. That ought to learn them. Until sonar crushed cubase's children.
  22. wow, I remember really disliking the first draft. Currently, this is a very very lovable little document. It has my full un-wavering support. Long live pretznuts.
  23. I remember that game. MP was a lot of fun till people started pulling that force push pull /Kill cheese.